A/N: I do not own CT, though it is one of my favorite RPGs. I thought this would be a fun parody and if people like it, I might do more with other CT characters.

1:24pm rising up from the ground

Crashed from space, gotta kill everyone

Gotta have my world, my bowl of death

Seein' everything, the time-space continuum is whack

So many gates, so many eras

Gotta destroy the world today

I have no friends

Mimicking the bosses

Roaring from my weird mouth

Gotta make my mind up

Whose soul do I take

It's Doomsday, Doomsday

Gotta get down on Doomsday

Everybody's looking forward to nothing, nothing

Doomsday, Doomsday

Getting down on Doomsday

Everybody's looking forward to nothing

Destruction, destruction, yeah!

Destruction, destruction, yeah!

Death, death, death, death

Looking forward to the [Crono comes in and uses Luminaire] FUCK!