Writer: Oddcompass

Warning(s): Male/Male, Mentioned Sex

Pairing(s): Aomine/Kagami

AN: Got into Kuroko no Basket (pretty late) and got inspired to make this. Hope who all reads this likes it! (And please ignore any errors, if you'd be so kind.)

Aomine was a dick. A major dick. He was mean, ungrateful, possessive, narcissistic, and lazy. What was worse was that he wore all of these horrible qualities like royal garmets. He paraded them around in everyone's faces, not caring what they thought about him.

So it was right (right?) in some twisted way that I'd ride the train, go to his house, and let him have his way with me in the middle of the night.

There was no kissing,no holding, and no sweet talk. We'd be rough, mean, and scorching. We'd be two untamed flames that liked to bite, scratch, and growl. Then, when all was said and done, we'd go to a low burning red and blue flame.

He'd flop down beside me and watch me. His blue eyes would pierce burning holes in my skin, watching me like a lazy panther; sleek, lean, and agile. "We should do that again sometime,"he would say with that damned smirk and that damned voice. Thick and sultry. Heavy and dripping. Smug and throaty.

"Shut the hell up," I would say back in a growl.

He would just smirk wider.

It would be silent after that aside from the rustling of getting my clothes on, preparing to leave.

When I got to the threshold of the bedroom door is when he'd call out to me. He'd stand, wrap his dark tanned arms around my waist and pull me close to his naked body. He'd bite my neck hard enough to draw blood.

I'd wince.

"All mine,"

Then he would allow me to leave, eyes stuck to my back.

This routine would happen three times a week. Sometimes four.

I wanted it to stop. I really did. But why stop something that you've started?

That's not the way to go about, right?

Sometimes I wonder if this would ever last. Then I would laugh at myself for asking such a stupid question.

"Of course we won't," I'd whisper to myself."Fire can't play with fire."