Chapter 1

The Saffron buildings began to sparkle as the morning sun rose over the horizon. The city's well-known Silph Co. was the most marvelous of them all. The company was the all-star of major companies around the world. The wide variety of Pokemon that lived in the city rose from their deep slumber. A certain feisty Pokemon jumped through the tree branches of a giant oak tree in the middle of a playground that was across the street from a high-end apartment complex. The Pokemon had a little purple frisk of hair that made a Mohawk. He was covered by the same purple fur that kept him warm in the winter months. His face and three-fingered tail were a light yellow color that became a bright yellow in the morning sun.

"Pom!" The playful Aipom cried as he jumped from the tree. He ran across the park, scanning the roadway for cars. Saffron was one of the biggest cities in Kanto, adopting the culture of domestic automobiles.

Once the roads were cleared of rushing business workers, Aipom scurried across the road and jumped onto the balcony of a second floor window. Aipom used his hand-like tail to beat on the window.

"Five more minutes," a boy groaned as he shifted in his queen size bed. His usually gelled short black hair was spiky all over, showing his cowlicks. His hair showed an unusual trait. It was pitch black at the roots, but it lightened up to a light brown by the end of the tips. The Aipom continued to bang on the window, so the boy wiped the sleep out of his violet eyes and stood up.

"Just calm down, Aipom," the boy laughed. He unhooked the window, allowing the Normal type Pokemon to jump on his face.

"Ai!" Aipom cheered. He crawled on his shoulder and wrapped his tail around the boys waist.

"Jakob, get ready!" A lovely voice chimed from down the stairs. Jakob crinkled his nose, smelling his mom's prized pancakes. Aipom jumped off his shoulder and opened his closet. Jakob put his hand to his fist and decided on what to wear for the day.

"This will do," Jakob said, holding blue jeans in his hand. Over the jeans laid a red shirt with a Pokeball design on the sleeve. He pulled a black belt off of his closet handle and placed it on the pile of clothes. The belt was capable of holding six Pokeballs. He stared at the hinges and frowned.

"Pa!" Aipom giggled as he tickled Jakob on his sides. Jakob ran into his bathroom and closed it in order to escape the tickling. He went ahead and turned on the shower and got undressed. He looked at his average body in the mirror. He despised his genetics. Everyone that went to the Saffron School of Training was built and smart- something he was not. He was good enough to get accepted when Primary School was over, one of the fifty, but he was never placed in the advanced classes. He always had to do training classes after school while a select twenty got to learn more insight into the mysteries of Pokemon.

The Saffron School of Training was the most difficult to get in solely because the psychic Sabrina was the dean. She got to know the students before they even applied. Her psychic powers investigated the minds of applicants before she even asked a question.

Jakob looked at his reflection more, thinking deeply. "6 years. It has been 6 years since I have been submitting my application to the Pokemon Trainer's Board to get accepted. They ignore me every year. You think they wouldn't, cause my birthday is on the day of the School Selections, but oh well." He put his mind to rest and let the running water soothe his thoughts.

"Happy Birthday!" His parents cheered. His mom blew a festive horn as his dad pulled out a breakfast cake.

"I want to give you something," his father said. His father was a shorter man, but he was broad in the shoulders. His hair was as dark as Jakob's roots, but it didn't have the same pattern. He wore a formal business suit with a bright yellow tie. His eyes were a lively hazel. He pulled out a wrapped box with a red bow tied over it. Aipom cheered and started lunging at the box.

"Now, Aipom, I have something for you too," his mom giggled. She was about the same height as his father, but she had a little more weight on her. One could tell she gave birth to two children. Her hair was long and soft. It was as light as Jakob's tips. Her violet eyes twinkled whenever light hit them. She walked over to the counter and peeled a banana. Aipom cried happily as he snatched the fruit out of Jakob's mom's hand. Jakob began to unwrap the box, and his face stiffened in shock.

"A Master Ball!" Jakob shrieked. He held it in its glass casing. His parents hugged and smiled at the joy the Master Ball brought their son.

"Does this mean I got my trainer's license?" Jakob quizzed. His parents frowned.

"Not yet," they sighed together.

"How? I've been submitting since I was ten! I'm never going to be one of the top three in school, so I'm never going to get a sponsored journey!" Jakob sobbed.

"Son, you're sixteen. You still have till you're 18 birthday to get accepted," his dad comforted him.

"I know," Jakob grunted. "I'm just not good enough to get it."

"No you are. You have something those others don't have. You have faith and trust in your abilities," his mother sympathized.

"Do you still want to go to the Selections?" His father asked. Jakob nodded.

"Aipa!" Aipom cheered. He wrapped his tail around Jakob and hugged him.

"And I'm sure when you get your license, this little guy will be the first to celebrate," his father chuckled. Jakob cracked a smile, but he was still upset that he didn't get his license once again.

"The Selection starts in an hour, and I want good seats," his mother chimed. She grabbed her purse, signaling they were leaving.

"Aipom, I'll be back in a few hours," Jakob said, petting the Pokemon's soft head.

"Aipa!" Aipom cheered. He leapt in the tree above him and disappeared.

"Let's go," Jakob groaned. He hopped in their little red car, rolling down his window. The breeze helped shade his tears. "I shouldn't have to go. They know how upset it makes me. I don't want to see three more classmates get their chance of a lifetime while I'm stuck here again. I deserve to be a trainer. I know I can do it."

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Sabrina, the dean of the Saffron School of Training," an older woman said into a microphone. She had graying purpling hair that reached her waist. She stood with great pride, and the professional lighting in the auditorium made her pink eyes sparkle. Her outfit consisted of a designer pink collared shirt with white stripes down the side and formal dress pants.

"I am assisted by the city's Gym Leader: Augur," Sabrina said. A man around the age of thirty stood up. His hair was in the shape of a bowl right around his eyes and ears. The color of his hair was a mixture of green and dark blue, but green dominated most of it. He wore a complete silver suit that was completed by a purple tie with stars spread around it.

"Let us begin the Selection. I will say the name of the student, and Augur will give them their PokeDex 5.0 and their sponsored supplies," Sabrina explained. "These students have shown that they have the attributes to become the next Champion. Our city hasn't had a Champion in any region in ten years. We have picked up our selection process, and we now have full confidence in what we are doing. These three students show that." The crowd applauded, but Jakob slumped in his chair.

"We will start with the youngest. He is a newcomer this year, but he bypassed everyone on the skills test, and placed in the top five of the knowledge based test," Sabrina said. "Thomas Britain, ten years old!" A young boy walked onto the stage. He was dressed appropriately for the occasion, wearing a blue and green suit. He had shaggy brown hair that he flipped it over his pale blue eyes. He walked up to Augur and smiled a perfect white smile.

"We give all Selections the top notch gear. They get a Under Armor Trainer's Bag complete with water canteen and supply card. The city pays for their gear as long as they travel the Kanto Region. Any other region is not sponsored. They also get the PokeDex 5.0 that has many new features from the PokeDex 4.5," Sabrina explained. The crowd awed at the sight of the sponsored items. Thomas's PokeDex was a blue and green with black parts separating it. He opened it, and the device opened in several directions. A hologram popped out with a map and a red flashing light.

"Device activated," the PokeDex beeped. Thomas played with the functions as he walked off stage.

"Our second Selection is Robert Brown who placed second on both tests. He is thirteen, and he shows much potential," Sabrina said. A boy of darker complexion walked onto the stage. Everything was brown on him: his hair, eyes, and outfit. He received a PokeDex that was completely brown as well.

"Someone is obsessed." Jakob rolled his eyes.

"Now for our next Selection. She placed third in the skill test and number one in the knowledge test. Welcome Sevi Waters, a seventeen year old!" A girl, taller than Jakob, walked onto the stage elegantly. She wore black stylish glasses that covered her soft green eyes. Her makeup was overly done, and her bright red lipstick made her black hair stand out more. She was given the items, and she immediately left the stage.

"Now, this is not to discourage anyone that wants to become a trainer. You can fill out an application to the Kanto Trainer's Board, and they will see if you have what it takes to become a trainer," Sabrina said.

Jakob wanted to yell as loud as possible. She made it sound like the Board really cared about anyone other than the Selections. All they wanted was a good show. "Saffron doesn't care either. All they want is a Champion to sell. Well, whenever I become a trainer, I will become a Champion and let everyone know how it feels to be rejected, and show everyone what it is like not to be smart, athletic, or skilled!"

The ceremony soon ended and Jakob walked out with his parents. He walked through the City Hall's decorated hallways. He looked at all the famous people that started in Saffron. The people of Saffron cared about fame and nothing else. They wanted something to bring them over the other cities of Kanto. As Jakob was walking in between his parents, he spotted a group of boys that made his life a living hell. They snickered at him, but his mother pulled him closer to her.

"Hey, loser!" A boy yelled. He was way younger than Jakob, but he seemed a lot more muscular. He was the leader of the group of bullies. He was only nine, but he spoke words that one would normally hear out of a vulgar old man's mouth.

"Only losers dye their hair!" His dad's face turned red, but the boy ran away. Jakob sprinted towards their car, and he grabbed his hat from the other side of the backseat. The one time he left without it, and people saw him cry. "I hate showing people my tears. It shows them they won!" He put it on his head and pulled it over his face to hide his tears.

"Son," his father said.

"No, let's just leave!" He opened and slammed his door in a second.

"Do those boys bully you?" His mom questioned, knowing the answer.

"Everyone bullies me," he cried. He went silent after that. His parents whispered the whole way home. He could pick out words such as "uncle", "farm", and "visit".

"Ai!" Aipom cheered as the car pulled up. He had a medium-sized box in his arms.

"Aipom, give me that," his father grunted. The Aipom saw Jakob crying, so he jumped on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Thanks, buddy," Jakob huffed. He followed his parents inside their apartment.

"What is it honey?" Jakob's mother asked as she and Jakob sat around the table. She wanted to discuss the bullies. Jakob's father brought out a knife to cut the box open. Aipom shifted to Jakob's shoulder that was opposite of the knife.

"Oh my," Jakob's father sighed. Both Jakob and his mother rushed over to him, thinking he cut himself. They looked in the box and both sighed deeply.

"I got accepted!" Jakob cheered. He pulled out a red PokeDex from the box and kissed it. He felt a rush of emotions. He couldn't stop smiling yet he was crying once again. The PokeDex was a symbol of the new life he was going to begin. Aipom grabbed the bag of Pokeballs and clapped. He would have to buy his own bag, but he already had one prepared. He opened up his PokeDex, allowing it to beep loudly.

"I am Dextro, the new standard PokeDex 2.0. The original PokeDexes have been stored in the archives of Professor Oak's family if you were wondering. I am there upgrade. You may purchase a PokeDex 3.0 and 4.0 that hold many features I do not. You may not purchase a PokeDex 5.0 because those are the prized PokeDexes. I hold information on nearly every single Pokemon known. Who is my new owner?" The PokeDex beeped.

"Jakob Spruce from Saffron City," Jakob said. The PokeDex flipped open. It was handheld and had one flip that flipped over the top. A small screen was revealed with Jakob's picture on it. "What features do you have?"

"I can scan all kinds of data and give you the gender, moves, description of the species, and if they are considered a threat in the wild," The PokeDex beeped again.

"Anything else?" Jakob mumbled.

"No. I am the standard PokeDex. The PokeDex 3.0 holds the data to call and show a map. The PokeDex 4.0 has many other useful features such as a enhanced picture display, updated maps, music device, and even messaging services." Jakob smiled at his first PokeDex.

"I won't trade you in for anything. You are my first PokeDex, and I"m not going to trade you in like you mean nothing," Jakob cried. His tears fell onto the PokeDex. One tear in particular strolled down the sleek case of the device, being soaked in. The device's smart motherboards recognized the tear as human emotion and absorbed it. The PokeDex flashed twice, signaling the personality level had been altered.

"There is a letter stating your acceptance as a trainer," his mother cried. She now had tears rolling down her face.

"Here is your ID," his father said, handing it to him with a trembling hand. Jakob grabbed it and hugged both his parents.

"I'm going on a journey!"

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