Title: Pirates of the Pomodoro

Rating: T

Pairings: Eventual Spamano, eventual GerIta, slight PruHun, slight RomexGermania (like, it barely comes up), slight DenNor. All pairings begin in later chapters.

Summary: It was just an average day for Prince Antonio of Spain - that is, until he was kidnapped by pirates! Now Antonio has to deal with being a pirate while trying to decipher the elusive 'Romano'. Will he ever be able to complete the task? Pirate!Romano, Prince!Spain. AU.

Warnings: Swearing, violence (in later chapters), boyxboy pairings.

Chapter 1: Kidnapped by Pirates?!

It had been a normal night for Antonio.

Note the past tense.

He had once again slipped away from the castle's binding walls and into the town (under the cover of a hooded cloak, of course), and had walked around for a little while. The young Prince enjoyed getting to explore his kingdom and talk to it's people. While he wasn't supposed to be allowed outside the castle's boundaries without a guard, he had found a way to slip out through the servant's entrance (thanks to his servant friend Juan) and was now able to explore as he pleased.

He had been making his way back towards the palace through a dimly-lit alleyway when he felt the force of a small person collide with him.

"Ah, perdonatemi, signore!" the boy apologised. "Oh, it's you! Can I talk to you for a moment, per favore?"

The Spanish royal nodded, confused as he was taken to the side by the boy, whose accent seemed strangely foreign yet somewhat familiar...

"Ah, grazie signore! It's just, I didn't want to attract attention! Now, can you hold my jacket while I look for my gun?"

Startled, Antonio took the jacket before asking, "Why are you looking for a gun, may I ask?"

The boy chuckled. "So I can assassinate you, of course~"

Antonio's eyes widened as he dropped the jacket in shock. "Q-que?! Assassinate?!"

"Si! You see, my organisation gave us a job, and our job was to target and assassinate His Royal Highness Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Prince of Spain and heir to the throne! Now we've targeted you, I can finally give the signal for you to be killed~" The boy looked up and gave a hand gesture to the sky, causing something to shift in the shadows. Antonio cried out.


From the air dropped a large, dark object, which landed right on Antonio's back and caused him to fall to the floor. He heard the clang of metal against concrete as something fell towards his right. The weight on his back shifted as a new voice grumbled a few cuss words before the weight disappeared.

"Ugh, hell of a rough landing," the voice complained. "Pass us the shovel, will you Vene?"

"Si, Roma~!" Vene chirped, presumably as he handed his companion a shovel.

The last thing Antonio felt was a heavy blow to the back of the head as he attempted to move away from the assassins.


"Rabbia is gonna fucking murder us!"

"Ve, but at least we caught him, right fratello? Maybe Rabbia wanted to kill him himself?"

"I fucking doubt it if he asked us to do the dirty work for him!"

Antonio heard the argument but barely registered it as his brain awoke from its slumber.

"Well...should we kill him now? While he's asleep?"

"Wouldn't do much good, would it? We'd still be in trouble for failing at the scene of the crime."

As he became more conscious of his surroundings, he began to pay more attention to the argument, but not after thinking, I'm alive?!

"What should we do, fratello?"

"...I know what to do."

What do the assassins look like, and what are they talking about? he wondered. It had been too dark in the alleyway, so his attacker's faces had been hidden in the shadows.

"Ve, really?"

"Si, fratellino. Now go talk to Nonno, I'll deal with this dunce."

...Did he just call him a dunce?

"Okay, see you later fratellone!"

He heard the door click open before it swung closed, making another click as it did. There was silence for a few minutes before the assassin in the room said, "Well, bastard? Aren't you going to sit up?"

Opening his eyes, the Spaniard sat up in the bed that he had been rested upon, taking in his surroundings; he lay on a single bed with white sheets on the left side of the room facing the door, with a window to his left. The room was pretty much bare, except for the wooden floorboards and old, rickety wardrobe which stood in the adjacent corner. In front of his bed stood a man who caught Antonio's eyes, rendering them unable to move away from him; his dark auburn hair fell in a side fringe to the right of his face before the rest of it ended at the nape of his neck. A strange curl protruded to the right side from the parting of the fringe. Below his fringe and dark eyebrows were a set of some of the most beautiful eyes Antonio had ever seen - they were a gorgeous hazel-green hue, with dashes of different shades of the colours painting the iris. The lashes around the eyes were not too thick or long, but looked just the right thickness and length to complement the eyes. They rested above a button-like nose and a pair of scowling lips. His face ended in a point before letting reign to his neck, around which was a silver cross necklace, and body, upon which was a white shirt with sleeves which were rolled up to the elbows, a pair of dark trousers, and some black boots which almost reached knee-length. His skin was a shade of olive which complemented the rest of his appearance easily. The man's scowl seemed to deepen before he opened his mouth to speak once more.

"What the hell are you staring at, bastard?!"

Noticing what he was doing, Antonio returned his eyes to the other man's. "Ah, lo siento. Em, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

The man smirked. "Who am I? Well, that's a good question. Some say I'm the most fearless pirate on the seven seas. Some say I'm the thief in the night, unnoticed, unable to be captured. Some call me the 'fleeting phantom', but I'm mostly known as 'Romano', boatswain to Captain Nonno of the Pomodoro, and assassin extraordinaire " Romano gave a short laugh as Antonio's mouth dropped. "Good question though, 'who am I'. In fact, that's such a good question, I'll make you a deal on it."

Antonio gulped before timidly asking, "And what would that deal entail?"

"Well, Principe Antonio," Romano smirked again. "I won't kill you, but you have to be my personal slave and servant, and work as a powder monkey on the Pomodoro."

"What?!" Antonio exclaimed. "What kind of a deal is that?!"

"At least wait until I'm finished, dammit! I was about to say, the day you figure out the true answer to your question, 'who am I?' will be the day you are released and sent back to your country."


"So, what'll it be then? Will you agree to the deal, or will you have to walk the plank?"

Antonio wasn't sure - he had heard of the Pirates of the Pomodoro before, and apparently they were deadly dangerous. Romano was rumoured to be one of the worst, underneath the captain of course. He didn't exactly want to get involved with pirate-assassins...

Knowing that he didn't want one of the outcomes to occur, he finally rested on an option.

"You have a deal, Romano."



Perdonatemi - Excuse me (Italian)
Per favore - Please (Italian)
Grazie signore - Thank you sir (Italian)
Que - What (Spanish)
Si - Yes (Italian/Spanish)
Rabbia - Rage (Italian)
Fratello/fratellino/fratellone - Brother/little brother/big brother (Italian)
Nonno - Grandfather (Italian)
Lo siento - I'm sorry (Spanish)
Pomodoro - Tomato (Italian)
Principe - Prince (Italian)

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