Danmaku Duel! Mentor vs. Student!

"You're sure? She said the next battle was for me?" Marisa replied. "Well, that's great! I was getting sick of watching battles that weren't very flashy, this will be a much needed energy boost!"

I will never understand her. Never.

"So, what's this challenge?" Marisa asked, strolling into a room... covered with stars on all sides. "Stars?"

A wall crashed down between her and Wes, and Wes was nudged into a side room.

"It's been a long time, my disciple... What, you expected Shou? Well, too bad!" came a voice. "Who are you, ze?" Marisa asked.

"I am the restless spirit who haunts the Hakurei Shrine! I am the one who asked Okazaki to make it always nighttime! You know me, Marisa. I'm your mentor. Your teacher. Some would call me your mother, but those people are idiots."

"It can't be... MISS MIMA!?" Marisa cried.

There was a flash of lightning, revealing a girl in green and blue clothes with green hair, holding a rod with a crescent moon.

"In the flesh! Or rather, ectoplasm... But regardless! I am your 4th challenge! And I'm curious to see how my disciple has improved! It's been, what, 13 years since we last saw one another!?"

"I honestly don't know, ze. Why are you here?" Marisa asked.

"To test you. Didn't I already say that?" Mima replied. With that, she began to spew star shaped bullets everywhere as Wes watched from a vantage point behind a wall.

Marisa dodged and weaved through the bullets, seeming relaxed as she weaved through the maze of stars. She chuckled as she wove through them, firing back green lasers which Mima was slipping through just as effortlessly. Wes, meanwhile, found that the room he'd been sealed in had a kitchen and fridge. And a bed. And a view of a camera. Well... it's clear this could take a while.

He made himself a cheese sandwich and proceeded to sit down in front of the TV and watch the show.

"Why'd you team up with Nue, Miss Mima?" Marisa asked, as she dodged through a hail of star shaped bullets and lasers.

"Well, put simply, they promised me some chaos and destruction, plus the chance to see you again." Mima replied. "What, you expected some zen saying? No, I'm pretty much just here for this one fight. Oh, and Wes, since I know you can hear me in there, you'll find the rest of your friend's Pokeballs in the fridge. Ufufufufu..."

"Let's fight, Mima. Fight on!" Marisa said, dodging through her attacks and shooting back.

They look like they could be at this for a while. I'm going to take a nap. Wes thought, going to lie down on the bed. After all, not much else to do."


Where am I?!" Wes jolted upright in an unfamiliar mansion. The tiles were red, and the walls had pictures of a certain girl he'd never seen, but from the smile, he probably didn't want to. She wore a red plaid dress, had green hair, and the most unsettling smile.

"Heeheehee... you fell asleep. I gave you some information about the kidnappings last time. Welcome to my home, Wes... You haven't slept since our last meeting, so I was beginning to worry we wouldn't have another chance to talk!"

The girl in the portrait appeared at the end of the hallway and started walking toward him.

"On a completely unrelated note, I love flowers. Love them. And I love children. And I would happily tear the guts out of anyone who messes with either of them. Hi. I'm Yuuka Kazami. No doubt you've never heard of me, but I assure you everyone who DOES know my name will tell you that I'm a sadistic person who likes to torment people for no other reason than because I can. And I will tell you that they are one hundred percent correct." Yuuka said this in a matter-of-fact tone.

Paralyzed with fear, Wes stood there as she approached him while swinging a parasol around.

"AND you're going to have nightmares about me for weeks. Nothing's free, and I'll take my payment in sessions after we've wrapped this all up. I always love opposing Yukari when I get the chance, so you'll get off easier than most. After all, it's not your fault you're here, it's hers."

Sessions? Ugh, I don't even WANT to know. Wes thought. "Who is this Yukari?" he asked, trying to distract her... she seemed to be pointing that parasol at him and it was making him nervous. Realizing that it was making him nervous, she lowered the parasol and closed it.

"Who is this Yukari? Yukari Yakumo is a youkai with the ability to manipulate boundaries. She opened the gaps which allowed your friend to get kidnapped and which sucked you in. By the way, she also brought the champion of this "Palanquin Four" challenge here. He's from your world, not ours! She's also the only person who has the power to bring you home... I see you were nervous about the parasol. Sorry, force of habit." She laughed, but it was a mirthless laugh.

"I think Marisa and Mima should be done bashing the heck out of each other by now. Time to wake up."


Wes sat up in the bed, Marisa standing right next to him and Mima floating there in the corner.

"You were out a long time, Wes. And I know from experience that when someone's out that long when someone is trying to wake them, there's a dream message. Was it Rui? Michael?" Marisa responded.

Somewhere out there, Yukari shouted "Damnit, Marisa!" and had to fix the fourth wall.

"Neither. Someone called Yuuka Kazami." Wes replied.

Marisa gasped and Mima looked interested. "Are you sure it was Yuuka?" Marisa asked him.

"Positive." Wes replied. "Why, something I should know?"

Marisa looked at him strangely. "If you met Yuuka... you should be either dead, or within an inch of death but stable. What happened?"

Wes said: "She wanted to talk. She claims this "Yukari Yakumo" is behind everything, and that she kidnapped an old foe for the championship match. She said she'll take her payment in "sessions", whatever that meant."

Marisa blanched. "You might be better off letting them kill you if Yuuka has her eye on you. Trust me, she's an out and out sadist, ze! And sessions? As in multiple ones? She is an expert in torture. You don't even want to go through even ONE!"

Mima just looked at him with a smirk. "Well, now... things got more interesting! Maybe I'll tag along and see how things go."

Marisa seemed apprehensive, but hid it. "OK, Miss Mima. You can come along."

If the Champion is from my world... who is it?
Wes thought. Who else did they callously rip from my world to stand here and fight me?

A.N. Next chapter... The Champion's identity revealed...


Mima: Mima is one of the most popular characters from the era of the NEC PC-9801, colloquially referred to as PC-98. She was the final boss of Touhou 2, and a playable character in every game on the PC-98 released afterwards. Along with everyone else on the PC-98 bar Reimu, Marisa, and Yuuka, she vanished from the timeline in the Windows games.