So, since someone was wondering, this is movieverse for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers. I do take some aspects from other Spider-Man media, however.

Fun fact: any character mentioned by their full name is a canonical Spider-Man character. Especially villains.

Chapter 2: Hey, Christmas Colours!

"Robots. Giant robots. Attacking the Brooklyn Bridge," Tony deadpanned, aiming a repulsor blast to one of the robot's arm joints. "Looks like this week's supervillain decided to ask Google for a list of the top ten stereotypical supervillain attacks."

There were two robots, both a couple dozen metres long. They were similar in design, with only minute differences between the two. The robots were vaguely humanoid, though they had nothing resembling a face- or even a head. Red light glowed from their joints, reflecting off their metallic green shell in an eerie way.

Before the Avengers (minus Bruce, as Steve had figured that the Hulk destabilizing the bridge further was the last thing that they needed) had arrived, the robots had been wreaking havoc on the bridge. But after they arrived, they promptly turned their attention onto them.

"Lost any tech latel-" Clint started, his voice crackling in from his earphone.

"-No. I think you'd be better pressed to ask yourself that, Barton," Tony said scathingly. "SHIELD seems to have had problems with keeping secrets lately, after all."

"For now, let's concentrate on stopping the robots," Steve said, somewhat wearily. "We can deal-" Here, Steve grunted. Glancing towards the ground, he spotted Steve pushing his shield against one of the robot's massive feet, sparks flying every which way. Thor stepped in with a mighty blow with his hammer before Tony could help, the robot's foot bending in a fifty-eight degree. Tony didn't bother with any false hopes- a robot like this wouldn't allow itself to be stopped by a slightly bent limb. True to his thoughts, the robot slammed its foot onto the ground, creating a nasty crater and bending his foot back to its original state.

Still, there was only so much material fatigue the robot could take. Even if they failed to completely rip off the robot's limb, as long as they bent it enough times, it would break off of its own volition.

But that in itself wouldn't mean victory- far from it, in fact. The Avengers needed to minimize collateral damage, and a crippled robot falling onto the Brooklyn Bridge was the last thing they needed.

"As I was saying, we can deal with where they came from later," Steve continued. "Iron Man, have you found any weak points of the robots yet?"

"Easier said than done. If you're not me, that is," Tony answered flippantly. "JARVIS is doing a scan right now. 'Till then, we should just attack the arm joints. I would suggest attacking the sensors, but as we don't know where they are..."

"Why not the leg joints?" Clint demanded. A ball of fire exploded out from one of the arms, likely Clint's work. The red lights rapidly flickered on and off for a few moments, before deciding to stay off. The arm hung at the robot's side, useless. Clint had likely hit one of the power connections.

"Hey, Christmas colours," Tony muttered under his breath, noting the red and green scheme.

"We don't want to destroy the bridge, Hawkeye," Natasha pointed out.

"Right." Tony nodded, flying up higher to give JARVIS an easier time scanning the robots. "If we're gonna bring these things down, we want them to be depowered, not..."

"Not flailing all the way down?" Steve said dryly. Tony spotted him aiming his shield towards another arm joint.

"Exactly," Tony replied. "Nice of them to paint a target on all their joints, though."

Steve's shield bounced off the robot's metallic armour, just barely missing the joint. Steve rolled under an overturned car in an impressive burst of agility and grabbed his shield before it could hit the ground.

"Sir, the scan is complete." JARVIS' crisp voice entered his ears just as the results started to pop up in front of him.

"Right!" Tony said cheerfully, dropping down to aim another repulsor blast at one of the robots' lower torso. "The power source is located in the robots' lower body. From the scans, the robot seems to be powered by high energy photon-"

"- Will there be problems if we destroy it?" Steve cut in.

"Alright, alright, I get the hint." Tony rolled his eyes. "No, this type of energy source isn't too unstable. I wouldn't recommend Thor hitting it with his lightning, however. But as there isn't a convenient target for the power source- figures- we're gonna have to go with a brute force attack."

"Understood," Steve said calmly, his voice edging into authoritarian. "Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye- you take the robot on the right. Iron Man and I will take the other. Thor, avoid using your lightning, as Iron Man said."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Tony snarked, the others giving their various sounds of agreement. Tony was in the process of gliding down to attack the robot when the scans started showing strange images.

"The power's all moving to their arms...?" Tony murmured, his eyes flicking between the images of the two robots. His eyes widened in realization a mere second later. "Oh, fu- guys, there's a high energy likely electrical blast heading our way. Better duck under something, quick."

There was no time for them to reply. Multiple streams of electricity flew out of the robots, heading towards each of the Avengers. Tony made a half-hearted attempt to avoid the blast. He knew that with him being as close as he was, there was no way he could escape it. He just hoped that the less-protected Avengers had managed to avoid the blast. Luckily, his armour was shielded against blasts like thes-

Tony's suit suddenly short-circuited. Milliseconds later, a strangled scream escaped from Tony's throat, electricity coursing through his body in a burst of horrid pain.

His display flickered haphazardly, JARVIS' voice cracking as the suit attempted to restore power.

This wasn't possible.

No, that wasn't the right statement. It was obviously possible. He just needed to figure out how, or he had just gained a very bad weakness.

Tony had a moment to be thankful for the fact that a blast like that would've completely depowered the robots before hitting the ground and conking out.

Tony blinked, his eyes squinting at the bright white ceiling before closing again.

He knew where he was.

Tony attempted to move his arm. His arm let out of burst of pain in protest, but it moved. He wasn't that hurt then, obviously.

Opening his eyes again, he tried to move himself into a sitting position. After about half a minute and too much pain, he succeeded.

Tony looked around at the windowless, whitewashed room with a sigh.

"SHIELD medical facility, we meet again," Tony muttered irritably.

With a grunt of pain, Tony moved his body to the side of the bed, feet touching the floor. Pain shot through his arms as he tried to push himself up.

Groaning in frustration, he fell back onto the bed. He needed to know what had happened, but with his body refusing to cooperate and not a piece of technology in sight, he was stuck here for a bit longer.

Though the cameras in the room were well-hidden, Tony knew there were there. SHIELD had cameras in every room of their many facilities. Now that he was awake, he was sure that SHIELD would send one of their medical personnel in sooner or later.

Tony entertained himself by analyzing the previous battle and trying to figure out how that electrical blast had gotten past his defenses. A mere jolt of electricity shouldn't have even hurt him- hell, it could even power him up, as Thor had learnt before. Obviously, that blast hadn't been just a run-of-the-mill bolt of electricity.

It was possible that the blast had somehow been specifically tuned to the energy emission of the suit. If so, that was worrying. He kept all information about his suit under lock and key, far away from even SHIELD's grimy hands. While it was remotely possible that someone had managed to hack into his personal archives, it was very unlikely. So, the more probable explanation was that someone had scanned him during one of his fights- which meant that he was going to have to somehow change his energy emission frequency and build some sort of shield to prevent information like that leaking in the future.

Given that the robots hadn't been fitted with a power source strong enough to continue moving after the blast, either the supervillain behind it hadn't had the money or it had just been a test run.

Though Tony wished with all his heart that it was the former, he knew it was likely it was latter. That meant he needed his body to cooperate and get him out of here as soon as possible. For once, he barely had a clue how to change the energy emission frequency of his suit. It was connected to the arc reactor, which was powering the suit, and he couldn't easily change the arc reactor.

He wanted to be in his workshop. Problems like this were so much easier to deal with in his workshop.

Suddenly, the white wooden door on the left side of the room slid open without even a creak.

"Mr. Stark?"

It was one of SHIELD's medical personnel. Tony reluctantly let him examine him, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get out until his body worked the way he wanted it to.

Though Tony pestered the doctor with questions throughout the examination, the doctor didn't have much to say. He told him that Steve had been hospitalized as well, and that he was stable. According to the doctor, none of the other Avengers had been hospitalized, much to Tony's relief. Likely, Thor had managed to shield Barton and Natasha. Electricity wouldn't do much to the god of thunder.

After a strenuous half an hour, the doctor informed Tony that he would have to stay here for at least two weeks, which Tony mentally changed to one. Once Tony gave the doctor a genial smile and a reassurance that he wouldn't try to escape the medical facility against medical advice, the doctor finally left.

Not five minutes after the doctor had left, a familiar teenager poked his head in.

"Peter?" Tony said, raising an eyebrow. "What are you doing here?"

Peter laughed sheepishly, running a hand through his hair. He entered the room and closed the door behind him before settling down on a small swivel chair.

"Well, I wanted to see if you were alright," Peter explained. He looked over Tony's sorry state with a slightly horrified expression. "I mean, I saw everything on television later, and it looked pretty bad."

Tony held back a groan at Peter's guilty look. Did he really think he would've made a difference either way? He was a teenager, not a heavy fighter.

"Look, if you had been there, you would most likely be dead," Tony said bluntly.

Peter looked as though he wanted to argue, but he held his tongue.

"Anyways, I headed to the Tower yesterday," Peter continued on explaining. "The Black Widow and C-Clint weren't there, but Bruce was. He told me where you were. It took me a little while to get myself on the visitor's list, but I managed, even if it's a crap job that'll probably get discovered in a few hours."

"Peter, you really need to learn how to hack into SHIELD and leave no traces." Tony shook his head mockingly, then regretted it as it sent a jolt of pain into his body. "Anyways, you wouldn't happen to know what's happened since the battle, would you?"

"Bruce knew a lot," Peter said, as a way of explanation. "Thor blocked the blasts that were heading towards Clint and the Black Widow, so there were no problems there. But, apparently Captain America's shield didn't stand a chance against the electrical bolt. He probably would've been a lot worse off if he hadn't let go of the shield and ducked out of the way right after the blast hit. The blast didn't last long, so apparently he survived with relatively minimal wounds."

"Steve's shield is made out of vibranium," Tony muttered, frowning. "It shouldn't have given in so easily- unless- of course. Vibranium, that's the key."

"Vibranium?" Peter repeated, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Extremely rare metal with unique properties," Tony explained shortly. "It's what Steve's shield is made of, and also what my arc reactor is powered by. I did have safeguards against practically any sort of electrical bolt, but if whoever made those robots tailored them specifically to get past that metal..."

"Do you know who did it?" Peter asked.

"In case you haven't noticed, I've been stuck in this room for..." Tony frowned. His sense of time always got skewed after a coma. "How long has it been since the fight?"

"Two days, just about," Peter replied.

"Right, two days." Tony nodded. "I haven't exactly been able to go researching. And speaking of researching, did you happen to bring any of my stuff?"

Peter looked sheepish. "I did, but they confiscated it. They said something about not wanting you to have it after last time."

"Damn. Guess you tried, at least." Tony sighed. "You know, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but why do you call Steve and Natasha by their superhero names?"

Peter looked flustered. He waved his hands out haphazardly. "Well, you know, I mean, the Black Widow's a bit... scary... and she hadn't told me to call her something else, so..."

Tony snickered. "Okay, I can see that. What about Steve, then?"

"It's just..." Peter scratched his head, averting his gaze. "I don't think the Captain likes me much. And he's, well, Captain America."

"You got that wrong, Peter," Tony said hesitantly. "Look, I'm pretty sure that Cap doesn't hate you. He does, however, hate what you do."

"Superheroing," Peter said flatly.

"Yup." Tony said, his voice growing sharp. "Don't get me wrong. We all hate what you do. Look at me, Peter. I've just woken up from a two day coma- and the fact I can get myself in a sitting position makes this one of my lesser injuries. This is what being a superhero means, and it's seriously not something you should want to get into."

Peter didn't say anything. He just glared, a scowl on his face.

His opinion on the subject was obvious.

"Meh, it was a worth a shot." Tony closed his eyes, leaning back onto the bed. "Try talking to him sometime. Steve's a stick in the mud, sure, but he's an okay guy. You'd get along, I'm sure. Eventually, at least."

"I guess it couldn't hurt." Peter shrugged. A self-deprecating smile floated onto his face. "If I can work up the courage to actually talk to him, that is."

Tony rolled his eyes. "You're a superhero. I'd say that the danger level of starting up a conversation with Captain America ranks at about one on a scale of one to ten."

"Yeah, I guess." Peter smiled again, this time at Tony. "Anyways, I'd better get going. If you really did just wake up from a two-day coma, you need your rest."

"Trust me, the bigger problem is dying of boredom," Tony assured Peter. "What was it that you wanted before the attack? How to get past a three-key encryption? Tell you what, I'll explain it to you."

"Uh, no, I'm fine," Peter objected, holding his hands up defensively. "You don't need t-"

"-so, anyways, a three-key encryption is similar to a two-key encryption, but it incorporates parts of a dual protocol encryption-"

Tony suppressed a grin as Peter sighed and started to listen. Maybe if he just thought about something else at the forefront of his mind for a little while, the answer to the energy emission problem would come to him.

His subconscious could be smarter than his conscious self sometimes, after all.

Peter took a quick breath and placed his hands lightly on the keyboard. He was in one of New York's public libraries, well away from any of his usual haunts. This particular library permitted use of their computers with relatively little restrictions, which was perfect for Peter's little hacking project.

Peter was sitting in his own little cubicle, which would lessen the chances of someone happening to notice what he was doing. Though he doubted anyone would understand what he was doing, better safe than sorry.

Using his own computer would spell disaster should he be detected. Peter really didn't want to caught. If he were rich, he would buy a laptop and dispose of it once he was finished with it. Unfortunately, he wasn't rich.

Peter supposed that he could've asked Tony to borrow a computer, but that might be pushing it. Then again, Tony wasn't exactly in any position to let him borrow a computer at the moment.

But whatever. He was here, and he could do it. And if all went well, his precautions would all be for naught.

Peter knew what he had to do. He had gone over it in his head a million times. His hands flew over the keyboard. He made sure that he was being cautious enough. While Peter knew that he needed to do this as quickly as possible in order to minimize the chance of detection, racing through it and making a mistake or two would definitely cause him to be detected.

Peter concentrated on the computer, background noise fading into nothing. He doubted that he would've even noticed someone yelling his name.

After a while, he leaned back on the plastic chair he sat in and let out a breath of relief. He had gotten in, somehow. Peter didn't allow himself much of a break, however. He was still on a time limit- there was a distinct possibility that someone would discover his hacking and raise the alarm.

"Now..." Peter murmured to himself. "Where to start?"

He had the entirety of OsCorp's databases at his fingertips. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be an obvious search function, but there had to be one. A company like OsCorp needed things to be done quickly and thoroughly, and that centred around a good database.

Peter discovered the search function nestled in a corner after giving the page more than a cursory glance. He hesitated before typing in 'Richard Parker'. Should he be discovered, he didn't want OsCorp to know exactly what he was after.

Inwardly groaning at all the extra time this was taking, he took a few minutes to secure his access and to set up some dummy searches. If the OsCorp technicians were really thorough, they might discover what he was actually looking at, but most likely, they would find the dummy searches and leave it at that.

Finally feeling safe enough to search up what he needed, he typed in 'Richard Parker' into the search bar. The results showed up almost instantaneously.

Peter quickly scanned them. There didn't seem to be any information directly about Richard, but maybe he could find more from Dr. Connors' page.

Peter skipped over the stuff that he already knew, like information about the Lizard incident from last year. Guilt stabbed at him, but he pushed it back and scrolled down.

There it was.

Dr. Connors first decided to work with gene splicing when his now-former partner, Dr. Richard Parker, noticed the potential good that it could do for the human race. Dr. Parker was a part-time OsCorp employee, who tragically died in a plane accident in 2001. He also worked as a liaison for the small company Advanced Idea Mechanics. [more information may be found in OsCorp's paper archives].

Peter took a picture of the few sentences on Richard Parker, just in case he forgot. He then carefully erased as much of his actual searches as possible before logging out. He also spent a little over half an hour erasing what he had done from the library computer.

(He had, after all, technically committed a crime. But it wasn't as if he had done anything to OsCorp. He just wanted information.)

Peter walked out of the library, heading home. He let out a groan.

As he had no plans to break into OsCorp's paper archives, he wouldn't be getting any more information from that route.

But at least he had gotten a name. Advanced Idea Mechanics. Peter had known that Richard had been working two companies at once because of a non-cashed in pay check addressed to Richard he had discovered. The name of the sender had been unfortunately too water-stained to read, but Peter could tell that it didn't say OsCorp, or any variation thereof. The information he had discovered in OsCorp's database simply had brought him one step further to his goal.

He had another lead, and he would follow it the best he could.

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