Summary: Rei had stared hard at that Raven for a long time. It had spoken to her, told her what it wanted of her and held a promise in it's sharp talons. Her mind drifted back to that moment now after making her decision. She began to think back as to why she had agreed in the first place. To destroy the Manifestation Engine.


Hello everyone of the Vividred corner. Thanks for stopping by to look at the first chapter of the drabble-series Nexus. Hope you enjoy it.

Nexus - The core or center, as of a matter or situation

Rei. The word beat through her ears in time with the flashing of light coming from between the shades. Rei, what had started as a whisper soft in her ear drew up into a symphony as rain battered down at the concrete far below her window.

She whimpered into her pillow, closing her eyes, trying to keep the sound out. It was all in her mind though meaning the simple covering of her head would not stop the continous sound.


The thunder and name roared as one sending her spiraling back to what now seemed a far off place. One with a garden, flowers, gentle hands, trusting eyes, a loving embrace. It sent her toppling into the darkest corners of her mind. Back to her parents.