A few days later…

Bella's back was perched up against the wall as she sat in her favorite spot in the Cullen's home. With her nose buried deep in a book and her feet stretched out before her on the thin mattress, Bella was entirely too comfortable and completely immersed in another world to pay attention to the beautiful surroundings. Esme had taken it upon herself to build a nook by the window to create a cozy window seat for her youngest child in every house that move to. This house had a wonderful window seat that looked out into the forest, embellished with pillows, cushions, and soft throws, seeing that the child fell asleep in the place often. It was a divine sun-filled window on days with nicer weather, and the bay window that extended outward from the house's façade also added a charming character to both the interior and exterior of the home. Of course, it had also been Esme's intention to have the design complete the overall architecture and interior design style of their home when she built the cozy window seat with a wonderful view of the outside world.

Bella's focus was suddenly broken away from the alternate world when she felt a heavy sounding thud land onto the mattress beside her. Bella instantly looked up from the book and saw a pair of warm topaz eyes staring at her, realizing that she now had company.

"Can I help you?" Bella asked sweetly even though she wanted to just delve back into the novel she was currently reading.

"Well, you see, I was hoping you would come shopping with me." Alice responded with the same honeyed tone before she bit down on her bottom lip.

"Yeah…nice try." Bella's word trailed off as she stared at how sensual the small gesture was. "Now go away and leave me alone with Yeats." Bella said and tried to shoo Alice away with her one hand as her brown eyes returned to the print in her other hand. Alice picked up her slightly dropped jaw and gave Bella her best glare, but the girl remained unfazed by the vampire's threatening look as she continued reading.

"Come on, Bella! Please? It'll be fun!" Alice switched over to pleading, knowing full well that Bella would give in sooner or later.

"No to the power of no." Bella said determinedly without taking her eyes off of the novel, turning her face away from the vampire. Alice frowned and felt disappointed, not understanding why Bella wasn't falling for her charm like she usually does. Her topaz eyes immediately light up as she thought of another method, looking into the future to see if it would be okay to offer something like that before she asked.

"How about…if I took you flying?" Alice suggested. That certainly got Bella's attention as she slowly looked up over the top of the book, catching Alice's honey-colored eyes.

"Flying?" Bella questioned. Alice stood up from the small mattress and walked over to stand next to Bella's side. Alice leaned her side against the wall and then reached out and tucked a stray hair behind Bella's ear before smiling down at her human mate.

"Yes, flying." Alice said and then she leaned down and kissed Bella's forehead and pulled back.

"How?" Bella asked curiously, completely forgetting about the book in her hand.

"Well, you'll have to climb onto my back and then…" Alice made a gesture with her hand swooping down low before it flew into the air between them.

"Really? Show me!" Bella said excitedly as she placed the book down on her left side and turned her body to face Alice.

"Uh uh, not until you agree to go shopping with me." Alice waved her pointing finger back and forth teasingly. Bella frowned, seeing that she had yet been tricked into going shopping with Alice again. Bella took a minute to think carefully about her decision. Knowing Alice, they weren't going to be coming home until half the day was already gone.

"Fine, but I also get to spend a third of your allowance this month on whatever I want while we're out shopping." Bella renegotiated the terms. Alice's eyes widened in surprise at Bella's bargaining conditions and it didn't take her long to decide to agree. She had a side bank account that could keep up with her shopping spree anyway.

"You got yourself a deal, my precious human." Alice said as she held out her hand for Bella to shake on it. Bella looked at Alice's hand skeptically, wondering how the vampire could say yes so quickly to giving up fifteen grand without a fit, but she simply shrugged after a few seconds and took Alice's cold hand.

"You're sure?" Bella asked anyway even though they've already shaken on it, and Alice kept a firm hold onto Bella's hand.

"Never been more sure. Make sure you get yourself something nice for once, alright?" Alice teased as she let go of Bella's soft hand. Bella rolled her eyes at the vampire and got up, stretching out her arms and legs from sitting for too long.

"How about you transfer that $15,000 into my bank account while I go change?" Bella said cheekily as left the room without waiting for Alice's response. Alice's eyes followed Bella's figure as she walked down the hallway before she turned to climb up the spiral stairs to get to her bedroom.

"Sassy." Alice breathed out before she bit down on her bottom lip to contain herself from following after the beautiful creature that just ascended the stairs.

To be Continued...

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