No More Words

The first rays of light had started to tint the gray morning sky a vibrant pink when Logan's gentle touch woke her. They hadn't been asleep long. He'd already rolled her beneath him and was softly kissing his way down her neck when she began to stir sleepily under him. He lifted his mouth from her breast just long enough to whisper, "Mornin', darlin'," before his warm mouth returned to her generous curves. He probably should have let her sleep a little longer, but he was unable to resist the temptation to wake her with his touch. He rested his stubbly cheek against her soft skin for long moment before he lifted his head and nuzzled her slowly, breathing in her sweet scent.

"Mmmm... Morning, sugar." A slow smile played at her lips while she watched him kiss his way from one breast to the other. She could feel him chuckle quietly against her chest.

He met her eyes and grinned wickedly before capturing one nipple in his mouth and giving it a strong suck. The chuckling got louder as her eyes fluttered closed and she moaned softly. She slowly arched under him, pressing herself closer to his warm mouth, stretching lazily as she did so. His soft laughter rumbled in his chest and when her eyes met his again, her sleepy gaze was a pleasant mix of quiet amusement infused with heady arousal. "Helluva wake up call, isn't it, darlin'?"

A small laugh escaped her lips. "That's one way of putting it." Marie could feel him smile against the soft flesh of her breast. Without breaking his eye contact with her, he brought his hand up to cover her other breast as he continued his early morning love play. He caught her nipple between his teeth and lashed it with his tongue while he gently rolled the other one between his fingers. Without warning, he gave her another strong suck and pinched her sharply.


God, is she growlin'? Heh. That's pretty damn cute.

Logan lifted his head and looked down at her. He'd never seen her look more beautiful than she did at that moment. Her face was still soft with sleep, but she looked well loved from last night and the flush of new arousal colored her skin. She looked like... his. He kissed her again and was rewarded with another soft growl.

He cocked his head at her, raising an eyebrow as he did so. "Still got a little of me in ya, darlin'?"

Marie grinned mischievously and arched up under him, rubbing herself suggestively against him. "Not as much as I'd like, sugar." She'd gotten a taste of his flirtatious playful side online, but there was no comparison to experiencing it like this - snuggled naked together with his ring on her finger and his scent on her skin. She could still feel the residue of their earlier lovemaking between her thighs, wet and slippery. She liked it. He did too if the rumble in his chest when he touched it for himself was anything to judge by.

Logan growled playfully and slid up her body, claiming her mouth in a heated kiss as he nudged her legs apart and settled his weight between them. He rocked against her, teasing her with light touches as he stroked her tongue with his. He groaned and dropped his forehead to her shoulder. "I don't wanna hurt ya, darlin'. You sure you're not too sore?" He broke off at the feel of her small hand rubbing his tip through the lush wetness before guiding him to her tight opening.

"Please, Logan."

He didn't have to be asked twice. He pinned both her hands above her head and sheathed himself inside her with one firm, sure thrust. The rough intrusion eased by the remnants of their earlier passion. Nothing he'd ever experienced could compare to the feelings she stirred in him, simply because for the first time he'd let himself feel with both his body and his heart.

"Oh, God."

Her strong legs came up around him, holding him to her while she adjusted to the intimate intrusion.

"Take your time, baby. I ain't in a rush. Like it here real good, in fact." His teeth flashed playfully.

"Me too." Her hands roamed over his back and chest. Soon the fullness itself wasn't enough. She needed more. Her body rose under his and he smiled.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and her breath caught as he began moving. He slid a hand under her hips and buried his face in her hair as he started a hard rhythm he knew would push her quickly over the edge. She thrashed wildly under him and caught her bottom lip in her teeth to keep from crying out.

"Don't." Her eyes fluttered open at the roughly growled command. "Don't hold it back." Logan bit her neck sharply and soothed the stinging ache away with his tongue before whispering hotly in her ear, "I wanna hear you, baby. I wanna hear how good it feels."

"Unnnh… yes. Logan…Logan!"



Logan grinned as she let go the last of her restraint and cried out with each wild thrust. He could tell she was close and he smiled against her neck when she gave a throaty groan as she flew apart under him. She was still floating in a blissful fog of satisfaction when Logan lifted his head and grinned at her as his enhanced hearing picked up the sound of footsteps in the hall a few seconds before there was a sharp pounding on their door.

At the intrusive sound, Marie's eyes snapped open and she caught the mischievous sparkle in Logan's eyes.

"You did that on purpose!" Marie scolded breathlessly.


Without even bothering to deny it, he grinned wider and chuckled quietly at her as he resumed thrusting, this time with a slow languid rhythm. While he hadn't actually tried to make her wake anyone up - and God knows he could've made her scream that loud if he really wanted to - he wasn't about to have either of them hold back simply because someone else might overhear. He just wasn't built that way and lucky for him, Marie wasn't either.

"Well, darlin', it was your fantasy to make wild love that'd wake up everyone with a bedroom in this hall," he teased. Marie flushed and he smiled naughtily for a long moment before amusement gave way to desire. He closed his eyes and shuddered, grunting in pleasure as she began to move with him.

The pounding continued.

"Rogue? I don't know what the hell you're watching in there, but turn the damn TV off. Some of us are actually trying to sleep."

Apparently it was beyond Jean's comprehension that Marie might actually be making love behind her closed door. Logan grinned wickedly and winked at Marie as he thrust hard, forcing a groan from her lips.

Jean pounded again. "Dammit, Rogue!"

Logan's enhanced hearing caught the soft sound of the lock sliding back - from the inside.


"Goddamn telekinetics."

Moving shit with her mind, my ass.

"Hang on, darlin'." At least now he knew how Jean had managed to barge in on Marie that time when she'd been so certain she'd locked the door.

Thatsa nasty little habit, Red, and one I plan on breakin' you of real fuckin' soon.

Logan's eyes narrowed.

Like now.

Even with his quick reflexes, there was barely enough time for him to pull the blanket up and press his chest to Marie, effectively shielding her, before the door swung open all by itself, to reveal Jean with her hands on her hips.

"I'm testifying before Congress today. Have some consideration!"

She stormed in, taking several steps inside the room before the scene in front of her actually registered in her irritated, sleep-addled brain. Soundlessly, her mouth opened and closed several times in rapid succession as utter shock coursed through her. Logan was glaring furiously at her over his shoulder and Rogue was on her back under him with her face hidden against his powerful chest. Her mind was frantically trying to wrap itself around that incongruent image.

Logan with Rogue? Rogue?!

Her mind refused to accept it what her eyes were telling it. She'd made sure everyone knew that he'd said his heart belonged to her and nobody made a fool of Jean Grey.

She knew it was irrational. She was married to Scott now, but she'd always liked being the center of attention. Male attention in particular. She couldn't help but feel hurt by the perceived betrayal. She was so sure he wanted her. The animal in him called to something wild in her, something powerful and strong that terrified her. It would kill Scott if it ever got out with him. She knew it instinctively. It wouldn't kill Logan. She needed him. She was falling apart and he was perhaps the only person who might survive the storm. The only one who might understand.

This- this couldn't be happening. She needed him. Not Rogue. Her.

She stared at the couple intimately entwined on the bed and felt a hot surge of anger towards Rogue. This had to be her fault. She'd probably enticed him in here trying to seduce him the same way she had the night she'd gotten stabbed. That had always been Jean's theory, anyway. God, those breasts and that mouth? She'd always been a little tease. Even Scott had looked a time or two.

Serves her right, too. That scheming little Lolita got everything she deserved.

She still didn't understand why he'd given Rogue his tags, especially after what he'd said to her. Jean continued to stare at the couple in macabre fascination.

Fuck it. That's enough of this shit.

He'd just been teasing Marie. Sure, he'd wanted to hear her passionate cries - what man in his right mind wouldn't? But he hadn't intended for anyone else to hear them, let alone barge in and stare at them like some kind of pervert. Logan glared at Jean and his mouth twisted into a nasty snarl.

"Get out." The growl behind his words was truly menacing.

Something inside her snapped and her face hardened.

"God, what a hypocrite you are, Rogue, falling into bed with Logan the second he came back." For the thousandth time, Logan wondered what the hell he'd ever seen in her. The bitterness in her voice seemed to leech all the beauty from her face. "What about your precious Snowbou-"

Before Marie could answer, Logan did it for her.

"Just who the fuck do you think she's been talkin' to all these months, Red?" Logan watched with supreme satisfaction as her mouth hung open. "I told her not to tell anyone 'cause I didn't want you geeks checkin' up on me."

Not exactly the truth, but Jean didn't need to know that. He'd already hurt Marie enough with his deception and he was more than willing to shoulder any blame to keep other people from thinking the worst of her. It was the very least he could do.

Beyond shocked and still furious, Jean tried a different tactic.

"She couldn't possibly satisfy you."

Even as the words left her mouth, the shock of finding Logan with Rogue wore off enough for her to realize she was seeing a whole lot of Rogue's pale deadly skin pressed directly up against Logan's much darker flesh.

Oh my God.

The contrast was startling and the words slipped out before she could stop them.

"How in the-?"

"Christ, Jean. How the fuck do you think? Jesus, woman." He grunted in disgust at her crass question. "And you're wrong."

Logan turned his head away from her and his features softened as he looked down at Marie. Even in profile, there was so much tenderness in the way he looked at her - the way he held her and touched her, that Jean wouldn't have believed it unless she'd seen it with her own eyes.

"She can satisfy me." Marie looked back at Logan, ignoring Jean. She only had eyes for him. Her body clenched around him in response to the tender look and she smiled when his eyes closed and he was unable to keep his hips from thrusting forward.


Completely caught up in Marie, Logan responded instinctively, enjoying the pleasure of her body for a long moment before his eyes opened again.

"She can and she is." He turned his head back to Jean for a brief moment and his eyes glittered dangerously. "Now get the fuck out."

Jean couldn't believe what she'd just seen - and heard. She couldn't believe he'd do that in front of her. He was so absorbed in Rogue it was like she didn't even exist. The look of quiet ecstasy on his face was so uninhibited, so overwhelmingly powerful she stared dumbstruck. Jean realized this was the only time and the only way she'd ever see it. What was even more damning was the fact that it wasn't a show put on for her benefit. She could tell from the feelings they were projecting, their bond was such that they were simply unable to keep from responding to each other.

Jean watched in shock as Rogue's eyes fluttered shut and her hand stole from under the covers to grip Logan's muscular shoulder tightly. Her small pale hand stood out boldly against his darker flesh and Jean gasped when she saw a ring glitter in the early morning light.

Oh, God. Oh my God. That's an eternity band. Eternity!

The word seemed to echo in her mind, mocking her. Eternity for someone like Logan was an awesome commitment indeed. Realization slammed into her like a physical blow. This wasn't just sex. He actually loved her. He loved her.

For eternity.

Suddenly, Jean understood that she'd never had a chance with him and she never would. Hurt flared anew and to her horror she felt tears burn her eyes. What was she going to do now? Who would help her? She was slipping more and more every day.

Thoroughly out-classed and horribly mortified by her behavior in the light of this new revelation, Jean spun around and headed for the door. Not even waiting for her to leave, Logan resumed his slow thrusting and without taking his eyes from Marie's face he growled over his shoulder.

"And don't forget to the leave the door how you found it - locked." He chuckled darkly at Jean's indignant gasp and grinned when he heard the door slam and the lock slide home.

All of Marie's bravado disappeared and she flushed, burying her face in his neck.

"Oh my God, Logan! I can't believe what we did - what just happened - that she saw us." Logan could feel her face heat against his throat. "She was watching us... and we were still-"

Logan interrupted her with a bemused smile and a quiet chuckle. "It ain't us that should be embarrassed, it's her. We were behind a locked door in our own damn bed."

Hell, we're lucky that's all she saw. Heh.

Logan wisely kept that thought to himself. Marie was still much too innocent to fully appreciate the magnitude of the blow they'd just dealt to Jean. He pulled her closer and pressed a kiss to her temple.

"You were right. What the hell is wrong with her? She is unbalanced. I can almost feel bad for her. Almost." Perhaps he could have if she hadn't barged in. "And respondin' to each other like that ain't anythin' to be embarrassed about either, darlin'. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way." He was silent a long moment while he tried to understand Jean's irrational behavior. "Where does she get off actin' like that?"

It was a rhetorical question, but Marie answered him anyway. "I told you, she's had a chip on her shoulder ever since you left. She couldn't stand that you left your tags with me after what you said to her. And she's just been off since Liberty Island."

"That ain't an excuse." Logan looked down at Marie and kissed her gently. "And I'm sorry for all of the crap you hadta put up with from her 'cause of that. I'd take it back in a second if I could - you know that. You're the only one who's ever had my heart, darlin'. The only one." His quiet heartfelt words moved her deeply.

Logan's grip on her tightened as he pulled her close. She felt so good, so soft and inviting. The world was rapidly falling away until all the two lovers knew was the warm cocoon of the blanket and the erratic beat of each other's heart. "You ok, baby?" He asked softly between kisses.

"Yeah. A little shaky, but yeah." She smiled up at him, her eyes shining with love and desire. "Thanks for what you said - you know - about it being you that I was talking to." He nodded once and shuddered again as he pulled her close and felt her start to tremble beneath him.

Everything was new and fragile. He was aware they still needed to talk about a great many things. There was a lot still unsaid and undone between them, but he knew they'd get to it eventually. This was their time now. The time for words would come later. He had plenty for her. They had so much to discuss.

And after he'd talked to her, he had some choice words for Charles, too. There was a whole library there of things he wanted to say. He clearly needed to have some words with Jean, too. She needed a serious reality check and some definite boundaries. But he supposed that was partly of his own making. He hadn't been careful with her feelings. A small part of him could understand why she was so upset, even if he couldn't accept how she'd chosen to act.

But now was not the time to dwell on Charles or Jean or the reaction of any of the other mansion residents. That would come later. Marie was in his arms and the time for words was done. It was time to feel.

He touched his fingers to her lips.

"No more words, darlin'."

She nodded as she began to move with him in a rhythm older than even the most ancient of words.

He was right. They'd spoken enough, sharing their hopes and dreams, sharing their true selves with each other in a flurry of keystrokes. And later they'd poured out their hearts and bared their souls in heartfelt conversation and soft whispers.

Yes, he was right. The time for words had long since passed.

Marie nodded again, entwining her fingers with his. He almost didn't catch the soft answer she breathed against his neck.

"You're right, sugar. No more words."

And then there was silence, broken only by breathy gasps issued against heated skin and the beating of two hearts that spoke far more eloquently than mere words ever could.

~ The End ~

Author's note: Thank you all so much for coming along on the ride with me. I love knowing what you think and that y'all can become invested in the characters and their journey! That seriously makes me do the happy dance. :)

I've gotten some questions about what is next…. for those of you who are interested, I have several more novels (and some shorter pieces) to post. Two of them are old works, like No More Words, and three of them are new. All are (M) and adult in theme. Here's a little peek at what's coming:

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