Urzai Month: Day 4


"Could you at least pretend to be interested, Prince Ozai?" Her amber hues looked up at him with a mock frown on her face.

"I'm a prince not a gardener." His arms crossed against his chest as he looked in another direction.

She sighed as she bent down to pick up a potted flower. "This is my baby. She's the first fire lily I grew myself."

He could hear the pride in her voice. Ursa had a hard time adjusting to the palace life although she never once complained. Even he could see the difference in her attitude after she took up gardening. "It's lovely, Princess Ursa."

She smiled brightly, "Thank you. You know, Prince Ozai, gardening and fire bending are very similar."

Ozai raised his eyebrow in disbelief, "I highly doubt that."

"Oh but they are. You train hard every day to make your body strong. I water and tend to my flowers to do the same." She gently stroked the fire lily's petals.

He smirked, "I'll give you that, Princess Ursa but flowers can't produce fire."

"Your inner fire starts as a seed and you help it grow. "

Ozai looked at her quizzically. He decided to say nothing because for once she was truly smiling.

"Here." She handed him the potted fire lily. "I want you to have it."

He wanted to ask why but thought better of it. "Thank you, Ursa. I'll treasure it always."

In the years to come Ozai would never go back on this, even if he went back on many of the other things he said. The few allowed in Fire Lord Ozai's private study would see a potted fire lily sitting proudly on his desk.

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