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"You realize that if you keep up this type of behavior you'll end up in juvie." Principal Cope informed me as she folded her large hands over each other on her desk I didn't know why they didn't issue her a new one. She was obviously too large for her current one.

"Been there, done that. Wouldn't get the snow globe." I grunted, crossing my arms over my chest. She looked at me with a gleam of anger in her eye. I wasn't sure if it was because of my indifferent tone or because she envied my being able to fold my arms.

You know what they say…

Exercise is key.

That and not eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner twenty four-seven. I eyed the bags off take out in her garbage can and wrinkled my nose. They weren't the fancy salad bags either. I mean, hell I knew that a hamburger could cost less than a salad, but she should be able to afford one once in a while.

"Edward." She attempted to snap and her short nubs couldn't reach each other. But it's okay, I'd give her a break. I turned my attention from the trash can and looked up to her.

"Yes, Mrs. Cope?"

"Look, I don't want to have to call your parents again-"

"They aren't my parents, Jackie." I said with a roll of my eyes. She knew they were my adoptives and I knew she knew, so why even go down that path.

"Mrs. Cope." She reminded.

"I know your name. I think that I have spent enough time in here with you to speak on a more personal level. I mean, I thought we were closer than that." I leaned forward and rested my elbows on the edge of her desk. I winked and she blushed before rolling her eyes. The woman would do me if given the chance. I knew it, she knew it.

She wanted it.

She couldn't get it. I wasn't into BBW's… Or in her case BAW's. Big, Average Women. I'd much rather hit that fine woman that calls herself the nurse. Or should I say hit that again. I didn't really have asthma, but if that got me down to her office for a quickie during gym class, than I'd gladly have a severe asthma attack.

"Edward!" Mrs. Cope snapped again and I blinked at her before heaving a sigh.


"Look, if you would like to speak on a more personal-"

"Intimate, if you will." I said lowly, giving her that slow smile that makes the panties drop.

"I won't." She huffed and I chuckled. The only reason I could stand being around Cope was because she was fucking hilarious when she wanted to be. Of course, I'd never let her know that or she'd start sending me to that dick of an assistant principal. Well… no, she wouldn't send me to him. I'm nice to look at and Jackie and I had history. Ever since she was the Assistant Principle we'd been together.

Ah, good memories.

"As I was saying, if you want to speak on a more personal level-"

"I do."

"Will you stop being a dick and just listen?" She growled.

"There's the Jackie I know." I said affectionately, sticking out my lips as I spoke. She sighed and reached into her lap, when her hand reappeared with a French fry I gasped. "Have those been in your lap the whole time?" She rolled her eyes at the horror on my face.

"Yes. I missed lunch." I kept my comment to myself as my eye caught the McDonald's receipt on her bag. The time on the receipt read 12:03.

"Sure…" I said lifting my eyebrows. "As much as I'm not enjoying this, I have classes to get to, so if we could speed this up." I tapped my watch-less wrist. The nurse left twenty minutes before school ended and I'd just be able to catch her before she left if Cope let me go.

"Edward, stop." She barked. "You need to stop being such an ass to Mr. Hernández. He's knew and a little nervous about all of this."

"Oh, I can tell. He's got pit stains like none other." I shook my head and she rolled her head, stretching it out.

"As I was saying, go easy on him. And damn it, stop fighting in his class. You do it because he's little, don't you?"

"Little?" I furrowed my eyebrows.


"No." I shook my head. "I do it because he's too busy being a monotone douche to move me away from that Emmett bastard."

"Edward, that 'Emmett bastard' has been your brother for about five years now. You still can't get along?"

"Who the hell did you think I was fighting with? Emmett and I are the only boys in that Spanish class." I rolled my eyes. "Speaking of that fucker, why isn't he in here?"

"He's being dealt with by Mr. Marshall."

"Good." Marshall was an asshole. I think I mentioned that, but it's worthy of saying twice.

"Anyway, what is little-" Little being negotiable. "ole' me supposed to do when you two start fighting like the children you are? Lord knows I'm in no shape to break you two apart from each other."

Ain't that the truth.

Worst we'd have to do is knock her over and she'd go rolling.

"Anyway, what is your issue with Mr. Cullen?"

"He's an ass."

"Any specifics?" I pursed my lips and turned my eyes to the ceiling. I sucked my cheeks in, in fake thought before shaking my head.

"Nope." I popped the 'P' and she sighed.


"The motherfucker said he'd rat me out to Es and Carlisle for smoking." I didn't tell her what I had been smoking, because that was illegal. "You know they're doctor's they'd bite my fucking head off and then get my lungs shaved or some shit. You know, for the tar." I needed my lungs, you know… For breathing and the like. "We both know I'm not having that shit."

"So you hit him? That seems highly irrational. Even for you."

"No, I didn't hit him. I told him that I'd tattle on him for getting an STD from his little whore." I shrugged, I had no qualms about the truth.

"Emmett has an STI?"

"No." Maybe I had one qualm or two. "But Rosalie is a whore. So he got angry at me for calling her names and knocked my shit off of the desk." Cope sighed and rested her chin in her hand. "So then I knocked his ass flat out. Fuck him."

"So what do you think your little display merits?"

"Eh… a two hour Friday study?" It was like detention but for much longer.

And on Friday.

"Sounds good." She struggled to pull her desk drawer open. Probably because her stomach was blocking it shut and she would be too embarrassed to scoot her chair back and then open it. Once it was finally open she grabbed a slip quickly and as soon as she took a deep breath the drawer slammed shut. She wrote out the slip, her face still red from the effort it took to the door open. "Here's your detention slip, and here's your pass to class." I checked the time on her watch and saw that it was past time for the nurse to be here.

"Thanks." I sighed, snatching the slips from her. She sent me a glare and I got out of the office before I had to hear her lecture me on manners. Lord knows I get enough of that from Es. I sauntered to my last bell and checked to see if Cope put a time on the slip. My eyes scanned the small pass and I realized that the time slot was left blank.

Thank fuck. I love that woman.

I stopped by my locker and stared into the half empty thing for a few minutes. I didn't need shit from it, just… fuck, I don't even know. I guess it just gave me something to criticize as I waited.

"Well look who it is." I silently cursed at the sound of the nasally voice from behind me. I winced at the feel of Lauren Mallory dragging her claws down my back in what I guessed was an attempt at seduction.

"Keep your legs closed, Mallory. I'm not interested." I grunted. No need to be secretive about her reputation or her intention. She craved my dick, we both knew it. Straight and to the point was the proper way to turn her down. She wouldn't get offended. She loves that boys chase after her, and that girls are jealous of her. She was hot and easy, she knew it and used it to her advantage.

"Oh don't be like that." She leaned against me and I groaned at the feeling of her balloon tits pressing against my back.

"Jesus." I whispered, spinning so that she pressed up against my chest. "Lauren-"

"Nothing fancy… just a quick one?" She pouted those full lips and her hand snuck down to cup my junk. I bit my lip and slid my hand up her stomach, until I was cupping her tit. "Come on, you know you want it." I pulled the low cut shirt of hers down even lower so that I could see the cups of her lacy bra and cocked my head to the side.

"I know you want it. I'm still debating." I reached into her shirt and pulled her bra cup back so that huge tit could bounce out. I kneaded it gently and she moaned softly, leaning into me more. Of course she had no problems with me popping out a tit in the hall. She'd probably be excited as fuck if someone were to walk out of class and see us. I swiped a finger over her nipple, feeling it harden under my touch. She arched into me and I shook my head.

Her easiness was welcomed when I was horny. But after sitting and looking at Cope for an hour I was in no mood. And the whole needy bitch thing wasn't really working for me. I was getting more irritated with every purr.

"I'm good. Thanks." I tucked her away and made to slide away when she pouted.

"Fine, but I let you feel me up. Don't I at least deserve a kiss?" She asked before puckering up and shutting her eyes. I narrowed my eyes at her and patted the top of her head.

"Not a chance in Herpes hell." I shrugged. Her eyes popped open and she glared at me before a giggle slipped through those overly glossed lips.

"You can be such a jerk sometimes." She giggled with a roll of her eyes before lightly slapping my bicep and strutting away. I rolled my eyes at the bimbo and grabbed a notepad before heading off to Mr. Berty's class. Outside of his door, I put a time on the slip, doing my best to make it look like Cope's writing. Of course I did a bang up job, so when I handed the slip to Mr. Berty he nodded with a smile.

"Just on time, Mr. Cullen." I wasn't really sure why he liked me, but he was a cool guy. That's why I haven't even made a move on his wife. She works in the attendance office and she was smokin'.

"Well you know me, Mr. Berty. Always a stickler for the rules." I said with a smirk as I headed to my seat. I sat next to little Angela Weber in our English class. She was shy, and didn't speak much but it was a known fact that you weren't to mess with her. She had a tongue like a whip and wasn't afraid to use it, if messed with. Of course this would be why I hung out with her and that pot head I called my best friend, Jasper Whitlock.

"Well if it isn't little Angie." I said as I slid into my seat.

"Shut up."

"Not in the mood?"

"Honest to god, Edward. I will tie your dick to an anvil." She turned to me slowly and menacingly. "And I'll just let it fall." My eyes widened and we locked eyes for a moment before I burst into laughter.

"Jesus, you're crazy as shit." I tapped her nose and she slapped my hand away.

"No telling what or who those fingers have been in." She groaned before pulling out a moist towlette. Angela was also a closet germaphobe.

"No one yet, but if you aren't busy after school… I wouldn't be opposed." I winked and she gave me an altogether unamused look before turning her attention back to Mr. Berty. The class only went on for another ten minutes, a ten minutes full of Shakespeare from Berty and silence from Ange.

"You should have your own talk show." I told Angela as I waited for her to gather all of her shit.

"You should be in prison." She said, holding her things against her chest and moving out of the classroom swiftly. I followed after her and laughed. "Jesus, why do you continue to talk to me? I'm not going to sleep with you, Edward." She joked, rolling her eyes. Well at least it was kind of a joke. She really wouldn't sleep with me, but I wouldn't sleep with her either. That's probably why we get along so well.

"Whatever, see ya'. I know you don't have time to talk to me with all those cats you've got." I waved before flipping her off. She returned the sentiment and cut across the crowd to get to her locker.

I was almost knocked on my ass as a huge shoulder rammed into mine. "I'm leaving in five, asshole. Be ready." Emmett grunted into my ear. I punched him in the back and kept walking. I sauntered to my locker and opened it, and grabbed my backpack before slamming it shut and heading for the parking lot.

Emmett's oaf like ass stood in front of his Jeep with his roided up arms folded over his chest. I saw the beginnings of a black eye and smirked. That fight that I was so harshly berated for was over a fight that consisted of two hits. I got him in the eye and he nailed me in the gut before Passivist Jasper intervened.

"Fuck you starin' at?" He barked, unfolding his arm and leaning towards me.

"Shut up." I rolled my eyes and slid into the front seat of the Jeep. He took off, speeding out of the parking lot before we got trapped in by every other idiot in the parking lot. I glanced over at him to see a smile stretched out on his face.

"What the fuck are you smiling about?"

"Mom is going to kick your ass." He said before pointing at his eye.

"You're such a pussy. Can't wait to run home and snitch, huh? For such a gargantuan doofus, you sure do act like a two year old." He rolled his eyes and turned up some shitty rap song that was filled with bass and some guy whining into a microphone. He started bouncing his shoulders to the music and bobbing his head.

"We both know you're too white to attempt to dance, Emmett. Stop." I said with disgust as his big ass shook the car with his offbeat jerks.

"Fuck you." He said before continuing down the destructive path that was his dancing. I sat back and scowled at the street and the cars that passed us, staring wide eyed at Emmett. I'd be staring too if I saw a man who was barely fitting into a huge Jeep, having a seizure behind the wheel.

"Jesus, I'm driving tomorrow." I informed as the car began drifting into the left side of the road.

"Take the wheel. This part goes hard." He started grunting and jerking as the bass got faster. I grabbed the wheel and carefully steered us down the street.

"Lay off the gas, asshole. We're at home." The car noticeably slowed and I turned the car so that was jumped the curb and landed in Esme's grass.

"You dick!" Emmett screamed, wide eyed as I let go of the wheel. "Mom's going to be pissed!"

"That's the point." I went to open up the car door and he grabbed my arm.

"I'm telling her you did this." He growled, his blue eyes darkening.

"Then you'll get in trouble for driving without your hands again. So do it. I don't give a fuck." I yanked my arm away and walked towards the door. Mom stepped out of the house with a large smile and then wide eyes as she watched Emmett try and maneuver himself out of the grass by crushing some of her garden.

"What the…?" She gasped, I shrugged past her and she stopped me with her hand on my stomach. "Edward, what happened?" She asked, lightly pushing my shoulder so that I looked at the Jeep.

"He's an idiot." She shrieked as Emmett hit the rose bush and ran toward the car.

"Emmett! Emmett, stop!" She yelled over the rumble of the engine. I rolled my eyes and walked into the house, heading straight for my room. I was granted about twenty minutes of silence as the two tried getting the Jeep out of the yard. I pulled out my phone and hooked it up to my stereo before collapsing onto my bed. The last thing I wanted to deal with was my mom, I was incredibly on edge and annoyed already. And her nagging would only add to that.

Of course, I can't catch a fucking break. Mom came in squealing about something or another soon after I'd gotten comfortable.

"Edward Anthony Cullen!" She screamed and I rolled my eyes, eying the box on my desk. I should have fucking smoked before they came in. "Get down here now!" I sighed and rolled out of bed, taking my sweet time as I headed down the steps.

"What?" I asked, heading into the living room and leaning against the doorway.

"How dare you hit your brother?" She gasped as though I had spit on Jesus. I rolled my eyes and shook my head in annoyance.

"Okay look. I hit him. Can you just punish me and save my time and your breath." Esme sighed and palmed her forehead. When her face turned red I groaned audibly. Either she was going to scream or cry, hopefully not the latter. Even though she wasn't my mother, she'd quasi raised me, and I didn't like seeing her crying-upset. "I'm sorry. Continue." I sighed.

"Just, give me your phone and your cigarettes." She made a 'give me' motion and I grabbed my backpack. I pulled out the pack of decoy cigarettes that I kept, pushing past the pre-rolled blunt in the front pocket. I handed it over and went to give her the phone before pulling it back.

"Do I get them back any times soon?"

"The phone in a week. The cigarettes, never. If I catch you with another pack, I'm taking away your credit card." I huffed and Emmett smirked at me from over her shoulder.

"Fine, whatever." I turned my iPhone off and passed it over to her.

"Up to your room. I don't want to see you until dinner." She said, pointing to the stair case. I spun on my heel and stormed off.

"That was the plan anyway." I said before jogging up the stairs.

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