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"Ouch," I said, wincing.

"Hold still," Konan murmured, her fingers running through my hair. She combed continued to comb through it, tidying it up. "Anko-chan, would you please hand me the conditioner?"

Anko grinned widely and reached in front of me, and grabbed the tube of conditioner on the dresser. She handed it to Konan and Konan opened it, squeezing some out and starting to run it through my hair. "Good grief, Mia. Sleep restless last night?"

I blushed.

Haiiromaru gave a happy bark, wagging his tail. The Inu ninken had been with me for a couple years now. No longer a puppy, he was big enough for me to ride him (and in some cases I have!), with big brown eyes and a soft white underbelly and paws. His voice when he spoke in Japanese was still chidish and higher-pitched. "She was! She was! She kept tossing and turning and I told her she needed to sleep, but she didn't listen."

Shiromaru (Haiiromaru's twin brother - the exception being where Haiiromaru was a pretty orange-gold, Shiromaru was an ashy grey) nodded his head. His voice was deeper than his brother's, and he spoke more slowly. "She smelled anxious."

"Of course I was anxious," I muttered petulantly. "Besides, it was the first time sleeping in an empty bed for a long time."

"Hey!" Haiiromaru exclaimed.

"Okay, first time there were only three in my bed," I amended. "But you guys kept kicking me, too. How is anyone supposed to sleep like that?"

"You had no issues before," Shiromaru retorted.

I pursed my lips and stubbornly looked away. Konan giggled and Anko snickered.

The door to the dressing room opened and Tsume walked in. "My oh my, don't you look pretty?"

My cheeks flamed again. "... Thank you. Er, is everyone ready?"

"Well, everyone's arrived at least. They're still talking now - no one has taken their seats, yet," Tsume said, smiling at me in the mirror. "Even Kakashi's arrived."

"So he actually arrived on time?" Anko asked incredulously.

"Well he is the best man," Konan said, nodding her head.

I shifted nervously. "Where are the rest of my bridesmaids?"

"Here we are, Mia-chan," Sakura said, entering. She was smiling warmly at me. "The Toads are already here. I can't believe you let Naruto invite them."

I giggled. "They're his friends, Sakura-chan. I want everyone to be happy today, and if having his contracts here make him happy, so be it."

"Kakashi's ninken look adorable in their little kimonos," Hinata said softly, her eyes lit up. "I got a couple pictures. And the little bows you put on some of the scorpions are cute, Sakura-chan."

Sakura shrugged. "They asked for them. Speaking of summons, Anko-sensei, your snakes are about to get eaten by Sasuke's hawks."

"Damn it!" Anko cursed, hurrying out of the room.

Ino handed me a bubbly drink. "Here, Mia-chan. Drink this. This'll help with your nerves."

I took a tentative sip, then finding it to be rather delicious, I continued to drink. "... Thank you."

A comfortable silence filled the room.

"The wedding looks beautiful," Hinata murmured.

I smiled at that. We had decided on an outside wedding, simply because of space. I would have preferred a small, quiet wedding, but knowing how large our guests were, that was out of the question. Besides, a big wedding was just as fine. More the merrier, right? Thankfully, (and I do mean thankfully) the weather was perfect. May weather in Konohagakure always was, but I was just grateful it wasn't raining or anything. The skies were a pretty blue with big white fluffy clouds and it was at that perfect temperature of being not too cold or too hot.

Our officiant and us would stand under a gazebo at the side of a large pond, filled with lilypads. Our guests would be seated in chairs on either side of a long white carpet that lead to the gazebo. After the wedding, we would transition to the Hokage compound (generously offered by Tsunade and her Hokage heir, my son, Naruto) for the reception.

I wasn't sure what the reception would be like, as my groom was the one who planned it.

"Thank you," I said. "Anko-chan did a surprisingly good job, didn't she?"

"I'm just surprised she isn't insisting that her Maid-of-Honor dress is see-through," Konan giggled.

I covered my mouth to keep from snorting with laughter at that.

"There," Konan said, stepping back and examining me in the mirror. My hair was no longer its spiky self, but it fell in nice, smooth, long, curls.

"It's a miracle," I exclaimed.

Sakura placed a hand on my shoulder. "You look breath-taking, Mia."

I smiled in sheepish embarrassment.

"You know," Sakura said thoughtfully, "even after a couple of years after the war, it still feels weird that Tobi isn't wearing his mask. I mean Obito."

I shrugged. "I'm just surprised no one questioned why he faked his death too much."

"Why would we?" Tsume reasoned. "He hasn't done anything wrong. There's no law against it. And he's actually been helpful as Tobi."

"True enough."

"I can't believe you're letting Hidan be the officiant," Konan said, raising an eyebrow.

I shrugged again, snickering. "He asked to be. Besides, he'll behave himself. And you just know it'll be interesting."

"It'll be something," Yoshino said, entering the tent. Shikaku's wife quirked an eyebrow at me, smiling. "Everyone's ready for you, Mia-chan."

I stood up from seat, brushing my hands over my white kimono. My stomach churned with nerves and my hands felt a bit sweaty. Yoshino stepped back out of the tent and Jiraiya entered. He let out a low whistle.

"Such a shame that another beautiful lady will be wasted on the ties of marriage," Jiraiya sighed, a teasing glint in his eyes.

I grinned. Anko entered the tent. "Alright, I've got the groomsmen ready and the best man. We ready?"

"Yep," I said.

Naruto entered the tent first, his eyes widening on seeing me. "Kaa-chan, you look amazing!"

He hesitated then shrugged and ran to me, hugging me. "Sorry if I mess up your dress or something, but I just gotta hug you. You sure you wanna marry this guy? He's awfully shady."

"Naruto-kun," Hinata reprimanded lightly, her hair pulled up in a bun with a little flower in it. Naruto smiled sheepishly. "Obito-san isn't shady."

"Sorry, Kaa-chan. Sorry, Hinata-chan," Naruto apologized, moving over to take Hinata's hand.

Sasori entered the tent next, giving an accepting nod at me. "Not bad. You almost look like a little doll, Mia-chan."

"Coming from you, I know that means a lot," I said, grinning cheekily. "After all, you are a doll."

"Shut up," Sasori said, taking Sakura's arm. Deidara entered the tent, along with Nagato. Nagato and Konan didn't verbally say anything to each other, but Nagato just took Konan's arm. Deidara grinned at me, giving me a thumbs up.

"Not bad, Mia-chan, un," Deidara said, taking Ino's arm.

Kakashi peeked into the tent and whistled. "Aa. Obito's a lucky man."

"Don't you mean, Mia's a lucky wife," I teased.

"Will you ever drop that?" Kakashi questioned. "So I was a bit clingy in the beginning, but I've gotten better!"

There was a collection of snorts, disbelieving looks, and heads shaking.

"Shut up," Kakashi grouched, taking Anko's arm.

Jiraiya took my arm, and I stared at his arm for a couple of moments, lost in thought.

It felt odd. Getting married without my parents - my real parents. I still missed them, but it wasn't such a terrible miss. When I had entered this world, I was about to leave my home anyway and start a new life. My own life.

And yeah, it was still premature, but it happened. I came to this world, for better or worse, and I have found my own life. I have my own family. I have wonderful sons and loving daughters, and I have such close friends, and a place in this world to call my own. I'm about to be married to the most amazing man in all of the multiverses and we were going to start our own family - our own life.

I missed my parents. I missed my old life.

But if it was between them and this.

I would choose this.

Hands down.

While I'm sure they worried for me, I had been gone from their lives for over nine years. They wouldn't have forgotten me, but I was confident that they had already mourned me. They were strong. They didn't cling to the past.

So neither should I.

And maybe one day we'll see each other again. We'll meet each other again, and I would be able to tell them all about my story. I would be able to introduce them to Obito, my future husband, along with however many kids we end up having. I would say, This is your first grandson, Naruto. And your second grandson, Sasuke. This is your first granddaughter, Sakura, and your second granddaughter, Hinata.

They would love their grandchildren. I knew they would.

They would tell me about what happened while I was gone. How my cousins were doing, how my best friends had managed. Did they fulfil their dreams? Their goals? Did they fall in love or did they choose a different path?

And I would listen.

It was odd, holding Jiraiya's arm. But, it wasn't bad.

I couldn't cling to the past - that sort of thing nearly destroyed Obito. I lost my parents, but we would see each other again.

I smiled and squeezed Jiraiya's arm, watching as each pair left the tent.

"Nervous?" Jiraiya asked.

"A little," I admitted. "... Any word on Zetsu?"

Jiraiya shook his head, frowning briefly. "He's still in the genjutsu."

I sighed. "Maybe one day…"

"Maybe. Oh, that reminds me, X showed up, too."

"Did he now?" I asked, laughing. "Obito must be thrilled."

Jiraiya snickered. "Something like that. X said he brought along the best wedding gifts for you two, though. Something about a desk...?"

"Yes. I friggin' love that desk. It's about damn time he gave it back to me."

Jiraiya smiled at me and pulled the white veil over my face. While veils weren't part of a standard wedding in this world, I wanted one and no one was about to object it.

The music started playing and the two of us walked out the tent.

A gentle breeze ran through the grassy area, but I paid it little head. My eyes were on the man that stood on the steps of the gazebo. Obito's eyes lit up and he was smiling so widely at me.

It was well past time to stop worrying about the past.

I had a future in front of me.

And I was not going to waste it.

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