Nexus - The core or center, as of a matter or situation

It started to shiver and it's following chirp had no tone that made all her thoughts of the bad flames go away. Flapping madly it took off and she turned slowly to look where it's gaze had sat before.

She wished she could have flew away with Piisuke.

"Rei Kuroki," the black feathered solute spoke, small beady eyes flashing along the scene. "you want your family back don't you? Your world?"

Her eyelash hit her cheek rapidly as she blinked. "yes." she whispered.

"I can give it to you. If you can uphold a small agreement."

"Anything." her mind echoed the word. It resounded in her head until she woke with an ear piercing scream.

The End. Hope you all liked it.