Chapter 3

The sun rose just like any other morning, and Jakob began to pack up their supplies for their second leg of their journey to Cerulean. "Aipom, get up buddy." Aipom opened his eyes, but the tears from the night before left his eyes red and crusty.

"Were you crying?" Jakob asked his Pokemon. Aipom wiped his eyes and shrugged. Jakob kneeled down to the Normal type's level and smiled. "Yesterday is in the past. I know I was hard on you, but I'm even more hard on myself. We just need practice, and if losing means we will be stronger in the end then I will lose every non gym and Elite Four battle." Aipom's expression brightened and he jumped on Jakob's shoulder.

"Let's get going!" Jakob marched forward, stumbling on a rock and falling on his face.

"PA!" Aipom laughed. He fell on his back, and he rolled back and forth with his two arms across his stomach.

"Thanks for the help, buddy," Jakob grumbled. Aipom continued to roll on the floor laughing while his trainer dusted himself off. "Bye!" Jakob began to run off, but Aipom was too quick and jumped on his shoulder.

"We need to catch a new Pokemon," Jakob said. "One that may help us!"

"Pom!" Aipom agreed. He jumped off Jakob's shoulder, pointing at a big tree. There were yellow cocoons hanging from the branches. Aipom jumped on the branch, knocking on them to see what they were.

"Aipom, stop," Jakob said quietly. Aipom stopped, looking at Jakob with big brown eyes.

"Come here slowly." Aipom tiptoed across the branch, but the clumsy Pokemon tripped on one of the strings that help the cocoon up and sent it falling. Jakob dove forward, but the cocoon opened its eyes.

"Ku!" The Kakuna screeched. Aipom jumped down, pulling Jakob up. Both of them stared as the six Kakuna glowed brightly.

"They are evolving….into Beedrill!" Jakob cried. He sprinted off, but the newly evolved Beedrill saw prey and lunged at him.

"Aipom, do something!" Aipom turned around and used Astonish, making his face dark. The Beedrill were unaffected and continued to poke their stringers at Jakob's back. One got close, and barely touched his butt.

"Oh my! Aipom, dive in front of me and use Sand Attack!" Aipom dove right in front of Jakob, kicking up dirt in the air. Jakob rolled to the side and let the Beedrill take the dirt to the face. Jakob picked up Aipom, sprinting into the forest.

"I think their gone," Jakob huffed. He fell to the ground as he panted deeply. He looked around to see green trees all around him. "Now I'm lost!"

"BZZZZ!" An echo rang across the area.

"Aipom!" Jakob cried. A Beedrill cleared the forest and dove for him. Aipom rushed from the side, knocking the Beedrill of path. Jakob reached for his PokeDex and scanned the Pokemon.

"Okay, it is newly evolved, so just watch out for the Poison Sting," Jakob huffed. His asthma was kicking in, and he couldn't breathe. He fell flat on his back, trying to control his breathing.

"Ai!" Aipom swung his tail in the Beedrill's face and knocked it down. His face darkened and a shadow formed around his face.

"Dr?" Beedrill cried. The Bug Pokemon flew away in the forest.

"Why did it do that?" Jakob quizzed. He turned around to see a fox like Pokemon with glaring eyes standing behind hm. A boy around the age of eighteen stood beside it. He had light blond hair with golden eyes. He wore blue jean jacket over a plain black shirt and generic blue jeans.

"You were about to have yourself a real problem there," the boy said. He looked older than Jakob, which made Jakob feel safe.

"Ye…Yeah," Jakob stuttered.

"Come back to my camp and let me help ya out," he said. "Name is Gordon Meyers." The boy let out his hand and picked Jakob up.

"What city are you from?" Jakob questioned as he bandaged a cut on his forearm. Gordon's Ninetales used its inner flame to ignite a fire with a rather weak Ember.

"I'm from here. I left Cerulean when I was sixteen because I couldn't take the Trainer's School. It is all political, and I aim to prove that a trainer that was not selected can win the league," Gordon explained.

"Is that why you evolved your Ninetales so early?" Jakob quizzed.

"How could you tell?"

"The Ember," Jakob answered. "Usually a Ninetales should be a master at wielding an Ember and yours barely could muster the sparks."

"Well since your such an expert why don't we battle," Gordon snarled.

"No…I didn't mean to come off like that," Jakob whimpered.

"I bet you were Selected, huh?" Gordon yelled. The husky boy picked Jakob up by his collar and threw him back on the ground. Aipom shot up and slapped Gordon across the face.

"Battle, now!" Gordon screeched.

"Pa!" Aipom screeched back.

"Ember!" Ninetales shot into the air, firing small balls of flame down. They started off small, but, as they fell, they picked up power.

"Sand Attack!" Aipom dug his hands into the ground and kicked dirt into the air. The dirt and flames mixed, creating small crystals that fell on the floor.

"Use Confuse Ray, Ninetales," Gordon ordered. Ninetales' eyes glowed a faint purple as a orb floated towards Aipom.

"Tail Whip it!" Jakob yelled. Aipom tried to send the Confuse Ray back, but he missed and took the attack in the chest. Aipom dully walked over to a tree, beginning to smash his head into the thick of the trunk.

"Show him our fire power after we get warmed up! Use Ember!" Ninetales took a deep breath before firing several sparks of flame at Aipom.

"Pa!" Aipom was tossed to the ground with singed fur. Jakob ran in front of him before Ninetales hit him with a Confuse Ray. Jakob fell to the ground with his singed Pokemon.

"Let's get rid of these pipsqueaks," Gordon snarled. They carried Aipom and Jakob to a clear spot in the forest and left them.

"Loser!" A voice echoed.

"No! I will show you all!" Jakob cried. He was standing in the middle of a crowd of all his school mates and teachers. They were all screaming profane things at him.

"Ai!" Aipom cried as he rose. He looked around, seeing his trainer squirm from his confusion. He began to tear up and ran away.

"Leave me alone!" Jakob's eyes opened wide, and he squinted as the sun hit his eyes.

"Where am I?" Jakob asked himself. "My head hurts." He searched his bag, finding nothing to be missing. "Aipom!"

"Aipa!" Aipom screamed, hearing his trainer. He eyed this walking plant and rushed it. The plant's eyes widened and released a pink aroma from its leaves. Aipom stopped in his tracks and smelled the Sweet Scent.

"Aipom, run! That is an Oddish!" Jakob screamed. Aipom stared at Oddish, oblivious to the purple ooze that was beginning to run out of the Grass types mouth.

"Jump!" Aipom shook his head, and he jumped out of the way of Oddish's Acid attack. "Scratch!" Aipom landed behind Oddish and hit it two times. The Oddish fell forward, but it quickly rolled back up. Oddish's leaved glowed green as Aipom's body was outlined in the same color.

"Astonish to stop it from stealing your energy," Jakob ordered. Aipom's face darkened and his eyes began to glow red. Oddish cowered back before the Absorb could finish.

"Now!" Aipom took a deep breath and sent a dark shadow at Oddish. The special form of Astonish passed through Oddish and sent it to the ground.

"Oh no!" Jakob screeched. He opened his PokeDex to see what to do.

"Catch the Pokemon to begin the healing process and then carry to a Pokemon Center," the PokeDex said. Jakob pulled out one of his empty Pokeballs and immediately caught the Oddish.

"Aipom, get on! We have to go!" Aipom jumped on Jakob's shoulder and he took off. He pulled out his PokeDex to check the map.

"Cerulean, here I come!"

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