"Platform Nine and Three-Quarters: Hogwarts Express"

I turned up to look at the sign over the platform. Guess I'm here. Everyone seemed really excited to be here, pushing each other playfully and laughing quite loudly. I stood with my luggage, watching, as all the young witches and wizards started boarding the train. Most had come with their parents, making faces as they received kisses and hugs that seemed to embarrass them. I wouldn't have minded that as much. I sighed and began boarding myself.

After passing a few compartments full of students I finally found an empty one and made myself at home. It's not as if I wasn't social or anything I just didn't feel like talking much today. I mean, honestly, my parents could have at least dropped me off. Well there was no point in dwelling on that.

I let out a breath and rested myself back on the seat. After a few minutes, and a lot of noise from the other students, the train blew its whistle and started moving. Slowly but surely the Hogwarts Express began picking up speed and I closed my eyes, thinking of all the things this school year would bring.

"Nice going, now we don't have a place to sit!" a voice suddenly sounded from the corridor.

"Don't even! You wanted to see the tarantula just as much as I did!" another called back. This voice seemed a little louder than the last one. It was then that I realized they were getting closer. Not a second later a set of footsteps sounded just outside the compartment door.

"Oh look here's one" one of them said.

I opened my eyes and saw two identical looking boys with very bright hair walking into the compartment. At least I thought they were identical, I was mostly seeing their backs. They started to pile all their stuff in on the seat in front of me. Once finally done they turned around, in my direction. Both boys jumped a little as they saw me. They must have not noticed me there before. And it looked like I was right, they are identical.

"Hi?" I sort of greeted after what felt like a good minute of them staring at me.

"Oh, hello there, we didn't know anyone was here" one stated hesitantly.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I'm Fred by the way, Fred Weasley. This is my brother George. Is it alright if we stay here?" Fred asked with an unnecessary gesture around the compartment. I answered them with a shrug and closed my eyes again.

Part of me hoped they didn't think I was rude but I felt tired today, both physically and mentally. Either way they didn't seem to hesitate to take the seat and start talking. Most of it was about some tarantula some boy named Lee had brought. From what I remembered that was the reason they had been late. The two moved on from one topic to another until I once more heard footsteps. I opened my eyes just as the door opened again. A girl with big hair stood next to a round faced boy as they looked around our compartment for something.

"Have any of you seen a toad? Neville here's lost one" the girl said with a strict sounding tone. She seemed sort of pushy, making me a little curious as to why she wanted to find this toad so badly.

"No I'm sorry I haven't seen any. But I'll let you know if I do" I told them with a small smile. They then looked over at the twins who both shook their heads to say they hadn't either. The girl sighed and walked off to the next compartment, the boy following closely behind.

"She talks!" one of the twins called as the other let out a small laugh. They looked so similar I didn't know which was which, even if they had already introduced themselves. I smiled a little at his comment and nodded my head. "So, mystery girl, got a name?"

"Yes, I'm Katerina. It's nice to meet you" I said raising my hand to shake theirs. They both took their turn shaking it before giving me a greeting back.

"So are you a first year?" asked one of the twins.

"Yes, I am. Are you two?"

"Nope. George here and I are third years" said Fred, I assumed.

"Which house are you hoping to get into? We're in Gryffindor, which I would highly recommend" George announced proudly.

"I don't really mind any. They all seem fine to me" I answered honestly.

I meant it but I could tell from their faces that they didn't think the same. Most people seemed to disagree with me about that. Hogwarts seemed to give some sort of pride to their students but it didn't seem too important to me. That might be because, unlike most of the other students here, my parents hadn't attended Hogwarts. I didn't have that brought up pride most of them did. But I did know some things about the different houses and, being from Gryffindor, I could guess which house they disliked.

"Just make sure you're not placed in Slytherin?" Fred said if horrified by the pure thought of it.

"Who knows, it might not be that bad" I answered with a smile but he didn't looked at all convinced. Again I shrugged and rested against the seat again.

"Well she's peculiar isn't she George?" whispered Fred to his brother.

"Yes, quite. But she seems nice" George whispered back.

I suppose they thought I couldn't hear them with my eyes now closed, though that's not how the senses worked. But this was nothing new to me. I was often talked about to the point where that now it felt meaningless. My parents said I should try to be less overt but it was easier said than done. But before I could even bother to think of a reply a knock interrupted us.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" a woman standing outside our compartment door asked.

"None for us thanks" said Fred and George at the same time. They didn't sound too sure about it though. Looking a little more closely at their clothes I realized why... I remembered, they'd said their last name was Weasley, my father had told me about them. They were pure-bloods but not like us. From what I had heard the way our families acted was very much different.

"I'll have some chocolate frogs and licorice wands please. Would you two like anything? I'm buying" I offered with a smile at them.

They looked surprised by my question as if they didn't know whether to accept or not. After some time they still didn't answer so I just ordered something for them as well, paid the woman, and handed them their share.

"We can't accept this" George argued, although I could tell he wanted the sweets. I didn't mind, I had enough galleon to spare.

"Well it's a little late for that now isn't it" I said as they both looked up at me surprised. I paused for a moment trying to make sure my tone wasn't too rough before speaking. "I've already paid for these sweets, and I certainly can't eat them all myself so why don't you two do me a favor and help me finish them."

After a little while the boys looked at each other, shrugged, and dug into the sweets. I was glad I didn't have to argue much more with them about that. I never understood why people put so much importance on money. But then again, since my family had it, I wasn't one to talk. Using the sweets as an opening I spent the rest of the train ride talking to Fred and George. I may have studied up on the school but it was probably a good idea to get the opinion of someone who was already attending. Plus they were funny and seemed like nice enough lads. They let me know of some quiet places around the grounds and of teachers I would do better staying away from.

Once we reached our stop we headed to the doors. The two said they would save me a spot at the Gryffindor table whether I was sorted into that house or not. I appreciated that, more than they probably realized. I thanked both of them, we said our goodbyes, and alone I made my way to join the rest of what looked to be the first years.