"Now this is a good one!" Raini leaned over the photo album, giggling, as Rydel and Laura crowded in around her. They were all seated on the couch as the boys finished setting the table for dinner.

"Shut up!" Laura covered the photo with the palm of her right hand and shoved Raini with the other. "Why do you insist on embarrassing me?" she questioned with a smile.

Rydel pulled Laura's hand away forcefully and laughed out loud, urging the boys to come and view the picture. "Laura, your skirt!" The photo revealed Laura Marano as a two year old, bending over in the yard and picking a dandelion. Ross Lynch, a two year old as well, was lifting up her flowery skirt and displaying her full diaper.

"No, no, shut it!" Laura looked desperately at the girls as the boys approached them.

"What is it?" Ross sat on the arm of the couch and peered over Laura's shoulder at the image. Immediately, he bursted out in laughter. Rocky, Riker, Ellington, Ryland, and Calum reacted the same way not much after. "I was a little rebel," he said with a chuckle and a smirk.

"We should've known what a player Ross was going to become when he did this," Rydel stated, passing the book to Rocky to get a closer look.

"Hey! I'm not that bad..." Ross stood up.

Rocky laughed again, handing the photo album to Riker, "Poor Laura with her poopy diaper."

She hit his arm lightly, letting out a giggle, "I guess it is kinda funny."

Ryland leaned over Riker's shoulder as he viewed the photo. "Can you believe we've all been best friends since we were born?"

"Since you were born," Calum Worthy smiled.

Ellington Ratliff ran his fingers through his hair subconsciously, "Yeah, I didn't know you people until Ryland was born. Then I was like, 'Woah. I should be these people's best friend.'"

Riker looked up, "Yeah, why is that?"

Ellington shrugged, "I guess I just got the vibe that a really cool baby was just born and I needed to weasel my way into your lives."

Rydel laughed, standing up, "You're so weird."

Ryland stared at Ellington and Calum for a moment before continuing, "But anyway, it's really cool that we've been friends for so long."

"He is right, though. It's like we were meant to be a family." Laura grabbed the photo album out of Riker's hands and shut it, putting it back on the bookshelf.

Ross began to laugh out of nowhere and everybody looked at him.

"You okay?" Raini raised an eyebrow.

He chuckled, "Yeah, I was just thinking about the time that you girls slept over here when you were like 12."

Rocky and Riker looked at each other. "Ross, I don't think they know about that so stop talking while you can," Rocky advised as he looked back at his younger brother.

Ross's smile fell. "Oh. Right."

Laura took a step forward, her eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed. "What are you talking about, Ross?"

"Nothing! Let's go eat dinner!" Riker started backing away, towards the kitchen.

Ross looked at him, "Oh, c'mon. Why can't we tell them? I mean, it's been like 5 years."

"Yeah, tell us. What harm can it do?" Raini turned to the three boys, her eyebrows raised.

"Alright, alright. I'll tell you 'cause it's just so darn funny!" Rocky sat down and looked at Ross. "Do you mind?"

He shook his head, "Not at all. It's funnier when you tell it."

"Okay," Rocky began, "It was a Friday night. Laura and Raini were sleeping over in Rydel's room. You girls decided to film a music video in the pool out back and Ross, Riker, and I were inside." He looked at Ryland, "I don't know where you were, Ry. Anyway, Riker thought it would be a good idea to sneak into Rydel's room and do who knows what."

Riker interrupted, "It was not my idea!"

"Then whose was it?"


Rocky smiled and blushed, "Oh, right. I take that back. It was my idea. Well, we went in the room and Ross came upon some mysterious object."

"Let me just remind you guys that I was only 12," Ross cut in.

Rocky looked at him, "Yeah, and old enough to know what a bra is."

"What?" Rydel, Laura, and Raini chimed simultaneously.

Calum started cracking up, "Oh, man. I can see where this is going."

Rocky grinned, "So Ross picks this bra up with the strangest look on his face and goes, 'Why is this egg holder so soft?'"

The group broke out in hysterics, including Ross.

Catching his breath, Riker added, "And then 13 year old Rocky wore it around a little before we put it back and left."

"Oh my gosh, what is wrong with you guys?" Laura laughed.

"When Ross was still innocent," Rydel reminisced.

"So sorry I missed it," Ryland said sarcastically and started making his way to the kitchen.

"And you guys think I'M weird," Ellington and the rest of the group followed Ryland's lead.

"At least you aren't mad," Riker addressed the girls as he put the food on the table.

"Why would we be mad? It's not like you did anything except embarrass yourselves," Raini directed her statement to Ross and giggled.

"I was slow," Ross pouted.

Laura pulled out a chair and glanced at Ross, "I don't know, I kinda liked slow Ross."

Ross bit his lip as Laura looked away and the rest of the group carried on with their normal conversation. There was so much more meaning to that statement than any of them knew.