Hi! I'm back and I'm starting a new story! It's a Croods fanfic and it's about this 15-Year-Old girl named Chianni that ends up traveling back in time to the prehistoric era and there she meets the Croods and they help her try to get back to her own time. Hope you like it! Here goes!

Ever see a movie you liked so much that you wished you were there so much that the wish came true? If not then let me tell you a story that went a little like this... Oh! And did I mention I fell in love with a caveman too?

"Mom, I have a small question." I said.

"What is it, Mushu?" My mother responded using my nickname.

"Can I have some money to go see the Croods?" I asked.

"Sure" My mother responded.

She gave me the money and I headed towards the movies.

XxxxxxxxX AT THE MOVIESXxxxxxxxX

I paid for my movie ticket, got my snacks and drink, then I went into the theater. I was so excited to see this movie for the first time.


I had this huge smile on my face when I came out of the cinema. Unfortunately waiting 'til the movie was over was a bad idea. I ran straight for the restroom to relieve myself before things took a turn for the worst.

XxxxxxxxX2 minutes laterXxxxxxX

After I was finished with my little predicament I walked out of the bathroom stall to wash my hands and then I went home.

Sooooo, what do ya think? Let me know! I think in the next one I'll make it so she'll end up in the prehistoric era! Hope ya liked it! Bye!