Warning: smut-ish. Maybe. I don't know. Is it?

"I'm getting myself in something I don't want to.
I'm getting caught up in him but I don't want to.
I'm getting off track and I can't control a thing…"

Caroline sensed him the second she walked into the heavily-congested club. Well… not him exactly. She just sensed the same force of energy she was usually enveloped in whenever she encountered the man that had haunted her for the past fifty-something years.

She had been avoiding Klaus and everything they could be quite religiously. Mostly because he and all the trappings that came with associating with him were the only things that could scare her these days.

Klaus and Mystic Falls, she thought to herself. The two things she avoided like the plague. Klaus was perhaps easier to avoid, but her home town had been calling her back lately. Part of Caroline wanted to go home again, but she was afraid of what awaited her when she returned.

Another story, another day, she told herself and put her mind back at ease and enjoyed the hum of pleasure she felt being surrounded by the same feeling Klaus invoked in her.

In the past, it would have given her palpitations. Caroline would have panicked at anything that even slightly reminded her of him, but today, after all the years she had spent away from him, she could relish in it.

She wasn't so far gone that she couldn't admit to herself she missed him. She did. Caroline missed Klaus fiercely. She missed the way he knew her. She missed the way he wanted her.

She especially missed the way he made her want him.

Before Klaus, Caroline had not been the type to go for something she wanted if it was not something that was expected of her. In Mystic Falls, she had been the typical blonde, all-American girl-next-door, complete with the football boyfriend. She had two of them, actually. If some event happened in that town, one assumed Caroline was in charge.

That was her human life. When Katherine killed her and caused her to become a vampire, Caroline had promised herself not to lose who she had been, as easily as she had lost her life.

And then Klaus came around. And suddenly, all the things that had been so important to her became trivial. Klaus made her long for the life being a vampire allows you to lead. He opened her mind to possibilities she hadn't even considered.

Klaus was dangerous and so wrong for her. He made her change the person she used to be and had tried so hard to hold on to. And she thanked him for it.

So today, in remembrance of the man she had known for such a brief period in her life, the man who showed her the freedom vampirism allowed, she let go of all the bad feelings she had harbored for him. Caroline let herself get lost in the feel of that same energy Klaus emoted and was so very rare in the world.

She allowed herself to be led to the middle of the dance floor by the new friend she had made in this town. It was a town much like her home town, where vampires roamed openly, the human population oblivious of their presence. The town was upscale and vampire infested. Caroline had heard rumors of the town from vampires she had met in some of her travels.

Finding out it existed was thrilling for Caroline. It was much like being home without the burden that came with it. And Caroline wanted to avoid that burden as long as she could.

Some places became more dangerous the longer you stayed away.

After an hour of dancing to the heart thumping music, Caroline turned to her friend, Ava, and asked, "Is the club always this… pumped? "

Never missing a step, Ava threw her head back with a tinkling laugh that had made Caroline like her instantly. She had such a genuine zest for life and enjoyed everything to the fullest. Being a vampire hadn't taken her joy of living away. If anything, it had increased it. Along with the thrill of knowing she could live forever, Ava had discovered the adrenaline junkie that lived within her.

She tried everything and anything that could have killed her, just so she can defy death over and over as a vampire. Caroline enjoyed the recklessness with which Ava lived. It was invigorating.

"Well, it's always a good place to lose yourself dancing, but there is something different tonight. You-know-who is here," she said in her husky voice, shimmying closer.

Caroline honestly had no idea what Ava was talking about. "Voldemort?"

Ava grabbed Caroline's hand and spun her around. Pulling her back, Ava captured both her wrists and threw her hands up in the air, causing Caroline to giggle and whip her head around in enjoyment.

"Oh, Caro," Ava exclaimed, shortening Caroline's name to her liking, "for someone who's been around a while, you sure are uneducated in the world of vampires. It's a good thing you found me. I'll teach you everything you need to know, sugar."

Caroline had no doubt that Ava would keep her word. She looked forward to keeping this friendship as she had no other. "So tell me, who's here today?"

"Him. The king of our kind." Ava said, matter-of-factly.

A sense of apprehension took over Caroline even as she tried to ignore it. Can't be…

Not letting her anxiety show, Caroline continued bouncing on her feet and shook her head at Ava to say she didn't know who she was talking about.

Ava rolled her eyes, and once again grabbed her hand to spin her around. Only when Caroline's back was to her front, she grabbed on to her hips and continued swaying to the fast-paced beat. Pointing her finger straight ahead, Ava practically hummed, "him."

Caroline followed her direction to look at the one man her eyes had been starved for. Of course. This was her life. Their fate. It always put them in each other's path.

It wasn't reminiscent of his energy. It was his energy, Caroline realized.

Caroline hadn't realized her smile had turned appreciative of the view until Ava pulled her back. "Down, girl," Ava said with another giggle. "Don't even bother. He doesn't come here often, only once or twice a year, but when he does, every girl within a ten-mile radius is vying for his attention. He rarely notices."

It was subtle, she almost missed it, but Caroline heard the hurt in Ava's tone that let her know her friend had been one of the over-looked.

I could get him to notice me… and more.

Caroline hadn't realized she said the last part aloud until Ava continued, "I'll hand it to you, sweetheart, you've got the blonde look he prefers going on, but he's just so… unattainable, you're better off focusing your energy on one of the lesser immortals in the club tonight, if you want a guy."

Oh, Caroline wanted a guy alright. But he hadn't noticed her yet. He was too busy studying the contents of the glass he held, but Caroline would soon remedy that. In the past she would have snuck out before he could see her. But not tonight.

Tonight, Caroline was going to court the devil himself.

"Boom shalaka he's walking up to me.
Boom shalaka he starts to talk to me
My heart skips a boom…"

There was not a single power on Earth that could keep Klaus from noticing Caroline Forbes, even if he wanted it to. Not that he wanted it to.

He had resigned himself to being apart from her all these years, to give her space to grow and decide just what she wanted for herself.

She'd come to him in her own time. He firmly believed it. Yet, fate had a way of making their paths cross again and again.

He should walk out. He knew he should just turn around and leave, because just being in the same room with her and not being able to touch her was a form of hell in its own. But Klaus wouldn't move, couldn't leave. He had become addicted to this pain. It was his drug.

Looking down at his drink, Klaus wondered when exactly he had become a masochist.

And then Caroline noticed him. Klaus braced himself for the encounter he knew was coming.

Meeting her eyes, he watched as Caroline lifted her hands to tangle in her own hair, lifting her long golden locks off her shoulders and letting them trickle down in almost a waterfall out of her hands. Never letting her gaze stray from his, Caroline brought her hands down to caress her neck, tilting her head back to expose the white column to him, daring him to come get a little taste.

Klaus's eyes flickered at the challenge, before he felt himself move towards her. He was not, after all, a man to turn down a dare.

The herd of dancers parted to make way for him. Not that he asked, or forced. Just his powerful presence was enough to make others, human or otherwise, move back out of his way. He easily maneuvered his way between her and Ava, replacing Ava's hands on her hips with his.

Caroline sighed at the contact, never halting her provocative swaying. This. This was what she had wanted all these years and had been running from. For the life of her, she couldn't remember why.

Leaning her head back to rest on his shoulder, Caroline spoke huskily, "I hear you have a thing for blondes."

Carline felt his chest rumble as he growled in her ear, "just one."

The salacious smile that graced her lips was one of pure feminine pleasure. Tilting her head back, she watched as he mirrored her smile, his eyes reflecting secrets only they knew.

Keeping her back pressed against his front, Caroline lifted one hand to grasp his neck and moved the other hand to grab hold of his hip to move him in time with her slow swaying. Klaus allowed her control of their movements. Encircling her waist, he rested his hands on her stomach, under her flimsy black halter top. The feel of his hands on her skin made each of her nerve endings tingle in excitement.

Klaus could feel her blood simmering in anticipation, and hid his knowing smile by burying his head in the crook of her neck, his lips resting on her pulse point.

They had danced together before, and each time it had amazed her how well they fit together. It was almost as if she were made for him. Maybe they were made for each other.

With that thought in mind, Caroline turned to face him, never removing body contact. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Caroline shivered at the feel of his fingers gliding up her back.

The club was crowded to the max, but she knew all eyes were on them. And ears, she thought remembering the vampire population. She knew they were all probably wondering at their blatant show of intimacy, but she didn't care. Meeting Klaus's lust-filled gaze, she knew he didn't either.

And then it occurred to her, he was marking her as his in front of everybody. Tongues would wag, and by morning the entire town would know she belonged to him, and she wasn't to be harmed or touched.

It should upset her, but under the spell of the night, music, dancing, whatever you want to call it, she couldn't bring herself to care. In fact, if anything, it thrilled her to be so publicly claimed. Klaus had always kept their encounters private. Others knew of his fascination with her, but none knew the words he spoke to her, causing her to want him just as bad as he wanted her.

This open claim was different. And Caroline could take it no longer. "I want…"

Klaus tightened his grip on her as she whispered the words in his ear. "What?" he growled harshly, trying to restrain himself. He was a God-damned Original, but the woman in his arms was testing his control.


The softly spoken word broke the tenuous grip he had on himself, causing him to breathe in sharply through his teeth. Not caring who saw and the consequences that would follow, Klaus gripped Caroline's thighs and lifted her off her feet, not letting go until he had sped her into the apartment he kept in town.

Caroline felt her breath whoosh out as her back was slammed against a wall. Opening her eyes, she gave the dark lit room a cursory glance before fixing her gaze on the man feasting himself on the sight of her pressed between the hard wall and his equally hard body.

"We've been here before," Caroline said, giving him a small smile.

Klaus's mind went back to the time he had pushed her against the wall in anger, thinking (rightly so) that she had betrayed him. It had started in anger, but ended in pleasure. Hers.

"If you remember that, love, you remember the feeling that followed... what I made you feel," Klaus said, bringing her legs to wrap around his waist.

Caroline instinctively tightened her legs, bringing him closer to her. "Mmm, maybe you could remind me?"

Flashing her a quick grin, he spoke in that sexy, low-tone that sent her heart racing, "my pleasure."

Threading her fingers into his hair, Caroline tilted his face and quipped, "no, mine."

Satisfied with having the last word, she leaned away from the wall and fused her lips with his.

Fireworks are what people hear during an epic kiss. Caroline didn't hear any fireworks. She heard silence. Complete silence.

It was as if the entire world ceased to exist. And it was just them. His lips on hers, her hands on his face, and their bodies fighting for dominance.

In the end, Caroline won, pushing them off the wall so that Klaus staggered back until the backs of his knees hit a chair. Collapsing on it gratefully, he reared up to retain contact with her hot mouth, but it slid down his neck pressing teasing kisses as it went.

Klaus leaned back in the chair, allowing her to straddle him closer. His eyes closed on a sigh of pleasure as he thought, finally.

After years of dreaming and day-dreaming Caroline was finally back in his arms, and this time he had no intention of ever letting go. A smile played on his lips as he whispered, "so much for 'perhaps in a century.' We barely made it through half a century."

Caroline sat up at his words and narrowed her eyes at him in consideration. Her skin still glistened from the exertion of dancing, her chest still heaved from the passion rising in her, but Klaus saw the mental pull-back. Something was going on in that head of hers, and Klaus knew he wouldn't like it.

Moving her hands to the neckline of his shirt, Caroline said, "you sound disappointed."

Klaus gave a dry laugh and pushed her damp curls out of her face. "I am. In myself. I had thought I could hold out longer. Hold up my end of the bargain."

Caroline pursed her lips and nodded. Slowly. Calculatingly.

Before Klaus could ask what she was thinking, Caroline pulled at the fabric in her hands and ripped his shirt right down the middle. He gasped at the suddenness of her action, but his eyes gleamed in anticipation of her next moved.

Caroline knew in that moment everything had flown out of his head except the thought of having her mouth on him again. With a sly smile, she gave him what he wanted.

Trailing her lips down his neck to his chest, Caroline stopped just above his heart and flicked her tongue at his skin. Her lips curled up at the sound of his sharp intake of breath. Wanting to draw out his pleasure, Caroline bit into his skin and drew blood.

Klaus's eyes grew hooded with his growing desire. Caroline felt the evidence as she wiggled down his lap, teasing him just a little more.

As she moved lower, Caroline repeated her torture of kissing and biting, until his chest was completely marked by her fangs, blood dripping in rivulets. Klaus's eyes flickered at the sight of his blood on her lips and couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her back on top of him, and slammed his lips onto hers, joining them in a heated, bloody kiss.

Caroline gave in for a bit, as he gripped her bottom harshly and violently ground her hips with his. It drove her crazy, this pleasure-pain.

When she knew they were both on the brink of exploding, Caroline removed his hands from her and stood up.

Rubbing her hip where he had held her, Caroline knew she'd be wearing his bruises tonight. Just as he'd be wearing her bites.

"Caroline…" Klaus breathed, bewildered at her retreat.

"Still your game, Klaus. It was still your game," Caroline spoke, proud that her voice didn't quaver and betray the unsteady pulse that beat within her.

"What is this, Caroline?" Klaus growled, anger now rising.

"This is me walking away from you. This is me beating you at your own game. You wanted to wait a century, I'll give you that damn century. Just know that it was me who walked away. I held out longer. I won."

Licking away the remnants of his blood on her lips, Caroline wondered if she was going to regret this.

But no. Her need to have the upper-hand on him for once won out. Each time he had the will to walk away from her, but this time, when he was too far gone to walk away, she would finally show him that she was just as strong as him. An equal.

Smoothing down her top, she turned and opened the door to his apartment. Throwing one last look over her shoulder, Caroline whispered, "But just so you know, this will be the last time we walk away from this. Next time… we finish it."

"I'm telling myself it's not a good idea,
But the more I hesitate, the more I fall for him.
I'm trying to erase his face from my memory…"

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