"Don't" Yelena thought to herself as her stomach rolled again "You've been doing so well. Don't start this again." She chided herself as she involuntarily dry heaved again. She had just returned from a mini vacation in Ohio and she had foolishly agreed to sit down and have dinner with her mother and sister and look where it's gotten her: On the brink of yet another relapse.

Yelena stood up, wiping away the perspiration that had gathered on her brow on a nearby towel and exited the bathroom. Once back in her hotel bedroom, she pulled off her yoga pants and yanked her top over her head. Rummaging through her suitcase, she found a baggy grey knitted sweater and a pair of burgundy skinny jeans and put them on. Pulling her hair into a sloppy ponytail, she collected her phone, camera, and messenger bag, and laptop all the while trying to slip her feet into her grey UGGS. She slipped the strap of her purse onto her shoulder, balancing her camera and phone on top of her laptop. On her way to the elevator, she stopped by the vending machine and got herself a ginger ale to soothe her stomach. Bending over to retrieve her beverage, she stood up and turned, abruptly colliding with someone. Everything she was carrying was knocked onto the floor

"Shit" she swore, dropping to her knees to retrieve her camera. A normal person would be checking their precious phones for damage if they were her right now but she could care less about her phone. Her Nikon camera was her baby and she would be lost without it. As she was scrambling to get her things, a pair of shoes came into her line of sight and she look up hesitantly, her green eyes meeting a pair of blue orbs.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She said hastily, shoving her camera into her bag

'It's okay, neither was I. No harm no foul, right?" he said, handing her a discarded tub of EOS

"Yeah" Yelena said shyly, taking it from him and tossing it in too. "Sorry again." She said, stepping around him and continuing down the hall

Randy watched her go, staring after her until she disappeared into the elevator. He had been too busy texting on his phone to notice her bending to retrieve her soda until it was too late and she had immediately went to the floor to retrieve her camera so he had only caught a glimpse of her face but the moment she looked up, his breath caught. She had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. They weren't just green: they were the color of deep forest pools. He found himself drowning in them. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts of her, he let it go, chucking it up that he would never see her again. Turning on his heel, he started to continue on his way to his room when a shiny rectangle of plastic caught his eye. Surprisingly, he saw that it was a WWE employee nametag. He picked it up. The girl's face smiled up at him

Yelena Ulyanova


Tucking the card into his pocket, he continued to his room, a hopeful smile on his face. Maybe he would see her again after all.