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"I still don't understand why Professor Babbling made us write runes on ourselves" I mumbled to Hermione as we headed from Study of Ancient Runes up to Arithmancy. The ink was dry on my wrist but it still felt strange to look at. I suppose that's what happens when something that once wasn't there now was. But I had to admit, I had done quite a good job in writing it

"Maybe it's so we get a better understanding of these new ones" Hermione suggested though not sounding too sure. "You know, a lot of them look alike. One flick of the wrist and you could turn Partnership into Constraint"

"Or Flow into Signals" I agreed with a nod. Insignificant marks made significant differences when dealing with runes

The two of us stepped into the classroom still wondering. Hermione and I sat down together. From the looks of it Draco was not here yet. He and Pansy were still enrolled in Arithmancy though Crabbe and Goyle had decided to go in a different route. Bit of a relief for me really since it had always fallen on my shoulders to help those two and I wasn't sure if I had the same patience for that as last year

"Do you think they'll actually work?" Hermione asked looking at her wrist curiously. Professor Babbling had said to choose one of the runes she had just presented us and write them on ourselves to see if our days until the next lesson would be affected. That meant either the runes could work regardless of the location or they only functioned on certain surfaces.

"I'm not sure. But why did you pick Wisdom? Do you really think that will change anything?" I asked with slight humor. She was already head of our year. A little extra wisdom was not going to make much, if any, difference with Hermione Granger

"I could not decide on one" she admitted a little quietly. "What if they do work and something bad happens?"

"That is one of the perks of the unknown. Besides, what could happen" I shrugged not seeing the importance of it

"But you chose Chaos" Hermione argued looking nervously to my wrist resting on the table. "I read that once a group of wizards got caught up in their own curse destroying the hundreds in their force just because of a chaos rune!" she exclaimed full of worry and anxiety. I laughed but tried to hide it when I saw her face

"Hermione" I said still giggling a little. "A) I showed you that book. And B) it was a work of fiction"

"Based on real events!"

"Still, quit your worrying. I'll be fine" I assured her. "Besides, what's life without a little excitement?"

"A nice and calm one?" she mumbled. I laughed again and this time she joined me. At that moment Pansy and Draco walked in. I waved to him with my unmarked wrist but made no other movement. He nodded in reply looking with distaste at my company. I frowned at that. Not from the action, I was used to that behavior, but because when he did he reminded me of his father. Mr. Malfoy was not high on my list of likable people; he wasn't in it at all

Footsteps echoed through the classroom as Professor Vector stepped inside commencing class

"Good day, everyone, and welcome back. It's late in the day so I will assume you have all adjusted to your regular routines and won't mind getting started right away. Can any of you tell me the difference between the Agrippan and Chaldean methods of Arithmancy?" Hermione's hand shot up so fast I had to keep myself from laughing. Last time I did that during class I had almost gotten in trouble with our professor. Professor Vector called on the enthusiastic girl beside me. "Yes, Miss Granger"

"The Agrippan and Chaldean methods are quite similar aside from a few changes in the calculation. While the Agrippan method uses numbers one through nine the Chaldean method only goes up to eight. This makes it so the letters are arranged in a different matter when trying to identify numbers. There are many arguments surrounding the two methods, deciding which is best, though most tests conclude that somehow both methods will achieve the same end result"

"Correct" Professor Vector smiled, as I assumed most teachers did when having a student like Hermione; one who actually listens. Our professor got out her wand and let out a string of blue light from its tip. As she spoke the light began to scribble her words in the air, something she did so her students didn't have the excuse of not knowing something because they hadn't heard correctly. "For hundreds of years many witches and wizards have argued the validity of these two methods. Some consider the more popular Agrippan method as the only correct way to calculate one's future. However, as Miss Granger mentioned, tests have been done to prove that both will have the same results. Can anyone tell me why this is?"

Hermione's hand flew up again but this time Professor Vector did not call on her. She liked to get all of her students involved. Some may argue this was a way of keeping her class paying attention. Most students, however, considered this a cheap trick to make them look dumb. But in her defense that's because those students, more often than not, were dumb…

"Miss Volkov" Professor Vector called causing me to look up from my rune


"Care to tell us why those two very different methods get the same result?" she asked walking closer to her students. I paused trying to think of a good answer. This was a highly debated question and whatever answer I gave had the possibility of being wrong. So I shrugged and took my best guess

"Magic" I replied. From the corner of my eye I saw Pansy put her hand on her face as if trying to stifle laughter. I ignored her and kept my face towards our professor who looked at me thoughtfully

"Explain your reasoning" she muttered moving to lean against her desk. I sighed a little but complied

"Magic is an uncontainable power. While we study and try to learn how to control it no one can say with absolute certainty how it really works. We say words to cast spells but what is it about those words that make the magic itself appear? Given that logic, and the number of failed attempts to disprove one of the methods' functions, one can only assume magic is at work. A more complex magic that we cannot explain but controls our lives all the same. There is no way to disprove that which we cannot comprehend therefore the only answer I see to the question is 'Magic'"

"I agree" Professor Vector smiled at me and turned back to the rest of the class. Next to me Hermione smiled too. And seeing Pansy's aggravated expression I couldn't help myself in doing the same

After the hour passed I said goodbye to Hermione and started gathering my things before meeting with Draco. Pansy left him with me this time as she had already left. I could only assume it was because he had told her to or she was learning how much more he cared about me than her. About time really… Once at the door he and I started heading out, on our way down for dinner. The only down side was the amount of floors we'd have to climb down. Arithmancy was in the highest floor of Hogwarts Castle, not including the towers but that was still a long ways to go

"What?" Draco asked quietly sounding a little confused but the question was not for me. He paused, looking towards a wall. I stopped too and followed his gaze to see his owl, patiently waiting for him on an open window ledge.

"You should see what he wants. I'll start heading down" I said turning back to the stairs

"Thanks for waiting" he mumbled sarcastically in reply, walking to his owl. I smiled at him and headed down anyway

"You're welcome" I called as he started disappearing from view. A little ways down I found Hermione. I moved a little faster to catch up to her. "Hey, long time no see"

"Hi" she smiled turning to me. "Great about the no homework, right? It'll give me time to work in the library"

"Work on what exactly?" I asked curious. It was the first day back and in the other two classes I'd had with her there hadn't been any homework either. So unless she had a lot from her first class, or she was planning on scribbling that Wisdom rune elsewhere, I didn't see what else there was for her to work on

"A way to help poor house elves" she replied with resolve. That only confused me further. Was she planning on giving them more chores to do? Sure they would love that but there were already enough things to do in the enormous Hogwarts castle. Either way I shrugged it off and moved on

"It's a shame there's no Quidditch this year" I commented turning onto the next floor. That part of the tournament I hadn't known about. It wasn't until Draco during History of Magic that I found out. That's what I get for sleeping during the opening feast I suppose. I should've guessed that would happen since the Triwizard Tournament was to be such a great part of the happenings of the year. Though as much as I enjoyed watching the matches I didn't give it too much thought. "The tournament should be fun to watch though"

"Fred and George are already talking about different ways to fool the age detector so they can join" she smiled and I could only guess the ideas they had

"Of course they would" I smiled too. "What do they have so far?

"You should talk to them yourself" she said sounding excited to have me meet with them for some reason. I frowned a little confused

"Okay... Well the year just started. You can't expect me to be spending time with them already."

"You do with Malfoy" she muttered more to herself than to me. I had to smile about it

"Hermione" I sighed

"I know I said I wouldn't mention him but how do you stand it?" Hermione insisted on our way down the stairs. "He has no respect, no manners and—"

"Hermione" I interrupted not waiting until she got riled up

"You don't belong in Slytherin" she pouted still fixated on that. I shook my head a little

"Didn't we already talk about this too? Fred and George agreed with me—"

"George said you were sweet" she interrupted, reminding me. I rolled my eyes

"He only said that because he's sweet" I mumbled bringing a smile to her face

"So, you think he's sweet then?" she asked still smiling. Again I gave her a confused look. Before she could explain she looked behind me and saw something that made her smile fade. "I should go find Ron and Harry. See you later"

"Okay" I waved as she walked away from me. I turned behind me curious to what she had seen and found Draco walking back from the top floor with something in his hand

"I don't know how you put up with that" Draco complained with a frown, watching Hermione walk away

"Funny, she always says the same thing about you" I smiled and starting walking again. He followed after me

"I am lovable" he said as if it was common knowledge and I should already know. "That mudblood is insufferable. Thinks she knows everything..."

"Are you sure it's not the other way around?" I teased. He gave be look and I pretended not to notice it. "So what did Zary want anyway?"

"Balthazar" he groaned. I giggled but waited him to answer. "It's the Evening Prophet. Guess he figured I would want it now rather than later. Good thing too, there is a very interesting article in this one"

"Do I want to know?" I questioned because the smile on his face was beginning to look more and more sinister. He kept the smirk so I assumed the answer was no. I shook my head. "Don't do anything stupid"

"Shut up" Draco told me still smiling. I smiled in return

"Kitty!" someone called as we stepped onto the third floor. I turned and saw the twins, which wasn't a surprise since besides them only Draco called me 'Kitty'. Smiling at them I waved hello. They started walking up to me. When I turned back to Draco his smile had disappeared

"Crabbe, Goyle!" he called out for them. I hadn't noticed they were here but soon the two boys appeared from behind Draco. "Let's go" He moved to leave but I grabbed onto his sleeve stopping him

"What are you going to do?" I asked. He gave me laugh but it was without humor

"Nothing that should concern you" he muttered pulling away. I sighed as he did. My guess was he still held some resentment, upset I had gone to the Weasleys' home. It had been quite a while since I had been to Malfoy Manor. I didn't really like his father and his mother was annoyingly overprotective of Draco. I was still frowning in his direction as twins reached me

"How've you been" asked one

"Fine" I muttered turning from Draco and to their smiling faces. "And you two? How's the new year treating you?"

"Fine" Fred answered for the both of them

"So what did that git want now?" George grumbled looking towards stairs

"Why do you always call him that?" I sighed. George smiled at me but it was Fred who spoke

"Go on Georgie, tell her why" he smiled but it was a different smile than the one he had been wearing a few seconds before

"Because he is one" George turned to frown at his brother

"Is that really it?" Fred asked still wearing that knowing smile

"Yes it is. Now leave it alone Fred" George replied sounding annoyed

"I wouldn't have to leave it alone if you were a man and said what you wanted to say" Fred said simply, closing his eyes and smiling smugly. He crossed his arms as if his point was made

"Right… So are you two going to continue this cryptic argument for much further because I'm actually rather hungry and if you are I'd rather know now" I smiled trying not to sound rude. I hadn't eaten much during lunch and now that bad decision was catching up to me

"Are we going to keep arguing, George?"

"We wouldn't if you'd shut up, Fred"

"Okay then, I am going to go have dinner. I'll see you two later?" I smiled turning away from them. Just as I was about to reach the stairs one of them called out to me

"Wait, Kitty" George said walking to close the little distance I had put between us. I turned and waited, though slightly impatiently. The smell of food was beginning to reach me making me even more famished. "Umm... How about we meet after lunch tomorrow? In the middle courtyard"

"Okay. I'll see you two then" I smiled and waved goodbye. I began to make my way to the bottom of the steps. There was a crowd starting to gather making me pause just as the entrance hall came into view. All were watching some students arguing. And who of all people was in the middle…

"Draco" I groaned and walked a little faster down the steps.

The argument he was having was with Harry, though since Ron was being held back by him and Hermione I assumed both were involved. Draco took his wand out and cast a spell, shooting white light in Harry's direction, just grazing his face... I knew that spell. Before I could get too angry at him another sound rang in the hall and Draco disappeared from sight. I rushed though, pushing my way past the crowd but by the time I reached the front I still couldn't find him. Instead I found the new professor, Alastor Moody, talking to Harry. Crabbe was there too, trying to reach for something on the ground. It was small and white and moving about frantically.

"LEAVE IT!" The professor screeched. Crabbe froze not daring to grab what looked like a ferret on the ground. Professor Moody limped over to him and Goyle. The little ferret squeaked and dashed for the stairs to the dungeon.

"I don't think so!" Professor Moody growled, pointing his wand at it. The ferret flew into the air, then fell on the floor making a sound. Again the professor pointed his wand and attacked the poor little creature. "I don't like people who attack when their opponent's back's turned!"

I was annoyed by his actions but confused by his words. How could that little creature... I gasped realizing why Draco had disappeared. He hadn't really vanished, he had been transmuted. He was the little ferret... That shivering creature... The one being repeatedly attacked by Moody

Before I knew it I found myself in the middle of the crowd too, holding the tiny creature in my arms

"Let him go!"

"Make me" I hissed back not loosening my grip of Draco. The little ferret was trembling in my grasp. He was scared and hurt. I pressed him against my chest and he buried himself in my hair. What gave him the right... I could feel people's stares but at the moment I didn't care. The poor thing was shaking violently

"I said—"

"Professor Moody!" Professor McGonagall exclaimed approaching the scene. She walked down the staircase looking as the other professor continued to point his wand at me. I stared defiantly in return

"Hello, Professor McGonagall" he spoke though I felt Draco being pulled up. I kept my hold. He frowned slightly because of it

"What- what are you doing?"

"Teaching-" at that he pulled harder taking Draco from my grasp. He fell from my grip and onto the floor. When Professor McGonagall saw what I had been holding, and what he had been using his wand for, her eyes went wide "Moody is that a student?" she shrieked. The books I hadn't noticed she was holding fell

"Yep" he muttered and watched with annoyance as I brought Draco back to chest. I kept hold though I could only imagine the pain he must be feeling being pulled with such strength

"No!" cried McGonagall taking out her wand. I let go slightly as she changed Draco back into a human. He fell back to the floor wincing in pain. His hair a mess and face pink. I helped him up and stared at Moody. He and McGonagall started arguing amongst themselves and I leaned Draco against me

"Are you okay, Deedee?" I whisper running my fingers through his hair. He didn't say anything but placed his face in my hair

"I'll do that, then" Moody growled turning back to Draco and me. Draco started to say something though I put my hand on his head to keep him quiet. But Moody heard his little threat

"Oh yeah?" he challenged, limping closer to us. Noises of it echoed among the silence of the many students still watching. "Well, I know your father of old, boy… You tell him Moody's keeping a close eye on his son… you tell him that from me… Now, your Head of House'll be Snape, will it?"

"Yes" Draco answered resentfully still not having moved from me but I wouldn't have let him if he tried

"Another old friend," Moody growled. "I've been looking forward to a chat with old Snape… Come on, you…"

Moody grabbed Draco's arm and marched him towards the dungeon. Students watched them go as I did too. Most started to file into the Great Hall for dinner but I continued to stare. I was trying to decide what course to take from here. There were two options. I could either go get dinner or…

"Katerina," I heard Daphne's voice call not too far from me. I only glanced for a second to see her and Blaise standing a few feet away. "Are you coming to dinner?"

I turned back to Draco and Moody. As they reached the stairs I saw Draco wince in pain. I started to follow them without bothering to answer Daphne's question, though she could probably guess. I had made my decision, and I could always eat later