A/N: And I was so proud of myself, for writing a story and being done with it... but so many of you (especially: InkPaperDoll488, FlyGurl011, Absentia, CintiaQuerino, epicallycosmic, MusingM, AnAverageGirl15, and quisinart4) suggested this that you got me thinking, and once I was thinking, it was so easy to come up with all of the ways I could spin this out. Outtakes are still coming, because FUN, but consider this a teaser for a (possible!) sequel.


"I told you to send more men." Helena Bertinelli lounges on the edge of a desk that could easily sleep two. "She's still clearly the best target."

She's surrounded by suits, men with lots of money and big plans. One or two were associates of her father's who've assured her that they never supported his killing her fiancé. She'll probably kill them anyway, eventually. But right now she's talking to the man on the other side of the desk. Power emanates from him, even in his relaxed stance. If anyone can help her elude Oliver Queen and find her bastard of a father, it will be this man. He just has to believe her.

"Better than his family? Than his best friend?" His skepticism is sharp and Helena hears a few muffled snorts from the peanut gallery behind her. She fights through the red mist of rage and promises herself that she will pay back those who laugh at her – on her own time.

"I almost ripped Tommy Merlyn's arm off, and all he did was bargain with me." She's had a lot of time to think about this, to stew over Oliver's complete betrayal and pinpoint why, exactly, he'd decided to kill her. Her voice is steady now, but hurt and anger seethe below the surface. "When I visited his family, I got warned off, but it didn't prompt anything more extreme. But one little chat with this computer girl and he's got an arrow with my name on it."

The four men in the room are silent. They know that he has arrows with their names, too.

"Leverage," she says softly, invitingly. "He has a lot of soft spots, but she's the softest. She's not a part of his circle, doesn't have the resources or connections to have around the clock protection. But he jumped higher for her than for any of the others." She regrets, now, not taking her time and playing a bit more with the blonde. If Oliver was going to come after her anyway, it would have been fun to leave her replacement – as the girl who knows his secret – a little less than whole.

"All right, Miss Bertinelli," he says finally. "We have a deal. You bring us the girl, and we'll find your father."

She smiles and shakes his hand, but she knows he's holding out on her. People do, now. They think she's a loose cannon, a little touched in the head. She walks out of the room, giving them all time to appreciate the view.

He has no idea how right he is, she thinks with a vicious smile.