Chapter 1: The Tournament Which Was A Set Up For Trouble

Ah, the roar of the crowd. It is truly amazing how we all love a good battle. Michael thought to himself. After cleaning up the Orre Colosseum and shutting down Cipher, people loved him. He was engaging in the thing he loved right now, in fact.

"The tournament finals! The prize is on the line! In one corner, we have our very own Pokemon Trainer Michael!"

Ah, right. The prize. Who cares about the prize? I'm here to battle and have fun. In fact, have I got a surprise for this lucky person!

"AAAAAAAAND in the other corner! We have a visitor from Hoenn! She has made her name as a contest coordinator, but she's got skills in battling, too! Give it up for MAAAAAAAY!"

May? I know that name... Oh, right, wasn't she in the Grand Festival a couple of years back? Well, this WILL be interesting!

On the other side of the field, waving at the announcer was a girl in a red bandana cap. She had medium length hair, a red shirt, and red shoes.

Winking at May, he yelled: "Hey! I heard you have skills in contests! Let's see how you put them to work! Leave it all out there!"

She replied: "Thanks! You too!"

"Are you ready to BATTLE?!"

Michael got out his Poke Balls, and got ready to throw down.


"Oh no! Blaziken!" May cried out, as the tough Fire/Fighting bird hit the ground, tired from the long battle.

"Blaziken is unable to battle! Umbreon is the winner! And the victory goes to Michael! And to him we award this set of rare Seals!"

The award was brought out as Michael watched. They put the Seals into his hands, and he and May walked off the field.

They walked into a hallway. It was decked out in blue tiles. The ceiling had several lights on it. There were a couple of carts, and a very conspicuous potted plant. However, they were alone.

Proffering the Seals, he said: "Here. For you."

"Huh? They aren't mine, they're yours!" May exclaimed.

"But you want them, right? I don't. I merely battle for the fun of battling! Material possessions mean nothing to me. I lived in a lab before joining the Pokemon battling scene. Take them." he explained. And it was true. He had grown up in a laboratory, simulating Pokemon battles.

"O-Ok. You're awfully kind." May said. "Oh, my, will you look at the time! I've got to go!"

He watched her run off and shook his head, walking on.

Meanwhile, a third person had been secretly watching the conversation. He's well known. He's a hero. And he's not a risky target. Perfect. Now it's time to begin. Things in his life will be DOUBLY interesting soon... Hehehehehehehehehehe... The potted plant in the room abruptly seemed to grow legs and arms. the leaves became red spikes and the branches blue blades. Within a few seconds, Nue Houjuu stood where the potted plant used to. "Hahahahahaha! Oh, this will be fun!"

(May will be the only trainer mentioned by name who doesn't get a battle description. Also... Reviews would be appreciated.)

A.N. (I've been kindly informed that I've been writing this from the assumption you all know who these characters are! I am an idiot for that.)

So, Character Introductions!

Pokemon Characters:


Michael is the protagonist of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. As stated in this chapter, he grew up in a lab. Well... technically he grew up at a school, where his father worked... spending MOST of his time in a lab. He was given a Snag Machine at the beginning of XD: Gale of Darkness because his father feared a Cipher resurgence. He proved to be correct, as Cipher returned, beaching a ship to test their Shadow Lugia. He set out to topple them again, and succeeded.


No last name given, May was the character who replaced Misty before being replaced by Dawn and then Iris. She appeared in the Advanced Battle through Battle Frontier arcs. May is a Contest Coordinator in general, which is more about how flashy the moves are. Just being good enough at battles isn't enough to win those, you need a sense of grace. She developed a couple of rivals over her journeys, but they will not be featured in this story.

Touhou Characters (MOST probably should read this section.)

Nue Houjuu:

Without going into too many specifics on the part of the games and canon and all that, Nue is not human. She is a... Nue. Yes, her name is the name of her species. Go figure. Her powers include danmaku (energy bullets, and a LOT of them), transforming into ANYTHING or ANYONE, and flight (along with EVERYBODY ELSE from Touhou!) She loves pranks, and is the main antagonist of this story.