My sister just became my inspiration for this new chapter. Enjoy!

Tsunayoshi Sawada was lying in front of the tv in his room late at night. To say the least the brunette was wide awake because he was able to sleep in today (a miracle at its finest). The atmosphere was that of one to make someone tired, but not this guy. Luckily, Reborn wasn't there at the time to try to force the boy to sleep.

It was only a little past nine so he was sure that his friends were still up or getting ready to hit the hay just like him. Then something hit Tsuna and influenced him to text one of his friends to see if that would make him tired.

'Gokudera? No, he'd fuss over me.'

'Ryohei? That's just as bad as Gokudera.'

'Hibari-san? ...That's a bad idea in itself.'

'Mukuro maybe? ...THAT'S EVEN WORSE!'

So he decided on Yamamoto.

Hey, Yamamoto. How's it going? It wasn't long before the by recieved a response.

Not bad. You still awake? I thought you'd clonk out by now! :) Tsuna had to chuckle lightly at this.

Yeah, no. Just feeling a little lonely right now since I can't sleep.

Really? The kid's not with you?

No. Reborn's out somewhere I don't even want to know. It took a minute for the baseball star to reply.

Well if you're lonely I can send some people over. Tsuna gave a curious glance at that sentence before typing an answer back albeit warily.

People, Yamamoto?

Sure! :

...May I ask just who you plan on sending? Tsuna began thinking about who the boy could possibly send over to his house at such a late hour. He doesn't know anyone willing enough to come to his house besides his friends. He became so engrossed in his thought he almost missed the new message his friend sent. Looking at the screen, Tsuna couldn't help but let a loud boisterous laugh escape his lips at the reply.

They're nobody special. Just my good acquaintance Bed and his friend Pillow along Pillow's girlfriend and her sister Blanket and Bear. XD

Tsuna tried stifling his laughter before he woke anybody up from their slumber. It was just that funny.

Please do. Lord knows I need that type of company!

Of course you do. They're the crew that turns down. ;)

Thanks, Yamamoto, I needed that. Maybe I can get some sleep now.

No probs my dude; tis what I'm here for!

Good night, Yamamoto.

G'night, Tsuna. Sweet Dreams!

Tsuna got up to turn off his tv as he shut his phone down. Talking to his friend proved to get himself sleepy, at last, but not soon enough.

"What are you doing up? You have school in the morning." Reborn's voice echoed through the room and the young don shivered.

"I-I was about to go to sleep." Reborn left no room for excuses.

"Darn right you were." The toddler swiftly pulled out a mallet as Tsuna screamed in fright. The teen was out in seconds as the hitman made his way to his makeshift hammock.

"Good night, Dame-Tsuna. Heheheheheheheh."

Going to Sleep: …..Alrighty then!