You know what I'm sick of all these Lucy gets kicked out of the team so let's twist it the hell around and see how everyone likes Lucy being the bitch. Okay XD I sound so lovely but anywho hope you like my twist and hope you enjoy if someone already did this well I'm doing it again if someone hasn't done this why not anywho en-stinkin-joy peace hommies.

Summary: let's do a twist to the popular fanfiction. No Lucy never got kicked out of team Natsu she took over the team and kicked Natsu out what happens when he finds his way to Sabertooth and meets sting. Will their relationship blossom will Rogue catch the pinkkete's heart too or will Lucy find a way to steal back his love.

"B-but Lucy you can't" the pinkkete was literally on his knees begging the blonde to not do what he knew was coming.

"You cause to much damage which is seriously taking out of my rent money" there she goes again "I mean seriously I need to live to and I need a place and I have to pay to stay in my place" stinking rent she can go get her own job if she would like "And plus we have Wendy and Gajeel it's not like we really need you that much."

"So you're kicking me out of my own team?"

"It's not yours it's mine team Natsu is disbanded team Lucy is replacing it" she said in that all high and mighty tone that always ticked everyone off.

"Fine then have your 'team' I'll just leave because apparently I'm not wanted anymore" he said slamming his hand on the bar table. As he walked out Lucy noticed the mark on his shoulder slowly fading away meaning.

"Lucy" it was happy "did Natsu just leave fairy tail" tears formed at the sides of the exceeds eyes.

"I'm sure he's not serious he'll come back any minute now saying it was just a joke and he wants to stay" Lucy nervously laughed.





"Yes happy"


"I KNOW HAPPY WHAT HAVE I DONE" Lucy yelled trying to run to the window and see if the pinkkete was still their "this is just a dream yes a dream" she sighed trying to catch her breath "I'll wake up and Natsu will be there because the dumbass sneaks in my bed while I'm sleeping."





"Yes happy what"



After a couple of days traveling the pinkkete hadn't really found a way to make money and was currently in the alley of some village he didn't know.

He could hear some drunkards behind him he really didn't care that much though they were probably just pub hopping and on the way to some other one. What changed that was when one of them yelled for him.

"Hey pinky why not come over to my place I'll pay ya good for ya services" Natsu growled he hated it when people called him that it made him feel like a girl and he didn't like that. He sighed and tried to walk on until one of them grabbed his arm. "Pinky you should respond when people offer, I mean I was nice and gave you the chance to make some money" he moved closer to Natsu's ear "But I guess you gave up that this one's on the house right" he shoved Natsu against the ally wall. It would have been easy to get away It's just right before he attempted to run he felt a needle against his arm. Everything around him started to blur and seemed to move.

"w-what did y-you d-do" the dragonslayer stuttered. He started to sway his body felt so heavy.

"Just a little drug don't worry it helps you calm down" he said pushing the other against the wall "It makes your body a little 'eager' to" the breath stank and felt awful up against his ear. But the effects of the drug made every little thing sensitive. And in that situation it was not good. The man tried to unzip his shirt but didn't get too far because Natsu kicked him in the family jewels. "Damn hic it kid" he muttered to himself.

Natsu just ran he didn't care where he was going just that he wanted to get away from there. The pinkkete always hated how men seemed to be more attracted to him than women. He sighed cursing his luck. He really started to curse to himself when he heard the man coming closer. He saw an open street up ahead thinking someone must be there.

He saw it then next thing he felt was the hard ground, he cursed he had just fallen he was so close to he wanted to scream but it came out silently as the man grabbed a large chunk of his hair using that to pull him up, then slamming him up against the closest wall. "You made a big mistake kid" the man said continuing to unzip his shirt like earlier.

"Oi, I don't think he wants that" the pinkkete felt so relieved to even hear the voice of someone other than that drunk man.

"Oh shut the hell up I'm just having some fun and pinky hear called for it" Natsu shuddered thinking how in the heck he would want this. He shook his head to himself but didn't expect his saviors to see it thought they did.

"He doesn't want it I suggest you move on" Natsu then realized it was two different people or at least two because he heard two different voices.

"Oh shut it we're just having a little fun" he said gripping Natsu's arms tighter earning a small yelp from the pinkkete.

Then after some noises that Natsu couldn't comprehend he felt his wrist loosen up as if the man had let go.

"You okay" he looked over to see a blonde and a black haired man. He nodded slowly then attempted to walk but all that it looked like was a limp then his vision went blurry and it felt like he was falling. Then everything went black.

"Hey, sting I think he's awake bring him some medicine and some food" he could faintly heard a voice. He raised his arm to his forehead as a sudden headache came on. His eyes finally adjusted to see that one of the men from last night had brought him somewhere that may be safe the pinkkete didn't really know yet and never judged things on appearances but might as well change. I mean what's good about being Natsu now it's not like there is anyone that cares I mean he got kicked from a team with his best friends can things get worse than that?

"Got it" the blonde who Natsu presumed was sting, said bringing in a tray that had food and some bandages. Natsu inwardly smiled, it was nice for him to know that some people still cared about him. He thought about Lucy and the others and just shook it off maybe I can find a new home Natsu thought. I might have to change but what's so bad about a little change.

"You said what" gray said adding a little emphasis on the what. "How could you say that to him he is what keeps us together he's the one that showed you this guild and you treat him with respect by doing that." Gray slightly yelled Lucy winced and Erza just nodded to angry to even speak at the moment and you know it's over for you when that happens.

"Well I didn't tell him to leave the guild like he did"

"But you did tell him to leave the team he created and claim it was yours" gray interrupted intending to sound rude.

"Well he was paying so much attention to Lissana"

"So what" Erza finally managed to yell "he loved you Lucy and you go and shove it back in his face, how could you easily just break his heart and act like it's nothing you better go out and find him or the last thing you'll ever see you mangy bitch is my sword to your damn face" Erza said, you see Erza tends to blow off steam in the worst of manners violence and yelling.

Happy just sat there snuggling to Natsu's scarf that he had left behind, it was so special to him yet he left it behind. That was really saying that he was serious that he wasn't coming back.

"So you left your old guild" sting said, "I can understand that but where are you going after this?"

"I don't know there I don't really have an idea of where I'm going I just you know walk on" he said shrugging. Then he shivered a little bit as sting bandaged his arm. Apparently when he had fallen last night a big cut had been on his arm he hadn't really noticed it. There was also a large cut on his stomach.

After sting had finished bandaging the boy he smirked to himself then replaced it with an innocent smile. "Hey Natsu-san you can join Sabertooth."

"R-really I can join" Natsu said, you see he didn't think he would be able to find a guild to join easily.

"Yeah you just have to take a test before you enter" sting shrugged "I'm sure you would pass" he said again with the fake smile.

Natsu smiled relieved to find a guild so quick. "You can live with us for a little while if you like" rogue said at the doorway.

"Okay thank you" he said smiling sending heat up to the cheeks of both the other dragonslayers.

"Wow that test was easy" Natsu said walking with his hand folded behind his head, his new Sabertooth mark visible.

Sting and rogue were surprised of Natsu's strength they knew he was strong but not that strong. It's funny because the whole time Natsu had spent with them so far he hadn't noticed even a little the small crushes they had on him. This was going to be a good time for sting and rogue.

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