Here it is, as promised!

Yelena sealed the last box of her things with tape, sliding her hands across it to make sure that it was secure and sighed.

It was really surreal, seeing her condo empty. This was her home. She had lived here for four years. Her father owned it and gave it to her as a birthday gift and she had been more than happy to move of of her parent's house.

She looked at the dents in the carpet where her furniture once was and the bare walls. She was going to miss this place dearly, but she had been planning this move since after Thanksgiving. She hadn't been joking when she said said she needed to put some distance between herself and her family.

She walked over to her giant glass window her living room, staring out at the skyline and the busy street below and tried to look on the bright side. This place would always be here for her if she changed her mind, her father assured her of that.

The was a new beginning, a fresh start. Exactly what she needed.

"Hey, the movers just loaded the truck." Rosa said, breaking her thoughts.

Yelena glanced around once last time before following her best friend to the front door. She was thankful for her. After telling her everything, Rosa had hopped on the first flight to Cleveland to help her arrange and pack. And after three long days, it was time to go.

"Well. This is it. You ready to go?"

Yelena nodded. Taking one last look, she turned out the lights and locked the doors for the last time.

"Cheer up." Rosa said as they got in the car, noticing her friend's glum face in the passenger seat "It's always sunny in Tampa."

Florida. Her escape. She fell more in love with the Sunshine state every time she went and knew that was where she wanted to be. She had found a new place, an townhouse not too far from the beach, but it wouldn't be ready for another few weeks or so and Rosa, bless her, had opened her home to her.

"It'll be great. We'll have sleepovers every night. You'll be so tired of me that you'll be glad when you move out."

Yelena's lips turned up a tad

Rosa grinned "Wanna go to Ihop before we hit the road?"

She laughed even though she felt a pang of sadness, her mind going to the father of her child. He had always offered her food when she was mad or upset or in some kind of mood. She hadn't seen or heard from him since her birthday and though they weren't on good terms right now, she wished she hadn't rebuffed his offer to be there for her. She couldn't take it back now. There was no turning back. In a little under two weeks, she would have her old life back, but the thought didn't make her as happy as it did a few days ago.

"Nah, I'm not hungry. Thanks for offering though."

Rosa nodded in understanding "Well let me know if you want anything on the way or... Have to pee or anything. We'll stop somewhere."

Her phone rang loudly and she dug it out of her pocket, not recognizing the number. She wasn't sure who it was, since the number was not programmed. She had changed her number for the second time, so only a select few people knew how to reach her.

She picked up "Hello?"

"Miss. Ulyanova. You're a hard woman to reach." the gruff voice said

A voice she knew immediately "Hello Hunter." she said

Rosa looked at her curiously

"To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"My wife informed me that you were leaving us, I was wondering if we could talk business."


"Well I'd hate to lose such a great employee. I've been more than impressed with your work as of late and I'm having a hard time letting the thought of the best getting away from us. A good business man knows when he has a gem on his hands."
She wanted to scoff at the statement, given what was happening with their talent booking these days. She wasn't nearly as important as them as yet, here Hunter was on her phone

"Go on."

"I've got a job offer for you if you're willing to listen." The C.O.O started

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