A/N: I just randomly thought of this idea while on my tablet. Funny right? MY 'ANIME IN MY WORLD? PLEASE!' CHAPTER IS ALMOST DONE BEING TYPED! I AM SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Anyway, enjoy. I had to type this up before I forgot it.

"I'm home." Tsunayoshi Sawada stepped through his front door slumped forward from the exhausting day he had at school. A brunette head poked its way through the doorway of a kitchen. A woman, obviously looking younger than her actual age, smiled brightly at the boy.
"Welcome home, Tsu-kun! How was your day at school? Well?"she asked retreating back into the kitchen.
"Define 'Well'." he sighed loudly taking of his shoes one at a time. He heard his mother giggle from the kitchen. "Come now, Tsu-kun, it probably wasn't that bad."
"Define 'Bad'." Tsuna groaned at his mother's nothing-can-possibly-go-wrong nature. "Take a guess then."
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. How about I just make some snacks for you then?" she asked poking her head back out of the kitchen. Tsuna gave his mother a tired smile.
"Thanks mom." She nodded and went back to her work. Tsuna shuffled up the stairs and into his room. He threw his satchel, filled to the brim with homework and books, on the floor and flopped down on his bed. To go into the detail on how his day went would be too much for him to handle. His mom would understand, hopefully. Reborn wasn't anywhere in sight, that Tsuna was thankful for. No spartan tutor equals relaxation equals best afternoon ever.
"OH, TSU-KUN, BEFORE I FORGET, YOUR FATHER'S HERE!" his mother shouted from downstairs.
Or so he thought.
"Come on. Really! Why don't you just tell me Reborn's plotting to destroy my social life, too. Like he hasn't already."
"Okay, I won't tell you." squeaked a voice from behind him.
This day just keeps getting better doesn't it?
"Ciaosu." Reborn greeted from Tsuna's door. Tsuna groaned in his pillow a lifted a dismissive hand.
"Ciaosu." he replied.
"You look like you're in high spirits."
"Don't I."
"Your dad wants to see you." Reborn informed the soon-to-be boss.
"..." Tsuna didn't move from his spot.
"Now Dame-Tsuna. Up." and the baby walked off. Tsuna stayed on his bed for a minute before reluctantly pushing himself off. He groaned for the umpteenth time today.
"At least tell me where he is." The boy complained before wobbling out of his room and down the stairs, hands shoved in his pockets. He made his way towards the kitchen where he mother should still be.
"Where's dad, mom?" Tsuna asked tiredly rubbing the back of his head.
"In the backyard, dear."
"Thanks, mom." Tsuna proceeded to said destination through his living room. He could here Lambo's and I-pin's laughter coming from there as he approached the door separating him and the backyard. As he slid the door open he failed to see the incoming pair of feet heading towards his face until it was to late.
"WELCOME HOME, TSUNA!" a man clad in a white t-shirt and orange jumpsuit shouted as his feet connected to Tsuna's jaw, throwing him back inside the living room. The man proceeded to tackle the poor boy hauling him in a headlock.
"GAH!" Tsuna shouted in pain as the man pinned him to ground. "DAD, GET OFF!"
"WRESTLE ME OFF BOY, YOU'RE GOING TO BE A BOSS SOON!" Tsuna's father, Imietsu, challenged.
"THE HECK I AM! RELEASE ME! MOM!" Tsuna yelled in aggravation. At the call of her presence needed, Nana made her way to the living room to see her to favorite men struggling on the floor. Her youngest was giving her a pleading look as her husband was smiling like a fool. Nana stared on for a minute before giggling uncontrollably.
"I'm glad to see that my two boys are getting along so well." she said going back into the kitchen. Tsuna was watching unbelievably as his mother abandoned him in his time of need. He was quickly brought back to reality as his father started to bend his body in impossible ways and angles.
Good parenting: You're doing it wrong.