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Chapter 1: And so it begins

The Infinite City

Julian sat alone, deep in thought about his son, Caleb. He had some shocking news to tell him that had been burning in his mind for a few days. The old man was the former rebel leader, before Queen Elyon had been placed on her rightful throne. Julian was very proud of him, and had seen Caleb morph into a fine warrior.

"Father, is everything alright?"

He snapped out of his thoughts and turned to see Caleb slumping down next to him. He had messy dark brown hair which hung just above his green eyes. He was strong and well built, with broad shoulders. His long, brown trench coat only intensified his body.

"Yes, son." Julian's voice was the least bit convincing, as Caleb raised an eyebrow at him and gave him a quizzical look. The old man sighed as he turned the other way. Caleb was the first to break the rare awkward silence that passed between them.

"Alright, something's definitely wrong because you've been distant for the past couple of days. Has there been another attack from Nerissa?"

At the mention of her name, Julian tensed. Nerissa was the evil sorceress that had managed to gain control of most of the large army of Meridian. This ranged from lurdens, a few beastly creatures, to even a few warriors. Her main goal was to capture Hearts of different worlds and use them for her own advantage. The people of Meridian were afraid that she would soon capture Queen Elyon, leaving Meridian without a practical ruler. Nerissa's hunger for power and authority made Julian uncomfortable, but this was not all. He had found himself once in love with her and she had given him none other than the rebel leader himself. The young man, however, did not know of this.


Julian mentally scowled at his nerves and turned to face him. There was no way of avoiding the subject, and so after what felt like hours, he placed a hand on Caleb's arm.

"Caleb, we need to talk."


His father lowered his gaze, and his head slowly descended, "About your mother."

Caleb looked taken back by the sudden subject and cocked his head slightly, "...Okay."

He had no idea what was about to be revealed, but felt unusually nervous at his father's low tone of voice, his words in only a whisper.

"I...There is no easy way to say this..."

Caleb furrowed his brows together, his expression completely emotionless, "I don't understand."

Julian stole a glance at him and Caleb continued to stare at him as if it would speed up the talk.

"Uh, you were saying?"

"Right, sorry." Julian turned back to face him, and spoke up, "Caleb, the mage...died 18 years ago."

Caleb frowned slightly, not wanting to show any emotion of the death of his mother. It was a subject that both father and son had never really talked about, and, instead, would keep all family matters at a low profile. He was, deep down, hurting for their loss, but never dared to show any sentiment – if it were to jeopardise the tough facade he would constantly place upon himself.

"What has this got to do with...?"

The older man stood up, and paced around the room, trying to get this over with. It wouldn't be easy for either of them. He suddenly came to a halt and looked directly into his son's eyes, "Caleb, the mage...is not your mother."

Caleb instantly froze at his words and looked up at Julian from his seat, through a double take. He didn't know how to react to the situation – to take it lightly, or to just assume that he hadn't heard right. He felt a rush of feelings pass through him, all of which were screaming at him to react differently.

"W-What are you-?"

Julian's voice darkened as he cut him off, "This is the truth, Caleb. I didn't know how to tell you-"

"I don't believe this!" Caleb stood up and levelled their eyes together. He watched his father's regretful look through his eyes, blazing with anger.

Julian reluctantly lifted his head up and reached out for Caleb. He had never seen him so agitated before, and it nerved him. "Calm down, son-"

"Calm down?!" Caleb retorted, stepping out of his reach. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, a bitter look on his face.

Julian sensed his aggravation and tried to sympathise with him, managing to croak out an apology, "I'm...Sorry..."

Caleb spun around to face him, and noticed the honest look of remorse on his father's face. For a moment, he just stared at him and finally, he relaxed a little, taking the situation a lot more civilised.

"How long?" his voice was in a whisper, and Julian's head snapped up after realising his son's anger had subsided. His tone of voice, however, remained plain and showed no emotion.

Julian choked on his words, until Caleb repeated himself. "How long have you known?"

The older man looked down, and for once, saw a very emotional side to his son. Shame contaminated his heart as he looked down at his feet, "That's...not important."

"You're right..." Caleb mused after a short silence. Sudden realisation hit him, and he turned to his father with a low voice. "Who...?"

Julian felt his heart racing. If Caleb felt this angry after realising his father had lied to him about the mage, then the old man did not want to know how he'd react to what was coming.

He breathed deeply before looking directly at Caleb. There was no point avoiding the subject now; honesty was the only way. Caleb, his son who tried with every bit of compassion to fight for his home world, at least deserved that.

"Nerissa is your mother."

Caleb felt like he had stopped breathing. He had expected his father to talk about someone completely different, a normal person, but this, this was something he had never expected. Something he didn't – couldn't – possibly comprehend. He wore an unreadable expression for a moment. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but closed it again. There was no use. There was no use in yelling at his father, because it wouldn't change the fact that he had the evil sorceress's blood running through his veins. It wouldn't change the fact that, ironically, he was leading the army against her, the woman who gave birth to him.

Instead, Caleb just continued to stare at his father with an empty expression, before he took a few steps back, and walked out the room, slamming the door behind him.


Will, Irma, Taranee and Cornelia stood outside the 'Silver Dragon', waiting for Hay Lin to finish one of her shifts. They were all going to see the new Vance Michael Justin movie, which Cornelia had persuaded them to come and see.

Only yesterday had they found out about their powers, and had gone and practised using them. This didn't exactly turn out so well, and had resulted in a few bruises and scratches. They all agreed that they needed a small break, until they resumed back and finally went on their first trip to Meridian.

Cornelia sighed impatiently, tapping her foot against the ground. She faced the large back doors of the restaurant and called out, "Hay Lin, come on! The movie's about to start!"

Irma was next to Will, who stood with her arms folded. The water guardian smirked at the blonde, "Yeah, we wouldn't want Corny to miss out on an opportunity to drool at the love of her life!"

"Don't call me Corny!" was the immediate response, along with the earth guardian pointing an accusing finger only a few spaces between Irma's face.

Taranee rolled her eyes as if this was the umpteenth time she had witnessed one of their arguments, "Here we go..."

Will snickered, and jumped slightly, once a clanging of dishes was heard from inside the restaurant. Irma and Cornelia immediately stopped bickering, and the girls all turned to the doors, to see Hay Lin wiping sweat off of her forehead and panting. She wore a stained apron and hat.

"Hay Lin!"

Her father's voice bellowed from inside the building, and Irma couldn't help but grin at the air guardian. Hay Lin's eyes widened as she tossed the apron and hat inside the restaurant and replied back hastily, "Uh, I'm going out with the girls! I'll be home in a few hours, bye!"

Her father muttered loudly and incoherently, and Hay Lin was about to re-enter the building to help clear the mess she had made, if Cornelia hadn't started dragging her from the arm.

"Whoa!" Hay Lin managed to let out a yelp, as the other three girls all hurried along with the blonde.

"Hay Lin, what took you so long?" Cornelia exclaimed, as she looked down at her watch, and loosened her grip.

"Are you kidding?", Will began, "Didn't you just hear all that noise from inside?"

Taranee nodded her head in agreement and noted, "This is the third time you've had a triple shift."

Hay Lin sighed and her face turned into a pout, "I know, you guys. It's just that one of the workers quit on us a few days ago, and my parents need me to help out more often."

"I'm sorry, I would offer to help but I don't think my mom would exactly be okay with it. Ever since we found out about our powers and all, things have been a bit crazy." Will sighed.

Irma noticed Cornelia almost running ahead of them and called after her, "Hey, Corny, would you slow down a bit?"

Cornelia only rolled her eyes and continued walking. As soon as Will was babbling on further behind, the blonde's thoughts took a different direction.

Only a few weeks had passed since Cornelia had first dreamed of a tall, handsome boy. He had dark brown hair and deep green eyes, which made butterflies erupt in her stomach. She was standing so close to him, as he held onto her arms. The moment felt perfect. His breath was intoxicating, brushing against her cheek, as he placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face up, for their eyes to meet.

Sadly, Cornelia was highly convinced that he couldn't possibly be real. She would always mistake his face for a stranger on the road, but she finally stopped looking out for him.

The earth guardian stopped thinking about the mysterious boy of her dreams, as she turned to see the girls catching up to her.

"Hey Will!"

Will's eyes widened and she turned to see Matt walking over to her. She could feel herself blushing furiously. He flashed a warm smile, as he placed his hands in his pockets.

"Hi, M-Matt."

"We'll be ahead." Irma smirked at Will, as the other girls left the pair alone.

Hay Lin giggled as soon as they were out of earshot, "Oh, they are so cute together!"

"You think every couple is cute together..." muttered Taranee.

Hay Lin was quick to retort, "You mean like you and Nigel?" she wriggled her eyebrows together, after noticing the flush on Taranee's cheeks.

"Hay Lin!" she exclaimed, while Irma and Cornelia busted up into laughter.

Before Taranee could start arguing with Hay Lin, Will came rushing up behind them, squealing in delight. She placed her arms around the two, "You guys – Matt asked me out on a date!"

"I knew it!" Cornelia exclaimed, a smile tugging on her lips.

"Will, I'm so happy for you!" Hay Lin said, as Will sighed in content.

Irma rolled her eyes, as her attention turned to their destination, "Oh, I guess we're here."

This time, it was Cornelia who squealed in delight. "VMJ, here I come!"

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