Writer: Oddcompass

Warning(s): Fluffiness (I don't really think this is that fluffy, but...?)

Pairing(s): Aomine/Kagami

A/N: Hello! Just wanting to say that I really, really, really apperciate all of the feedback I got on this! I know I haven't been updating much but I'm super glad for all the reviews and favs and follows (even though I haven't said so before). I just really wanted to thank all of you. And after reading EternalInspiration's review I realized how good of an Idea that was (Thanks!) and decided to make it all "equal". Excuse all my rambling, I talking too much. Hopefully, this is a good enough conclusion to the original and sorry for it being so short. So, please excuse any errors and read on.

Life somehow seems brighter with Aomine.

Kuroko said it was "love" but I don't believe in that.

Teenagers can't acheive "love", right?

"Kagami-kun brights up at the mention of Aomine-kun," Kuroko had said amusedly.

"Shut up," I had to hide my blush.

Kuroko continued to sip his milkshake.

I started to think.

Aomine likes to hug me and nibble my ear. He likes to whisper sweet nothings to me before I fall asleep. He likes to stroke circles on my back from where he bites me. He kisses my cheek when I walk by. His eyes light up every time he sees me.

Is that love?

I like to wrap my arms around his body. I like to call him cute nicknames. I like to play with his hair to help him fall asleep. I slide my fingers over his shoulders to calm him down. I kiss his forehead to reassure him. My heart flutters every time I see him even though we've been together for over a month.

Is that love?

Kuroko said yes.

I ignored him.

Aomine says we're "lovers".

I just scoff at him.

He'll smirk and chuckle.

I'll blush and ignore him, too.

Teenagers are too young for love.

Aomine smiles at me.

We can't handle love.

My heart skips a beat.

Love doesn't exist.

Aomine kisses me.

Is this love?

I melt into him.