Author Notes: I'm so glad you all enjoyed that first chapter. Your pleasant reviews (though lacking in constructive criticism (or any criticism really) which is a tool I desperately want you to use so I
always get better) inspired me to take this story down that angle I was hinting at. For those of you who asked my inspiration. There is a photo on a site called bumwolf bastardization studio. On that site is a link to g34, a site for people like us. Search Kyuubi there. You'll find our favorite fox in his collar (sexy beast ain't he?) as one of the entries (by the way is there an artist out there who does a lot of Kyuubi gay art? If you know one please tell me as I have one picture I'd like a master to redo). Now, as you've noticed, this is not a chapter. I'm not done writing it yet, but I wanted to formally say thanks to you all and give you that little tip. Thanks all of you. The new chapter should be up by the end of this week.