Hello guys.

So, it's been a while, huh?

Hey, don't worry! This isn't a bad message, I promise! It's a good one, I swear!

At least, I think it's a good message?

Anyway, the message is this:

I'm back!

I know I said I'd have the sequel done by the end of July, but that was probably an unrealistic expectation for myself in the summer holidays.

Plus I only got the best idea for the plot on July 31st, since I hadn't really thought too much about it beforehand, but who's counting?

But the great news is, after months of trials and tribulations, ups and downs, and the never-ending writer's block, I've decided to publish it.

To be honest, I lost motivation for this shortly after I got the idea, then I got it back, then it left again, and so on... It just kept disappearing, and I felt like I'd never get it done. My only motivation was that you guys wanted this, I wanted this, and I was determined to see it through to the end. So I kept working hard, squeezing out my brain's creative juices and letting the words fall onto the page.

There were a lot of re-written chapters, let me tell ya.

I've currently got up to chapter 11 written, and am part-way through chapter 12. I've planned for 20 chapters, so hopefully I'll get the rest done during the Christmas holidays (in which I'll hopefully have the least homework!)

One lovely reviewer (Ranna's Tardis) suggested a brilliant idea, which I won't be putting into the main sequel but I am gonna write a side-story for it! It'll be shorter, so not too much on top of everything else, right?

Speaking of reviews, I'm gonna quickly do the business for all of the reviews I've received since the last chapter, so here they go~

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Katie-Kat1129: Link's at the bottom~

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SilentShisou: Yes, there is a sequel! It's out now! Also thanks, glad you liked it~

Ranna's Tardis: Worry not, there is now a sequel! And I really love your idea, and whilst it didn't fit into my sequel idea, I'm writing a side-story for it and it will hopefully be out soon! Glad you liked it anyways~ :D

Thank you all for your reviews! I treasure them and they are the best motivation one could ever have! (Though follows and favourites are good too~)

Thank you all again for waiting for so long, and I am so sorry I didn't get this done sooner.

Please don't hate me.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

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~RandomWriter57 ( = ¬ = )7 *salutes you*