Title: Surrounded by "Kids"
Author: The Somebody of Nobody
Summary: Drabble. Fuller doesn't always enjoy being the only real adult in the Chapel.
Warning: N/A
Disclaimer: We do not own 21 Jump Street
Word count: 305

Sometimes it is very frustrating to be the only adult in the room.

At least, that was what Adam Fuller thought. The police captain enjoyed his work, but there were days, like that Friday, when he missed the simplicity and maturity of patrol. In all honesty, the Jump Street Program was effective, sturdy, and he found it a pleasure to run, but sometimes his officers were just—

They needed to grow up.

Yes. That was it. The officers needed to start behaving like the adults they were instead of the teenagers that they pretended to be for a living. Hoffs and Ioki weren't too bad, but Hanson, Booker, and Penhall could be truly infuriating when left alone together for any period of time after school hours.

Not like that was a surprise, really. They were trained police officers who pretended to be high school delinquents. He was just the "old man". Their captain; the guy who gave out assignments, bailed them out of jail, signed out paychecks, and, on occasion, took them out for a pizza.

Fuller looked up at the clock, which read 6:51, before rising from his desk to cease the near screaming voices of Hanson and Booker. Penhall was on the phone while Hoffs and Ioki filled out paperwork they both had piled on their desks.

"All right, guys. I think we've all heard enough of this and it's time for dinner. You three too. Finish up and head out. And that's an order."

Just like almost every teenager alive, the five brightened up at the mere mention of food. Fuller shook his head in amusement when, as he set foot back into his office, a new discussion rang through the chapel. Burgers vs. Pizza.

Yes. Sometimes it was hard being the only adult, but those five "kids" made it worth it.