Chapter Thirty-Two

Jack Frost-

Jack whistled to himself as he headed down the hall towards transfiguration. The corridor was devoid of students except him. Most of the Slytherin house had left him after his stop at the bathroom, so he would most likely be late for class, again. At least it's only Professor Durwing and not Professor Starling, Jack thought absentmindedly.

"Are you mad?" an angry voice exploded farther down the hall. Jack froze. The hall was still empty, but one of the doors ahead of him was cracked open just a smidge. More voices were coming from inside. Curious, Jack crept forward. "A school is no place to keep him!" It sounded like Drake.

"If we keep him in the forest he'll just escape," that was Alex.

"What if one of the students finds him?" Drake demanded.

"He's safely hidden with wards and protective charms, don't worry," Alex attempted to calm his seething brother. Taking a deep breath Jack dared a peek inside the room. Alex and Drake were facing each other in a closet containing all sorts of ingredients for potions. Random place to put such a closet, but Jack didn't have time to think about it.

"Your favorite four have been known to stick their noses where they don't belong. What if they happen to stumble across him?" Drake asked slyly.

"I'll keep an eye on them. Besides, they're all con-" Alex broke off as Jack leaned against the door. It gave a slight creak, alerting the men to his presence. Panicking, jack jumped back from the door and stumbled into another door. It swung open and Jack fell in.

"Hello?" Drake called. Jack kept his mouth shut, praying they wouldn't open the door. He could hear them walking in the hall. There was the sound of feverish whispers, but then they left.

Jack let out a sigh of extreme relief then got to his feet. "That was lucky," Jack grinned.

"Yes, I quite agree," a rather annoying sounding girl voice agreed from behind him. Jack gave a slight jump of surprise and whirled around. He appeared to be in a bathroom of some sort, but it looked different from the others he'd been in. It was most likely a girl's bathroom, but it was empty, there was no one who could have spoken.

"Um, sorry I went in the wrong bathroom," Jack said confusedly. He ran his fingers through his hair thoughtfully and let his hand rest on the back of his neck.

"Oh I don't mind," the voice came again. Jack let his eyes give the room a more thorough scan. Still he saw no one.

"Where are you?" he walked forward, farther into the bathroom.

"Right here," the voice sounded from one of the stalls.

"Oh well um I guess I'll just leave then," Jack turned to go awkwardly.

"You don't have to leave yet. I haven't seen a boy as cute as you in a long time," the girl said. "Not since Harry came. Nobody ever comes to visit me anymore," she whined. Jack turned back around. Standing, er, floating in front of him was the ghost of a girl. She was in a Hogwarts uniform and had dark piggy tails and round glasses.

"Wow, you're not alive," Jack gasped.

"Of course not!" she snapped. "That's why no one visits."

The ghost turned sadly and started floating around the room. She let out a low moan as the moved that echoed in the marble room.

"That noise probably doesn't help either," Jack muttered. The girl whipped around to face him, anger flashing in the grey depths of her see-through eyes.

"Don't talk about my moaning! I have to moan. With a name like Moaning Myrtle who wouldn't moan?" she growled. Jack put his hands up, palms facing out and stepped back.

"Sorry, sorry," he apologized. "I was just mentioning that if you didn't make such an infernal racket then maybe more people would stop by the bathroom." The ghost smiled and let out some horrible giggles.

"You're funnier than Harry. He was too much of a gentleman to joke like that." She moved closer. Jack resisted the urge to step back. "I've always liked bad boys," she grinned.
"Really?" Jack asked, an idea forming in his mind. She nodded earnestly. "Then you would love my buddy Hiccup. He is as bad as they come. I bet you two would make a great couple!" Myrtle looked thoughtful.

"I want to meet him first," she stated, crossing her ghostly arms.

"Of course. I'll just go and get him then," Jack stepped towards the door.

"Don't be surprised if I refuse! I have a taste for famous wizards, not every day run of the mill boys," she warned.

"I assure you that Hiccup is no ordinary wizard," Jack said. "He's just about as special as a wizard can get. You'll see for yourself after class. Oh and is it alright if I bring two other friends?" he asked.

"I don't want to be over crowded," Myrtle's voice came out as a low moan.

"Oh come on. You just said you don't get many visitors. This will be fun!" Jack insisted. Moaning Myrtle didn't responded. She floated back into the air and began moaning again. "See you after class," Jack waved then darted out of the room and into the hall. Determined to catch the end of transfiguration he sprinted the rest of the way to class.


Hiccup raised his eyebrows at Jack and Merida. Next to him Rapunzel looked equally cofused. "By the name of Hogwarts, why do you want me to visit the girl's bathroom with you?" he demanded.

"Hiccup is a boy," Rapunzel added.

"Exactly," Hiccup agreed. Merida and Jack gave them pleading looks.

"We told you that we have a surprise for you," Merida insisted.

"Actually I have a surprise. Merida had nothing to do with this, it was all me," Jack argued. Merida rolled her eyes. "What? It's true!"

"Anyways," Merida ignored him. "Will you please come with us?" she begged. Hiccup had the sinking feeling he was going to regret this, but his curiosity was growing restless and he desperately wanted to know what the 'surprise' was.

"Oh alright," he finally gave in. Merida and Jack high-fived each other.

"This way buddy," Jack grabbed Hiccup's arm and tugged him down the hall. Merida and Rapunzel followed them at a distance. Out of the corner of his eye Hiccup could see Merida whispering to Rapunzel. The blonde gasped, and then clamped her hands over her mouth. She glanced at Hiccup then back at Merida. She looked like she was about to explode with laughter. "By the way Hic," Jack's words grabbed Hiccup's attention away from the two girls and back to him. "I heard Alex and Drake talking in the hall today."

"About the master?" Hiccup asked.

"I'm not sure. They were talking about someone being hidden in the school. Some man they're keeping here," Jack said. Hiccup tried to imagine who the two professors could have kidnapped and then hidden in the school. He came up with a few answers, but none of them made sense.

"That's very interesting," Hiccup said thoughtfully. Jack nodded.

"I thought so too," he agreed.

"Hey Jack I think you missed our stop," Merida called from behind them. Jack and Hiccup paused to look back at the girls. Merida and Rapunzel were standing next to a bathroom with an out of order sign over the door.

"Oops," Jack laughed. He drug Hiccup back with him and stopped by the door. "I'm back Myrtle," he called after knocking. "Come on," he pushed open the door and waved them in. The girls shoved Hiccup in first.

"Hey," he exclaimed. They ignore his outburst and calmly walked into the room. Jack came last, closing the door behind them.

The room was the classic Hogwarts bathroom with marble floors and porcelain sinks. There were stalls just like in all girl bathrooms. Hiccup didn't understand what this had to do with any surprise. Just then a low moan started from one of the stalls. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand up and startled Rapunzel so bad that she squealed and dove behind Merida.

"What is that?" Merida asked.

"Moaning Myrtle," Jack grinned. "I brought Hiccup for ya!"

"Excuse me?" Hiccup turned an accusing glare on his friend.

"He's a little scrawny," a female voice commented behind him. "And he certainly doesn't look like he's very bad." Slowly and cautiously, Hiccup turned around. For the first time he laid his eyes on Moaning Myrtle. She was absolutely horrifying. "But I guess he isn't that bad looking in the face."

"I knew you would like him," Jack grinned. Hiccup just gaped at her. "Why don't you tell Myrtle how you feel about her?" Jack suggested.

"I-I," Hiccup stuttered, unsure what to say.

"Aw look, he's speechless," Rapunzel smiled sweetly. Merida snorted.

"Who are you?" Myrtle glared at the girls. "Jack never said anything about bringing other girls."

Merida put her hands on her hips and glared right back at the ghost. "Other girls? We happen to be his bestfriends. If anyone here is 'another girl' that would be you missy!" she snapped. Moaning Myrtle gave Merida an even more vicious glare.

"At least my hair isn't frizzy," she hissed.

"At least my hair's alive!" Merida shot back.

"I can fly without a broomstick!"

"I'm not see-through!"

"I don't have to go to classes!"

"I get to meet others and make friends!"

The two girls yelled at each other with increasing fury. Hiccup, Jack, and Rapunzel watched with varying interests. Secretly Hiccup rather enjoyed having two girls fight over him, well him and Jack.

"Yo Merida, Quiditch practice is gonna be in like an hour," Jack finally broke up the fight.

"Oh right," she said.

"Sorry Myrtle, but we gotta jet," Jack waved. Moaning Myrtle let out another low moan and started floating around the room. Merida sent her one last glare then headed for the door. Hiccup hurried after her, not wanting to be the last one out and have to stay in the room alone with Myrtle.

"So Jack, that was all you huh?" Hiccup asked when they were all in the hall. He crossed his arms and gave him his best accusing look he could. Jack grinned.

"Yep, I take full blame!" he chuckled. "I thought it was about time a girl showed you a little interest." Hiccup rolled his eyes. Yeah, but it was the wrong girl, he thought, letting his eyes trail over to Merida.


Rapunzel hurried to finish packing her bag. She was so excited about the Holiday break! Instead of spending it at Hogwarts like they had last year they had decided to go to Merida's house and spend it with her family. It would be a crowded affair, what with her parents and three brothers, but Rapunzel couldn't wait.

The only downside was spending it with Jack. On an unspoken agreement they pushed away their problems when they were around Hiccup and Merida, but when it was just them things got ugly again.

She just didn't understand what had happened to them. They used to be such good friends, maybe even a little closer. Now she didn't want to spend her Christmas with him. At least Hiccup and Merida would be there too.

Rapunzel shook her head to rid herself of these thoughts. She was almost done packing, the only thing left being her gifts to the others. She carefully tucked them away then closed her trunk. She gave herself one last look in the mirror before leaving. Her old oversized purple sweater hung over her black leggings and her fuzzy tan Uggs kept her feet warm. Satisfied with herself she started to lug her trunk out of the Hufflepuff dormitory.

"Punzie," Merida waved her over when she reached the platform. Jack was already there and Hiccup was on his way. They helped each other load up then climbed on the train. Finding an empty compartment they settled in.

"So is your mom gonna go crazy about how we look and act just like she does with you?" Jack asked Merida.

"I dunno," she shrugged. "But I suggest you prepare for anything." They gave each other looks. "It won't be that bad," Merida rolled her eyes, a classic Merida move.

"What are we gonna do at your house?" Hiccup asked.

"Celebrate the holiday," Merida gave him a very simple answer.

"How will we do that? Any weird traditions we should be warned about?" Hiccup tried to elaborate his question.

"Well my dad might try to feed you to Mor'du," Merida said thoughtfully. Rapunzel remembered the horrible bear from their first year. It was what Merida's boggart turned in to. "Just kidding," she grinned when she noticed Rapunzel's face. "Unless my mom surprises me, which is very possible, we don't have anything specific to do except chill and have a good break."

"That sounds like Heaven," Hiccup said.

"Plus it gives us more time to work of defeating Nicholas," Jack pointed out. They groaned.

"As long as you're at my house there will be no mentioning of the master. It's a holiday so I want to take a break from all that junk," Merida stated. "You can't even think about it," she ordered.

"But he won't stop just because it's a holiday," Jack argued.

"Just this once Jack?" Rapunzel begged. She had about heard all she could take about how much Jack hated his father and wanted him gone. She would not let him talk about it all break and ruin her Christmas. If he ever wanted them to be as close as they used to be he had to get over that or at least learn to keep it to himself.

"Fine," he sighed. "But once we get back to school we've really got to focus on this," he added.

"I'll do anything if it means I won't have to hear about the master during Christmas," Merida declared.

"Haha very funny Gryffindor," Jack said sarcastically. Merida smirked at him.

"I think she was telling the truth," Hiccup said. Jack gave him a look. It clearly said thanks for having my back bro. Rapunzel couldn't contain her giggle. They glanced at her.

"Something funny Ravenclaw?" Jack asked teasingly.

"Just you," she grinned.

"Ohhhh, Punzie got an attitude," Merida joked.

"I learned from the best," Rapunzel let out a sigh like voice. They all laughed, Hiccup and Merida the most.


Merida collapsed into her bed, grateful to be home. She was even more grateful that her parents had acted at least slightly normal. Her mother didn't act all crazy and controlling like she normal did while her dad mostly bothered Hiccup about his dad. Hiccup didn't seem to mind though, just another thing she was grateful for.

She was glad her friends seemed to be enjoying themselves. They certainly liked her house. It was a little on the large side and really resembled a castle. As a child she used to pretend she was a princess, but by the time she was nine she decided she didn't want to be a princess. Archery and riding horses was way more fun.

"Good night Mer," Rapunzel yawned from her bed next to Merida's.

"Night Punz," Merida nearly whispered so she wouldn't wake anyone else in the house. Rapunzel smiled and fell into her bed. Merida grinned at her before giving into the pull of sleep.

*********************************Time Skip************************************

"Wake up Merida," Rapunzel squealed. "It's Christmas." Merida blinked opened her eyes to find herself still at her house and in her own bed. Rapunzel was standing over her and kept shaking her shoulders. "It's Christmas," she repeated.

"Happy Christmas Rapunzel," Merida sat up almost knocking Rapunzel backwards.

"You too Merida!" Rapunzel smiled. "Let's get the boys."

Together they ran into the hall and then hurried to the boys' room. Throwing open the door they each jumped on a bed to wake them up. Merida got Hiccup and Rapunzel got Jack. "Happy Christmas Hiccup," Merida crowed. Hiccup groaned then stopped. He jumped up with a smile on his face.

"Happy Christmas," he exclaimed. Across the room Rapunzel had been successful in waking up Jack.

"Now we have to get my family," Merida explained. Walking this time they reached her parents' room. They let Merida wake them on her own. Her parents encouraged them to go get her brothers and then open their presents. They wanted to get ready before they went downstairs.

After retrieving the triplets the seven kids attacked the presents under the tree downstairs. Eleanor and Fergus joined them halfway through and started on their own gifts. When all was unwrapped they moved into separate groups and showed off their new items. As always, Merida, Hiccup, Jack, and Rapunzel formed their own group.

Rapunzel went first. Most of her gifts were clothes, candy, and books. There was no special present this year. Merida was next. Her gifts were similar to Rapunzel's along with the fact that she had no special present. Jack and Hiccup ended the presentation with their gifts.

"Now what?" Jack asked after they had returned their new items to their rooms and were dressed.

"Now the real fun starts," Merida grinned slyly. "Have you even ridden a horse before?"

"Only a dragon," Toothless said while the others just shook their heads.

"I think it's time you met Angus," Merida decided.


This chapter was just kind of a fun chapter. I wanted to put Moaning Myrtle in here somewhere and I thought it would be funny if she had a thing for Jack.(I mean who doesn't?) The Christmas part is kind of rushed, but that's mainly because I'm trying to speed up this part of the story. I'm trying to combine a few chapters because I really want to get to the end. Something really interesting happens and it's killing me that you guys don't know about it. Besides I normally write at night, but then I get tired so I try to type fast and it just comes out rushed. Sorry bout that. But this chapter isn't as bad as it could have been so I'm happy with it. Anyways, thanks to ericamixon, KairaB, Bombastic Yaegar, and Percabethlover47850 for reviewing. In case you don't know you guys are totally awesome and amazing and I love you. That's all I've got to say.