In the expanse of trees and undergrowth, a blurred figure moves swiftly through the large area with adept speed. The only sound that can be made out by the human ear is the waterfall that lies in the far distance. But all else was still and quiet in the forest. Of course, no one would question why. It was a forest after all, and only the true sounds of nature were accompanying it. In the silence, creatures hid in-between the greens, almost too afraid to make any noise. Their senses heightened from the swift movements of the unknown species, tearing through their territory, but the figure was gone with the wind before their eyes could pick up on the slightest motion.

Alice ran leisurely through the woods and found the new area her family had just moved to incredibly fitting for their lifestyle. She looked through the future with her gift to find the perfect sequoia tree to climb and finally saw one that was a couple of feet taller than the others around it. Alice immediately took off as soon as her vision ended and sprinted towards the tree with an unchallengeable speed. Ducking below several branches and lightly touching the ground with her two coordinated feet, Alice made it to the tree that was fairly two miles away in merely forty-five seconds. When she's gotten five feet away within the tree, Alice jumped up and began climbing it with ease. As she reached the top, she sat on the thick branch, leaning her back against the trunk of the tree.

Alice closed her eyes and took an unnecessary breath of air, reveling in the contents of the atmosphere from how high she was. Her nose scrunched up as she began to pick up on an alluring smell that wasn't like any other she's ever smelt before. She leaned forward slightly and breathed in again but this time more deeply, and her eyes shot wide open when she recognized that it was human blood. A vision caught her by surprise and she fell into a fixed stillness as her topaz eyes began to completely glaze over.

Behind the house where the woods were connected to the backyard, a man was swinging a rope over a branch that was about ten feet from the ground. He swung the first time and missed, and a woman not too far behind him with a bundle in her arms laughed at him.

"I'd like to see you try it Renee," the man huffed. The woman, Renee, walked towards him with careful steps as she wraps a protective arm around the bundle and pulls it closer to her chest.

"Oh Charlie, she's barely a month old. She hasn't even crawled yet, let alone learning how to sit on a swing." Renee said and then turned to the bundle in her arms smiling.

The man, Charlie, look a little thoughtful for a moment before he shrugged and went back to swinging the rope over the tall branch. The rope successfully made it over the branch and the other end of it came down. Charlie pulled the rope down so that the two ends are at the same level. He went over to the trunk of the tree where a tire lied and picked up the old rugged thing and walked over to the rope that was dangling in the air.

"Bella's going to love this. I know she will." Charlie said with the utmost confidence he could brave. Renee shook her head at him while cooing at the baby in her arms. Meanwhile, Charlie looped the ropes through the tire and tied it tightly with complex knots and wiped away the sweat forming along his forehead and upper lips where a thick mustache grew. He stepped away and looked proudly at his work and smiled a triumphant smile. "She's going to love this." he whispered to himself. Charlie turned to his wife and looked down at the baby girl. Her brown eyes shined with a curiosity only ever known to humans and they lit up unknowingly at the older man who stepped into her peripheral vision. Bella suddenly smiled and both her parents became so completely entranced by her that they hadn't noticed another presence stepping into their vicinity.

The young ravenous mountain lion stealthily moved close enough to Charlie before lunging for the older man. Renee screamed in horror and the baby in her arms began crying out hysterically. The mountain lion hooked its claws through Charlie's chest and blood spurted all over his plaid blue shirt before it closed its jaws onto Charlie's neck. The bite was so deep that it pierced through the windpipe and immediately snapped the man's neck vertebrae. Charlie was literally strangled to death and the lion's jaw suddenly made a grab for Charlie's head and bites through this skull with fangs piercing the brain, causing instant death. Gradually, Renee finally came to her senses and tried to run away after witnessing her husband's death, but the terrifying large cat charged at her and pinned her down to the ground and Renee hovered over the baby in a protective position. The mountain began to hook its claw into her back and Renee threw her head back and screamed out in pain as the talons pierced through her skin and ripping out her flesh.

Alice snapped out of her vision, completely horrified by the fate of the two humans beneath the claws of a free-range mountain lion. Her eyes suddenly widened as she quickly remembered that the baby was still there. She immediately closed her eyes and breathed in, trying to find the scent of human blood again. Her eyes instantly opened and her feet were already moving towards the area of bloodshed before she even knew it. Alice must've travelled about fifteen miles because it took almost three and a half minutes before the smell of blood in the air thickened along with her temptation to feed. She quickened her speed and it took her just about twenty seconds before the bloody scene covered almost carelessly with leaves, dirt, and other debris began to manifest before her eyes. The mountain lion had dragged both of the humans into a denser cover to feed and both of the humans' abdominal cavities were completely opened. The man's middle was very close to being completely gone whereas the woman's midsection was about half consumed because part of her stomach and intestines hung out and pieces of her soft internal organs scattered messily near her. She felt the slight burn in the back of her throat but swallowed down the venom forming in her mouth, because it felt wrong to feel the thirst for human blood then and there. She immediately held her breath and stopped breathing altogether to control her thirst and to stop the venom from continuing to pool in her mouth.

Alice sank to her feet and shut her eyes in anguish. Although it wasn't her kill, she couldn't completely stay indifferent and remorseless about the two losses. The baby. She remembered in a flash. Alice immediately opened her eyes and surveyed the surroundings and looking frantically for the tiny human, yet she could not see the small bundle she'd seen in her vision. Her shoulders dropped in regret after a few minutes of searching the area and she closed her eyes again to try and look for the little girl in her vision. The future turned up blank and she let out a painful cry that wasn't of her own accord. Her eyes snapped open at the unusual behavior she's just executed, and her thoughts began to be filled with concerns of why she was behaving the way she was.

Suddenly, a cry erupted from about half a mile away and Alice was instantly on her feet. She focused on the small mewling of a creature she thought she heard. The small cries continued to go on for a few seconds before it slowed down and gradually altered to very little whimpers. The sound was so beautiful that it caught Alice in a trance for almost two minutes before the sounds stopped entirely. Alice slowly recovered and her eyes began to be filled with hope as she tried to listen closely for a heartbeat. The moment the rhythms hit her ears, she almost felt like her dead heart was beating beneath her chest. Alice raised a hand to the left side of her upper chest and closed her eyes as the sound of blood pumping bled through her ears like a beautiful symphony. She took her hand away from her chest and began running in sync with the beat of the small human's heart. Even with her eyes closed, Alice was able to dodge any obstruction in the way of her destination. Just on cue, Alice opened her eyes three seconds before she reached the small bundle still laying in the spot where her mother had just hovered over her in Alice's vision. Alice slowed down to a stop when she's gotten ten feet away from the tiny human and began taking slow and careful steps towards the baby.

In the hopeless situation, Alice could only listen and feel the baby's slow and steady heartbeats. So beautiful, she thought to herself. Alice felt her feet carrying her closer to the beating heart, and she couldn't entirely understand why she wasn't lusting after the blood pumping in the tiny human's body. In a way, she felt relieved by that fact. Carefully, she let herself take a whiff of the air surrounding the two of them and her eyes widened at how intoxicating the smell was. She blurred over to the human immediately and crouched down attentively, instinctively anxious to protect and avoid causing danger to the tiny fragile infant. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, letting the scent set in and consume her completely. It was only when she felt something soft and warm touched her nose that she abruptly opened her eyes and blinked frantically in surprise.

"Bella…" she whispered, almost too low for any human ear to pick up on the fleeting sound. The baby's tiny hands had reached out to her face and touched her nose. Topaz eyes connected with small brown orbs, and in that moment, a fire sparked within Alice, and little did she know, her dead heart would never be able to spark by an irreplaceable spark again. That in the lonely frustration she has felt and experienced in the sixty-seven years since she's been changed, she was going to finally never be alone ever again.

The baby began to mewl again and Alice tried to pull herself together and untie the bundle to check the tiny human for any wounds. Alice heaved a sigh of relief once she found none other than the small laceration that was on the side of the infant's neck. Slowly, she began to cover the little human and gathered her in a small bundle again. Carefully, she lifted the baby up, nestling the little girl in the crooked of her arm to allow the baby's head to rest inside the inner part of her elbow with the length of the small body resting on her left forearm. She cradled the baby close to her, but tried to not squeeze the tiny human and crush her.

"You'll be okay. You're with me now. I'll take care of you. I promise." Alice whispered as she softly hushed the fragile little thing and gently rocked Bella back and forth in her arms. The baby quieted down and calmed a little before she moved her head slightly in Alice's arms, and Alice cooed at the baby's gentleness.

After standing in the backyard of the baby's deceased parents for nearly ten minutes, Alice finally made up her mind to run back to the Cullen's house. She looked back down to the small bundle in her arms and smiled as brown eyes met hers.

"We're going home now, Bella." she softly said before she wrapped her arms around Bella protectively and sprinted back into the woods. Alice ran slower than she usually did, afraid that it might upset the tiny frame in her arms. Surprisingly, Bella barely whimpered a few times before she stayed quiet for the rest of the way that Alice ran them home. After ten minutes of running, Alice finally saw the house that sat in the middle of the woods. As soon as she's gotten half a mile within her home, she saw all of her family members run out to the front of the house. It took her five seconds before she was standing before all of them, keeping a ten feet distance away just for precaution.

Alice made eye contact with each and every one of them and tried to search for any sign of danger before she stepped closer but still leaving a good five feet between them. She looked over to Edward who was now reading her mind and gathering all the information he needed to know about why she was cradling a baby in her arms. Alice watched as his face went through a series of emotions before settling down on a sorrowful expression. She looked back to Carlisle and Esme, who had curiosity and concern written all over their faces and she took another step forward with the comfort that there was no danger nearby. They all had their topaz colored eyes centered on the baby.

"Alice?" Carlisle finally spoke. He didn't need to ask her using too many words for her to know that he wanted to understand why there was a small child in her arms with a family of vampires. Except these vampires weren't like the usual ones who drained humans of their blood. No, the Cullens only hunted animals. They didn't agree with the lifestyle that most vampires took on, which was hunting humans. Each and every one of the Cullens hasn't hunted humans ever since they joined the family, whenever that was for each of them.

"The child's parents are deceased from a recent animal attack, Carlisle." Edward spoke up. Everybody looked towards him and he stepped forward, his eyes still lingering on the baby. "She found the child half a mile away from where her parents were fed on by a mountain lion. Their bodies were…almost completely detached from at the midsection. Alice… She… I think she… Do you want to tell them, Alice?" Edward lifted up his gaze and asked her. Alice nodded and stepped towards Carlisle and he finally looked at her from the small bundle in her arms.

"Yes, but Carlisle, I need you to fix her up first. She has a cut on the left side of her neck." Alice told him and he nodded quickly. She turned to Edward and silently asked him in her mind, "Can you fill everyone in about what happened for me?" He nodded slightly and his eyes shifted back to the tiny human in her arms.

Carlisle led the way back into their home and they departed up the stairs into his office while everyone else stayed on the lower ground and gathered in the living room where Edward began filling them in of what happened. She knew that Carlisle could hear Edward, so she let her concentration go back to the small baby in her arms. They reached his office in good time and he set up a table in the middle of his office.

"May I?" Carlisle asked as he stepped towards Alice and reached out for the infant. Alice looked back down at Bella and saw the brown eyes staring right back at her. With a sad sigh, she carefully handed Bella over into Carlisle's patient and waiting arms. He meticulously set Bella down onto the table and began to uncover the small blanket that concealed her. His ears were still on alert as Edward was still retelling the story he had seen in her mind as he looked over Bella and bandaged her wound.

"Almost as good as new." Carlisle smiled at Alice before turning back around and cautiously lifting Bella off of the table. His left hand supported her neck, while the length of her tiny body rested in his right hand. Alice watched Bella adoringly as Carlisle held her effortlessly.

"What is her name?" he asked.

"Bella." Alice responded, never taking her eyes off of Bella.

Carlisle walked back to the Alice and transferred Bella back into Alice's arms, and Alice gently cradled Bella back into her body. She thanked Carlisle before they both headed out of his office and walked down the stairs and into the living room where the rest of the family members were awaiting their return.

"So…does this mean that I have a new baby sis?" Emmett asked hesitantly. Alice looked around the room to gauge everyone's reaction to the new arrival, especially staring at Jasper because he was the newest addition to the family and still had some trouble with the bloodlust. The moment their eyes met, Jasper nodded in Alice's direction and Alice noticed that he didn't look uncomfortable at all in the tiny human's presence. Alice smiled triumphantly before looking over at Rosalie who was staring intently at the baby in her arms.

"May I…hold her?" Rosalie asked almost unsurely. Rosalie was never one to be affected by anything or anyone but Emmett, and for Alice to see her become this moved by Bella made Alice feel more confident that Bella had already claimed a spot in their family. Alice merely nodded and Rosalie stood up from the loveseat that she was sitting on with Emmett, and she slowly walked over to Alice, almost too afraid that she'll startle the baby. When she was close enough, Alice placed Bella in Rosalie's arms and she took one step back, watching Rosalie with the utmost admiration she's ever had for the other vampire until this day. Rosalie's dead heart melted as she set her eyes on Bella's brown ones, quite unaware that she was smiling from ear to ear. Everyone in the room watched the interaction between the small human and the beautiful vampire with amusement written all over their expressions. Rosalie never smiled for anyone other than her family, and she just smiled for Bella. Bella, who was merely a human. Bella, who she just met in the past ten minutes. Bella, who had just won her heart over with a tiny yawn. Everyone in the room instantly cooed and smiled adoringly at the small creature in Rosalie's arms.

"She's so…beautiful." were the words Rosalie could only utter.

"Her name's Bella." Alice smiled lazily.

"How fitting." Esme added while grinning with joy.

"I agree." Jasper said and slowly nodded.

"Very lovely." Edward voiced and smiled at the small bundle of joy in Rosalie's arms.

"So…does this mean that I have a new baby sis now?" Emmett asked again quite impatiently. Everyone turned and stared at him after rolling their eyes.

"YES, EMMETT!" everyone joined in all at once. Everybody chuckled and began to slowly circle around Rosalie and the baby. The basked in her presence and looked at her lovingly.

"Welcome home, Bella." Alice whispered as Bella's brown eyes set on hers again and Bella smiled the beautiful smile that Alice had already seen in her vision. It really couldn't compare to the real thing.

Bella, Alice happily thought to herself.