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Chapter 2- Beer and Potions, don't try this at home

The three dragonslayers and two exceeds were currently getting home from their, oh so long, job. It's been about a week since Natsu had left fairy tail for sabertooth, and it was a very weird transition from the loud and rowdy fairy tail guild to the uptight and quiet sabertooth.

"Ne sting-kun" the little red exceed chimed in "where are we going for dinner"

"I'm not sure maybe that little pub across town I heard they had some good food" he contently sighed he didn't care where to eat really he just liked the fact that he got to spend more time with Natsu. Because as you probably are already aware of, sting's feelings for the pinkkete have grown from the time he was only a small child gaping at the amazing mage.

And changing the subject to Natsu he was just quietly keeping up with a small content grin happily glancing at his surroundings because he wasn't quite used to this city yet.

The fire dragonslayer had even bought a new pair of clothes that he wasn't all too used to. He had a zip up black tank topped edged with yellow (basically like his one before the timeskip but zipped up so it didn't show his chest) the collar a little high to shield his childhood scar and some plain white shorts cut off at the ends that stopped just above his knees. A matching pair of wrist bands were sported a little above his elbows that had swirls and other intricate designs on them.

Rogue with his usual bored, or should I say expressionless for lack of a better word, expression walked on quietly beside Natsu, who he had started to have mix feelings about. He used to think that Natsu was rather a brute and had nothing really intriguing about him, but after he got to know him a little better in the couple of weeks they had spent together on small jobs and such he learned more and more about the pinkkete and slowly found himself falling for the adorable little dragonslayer. Yet he never seemed to notice the way Sting looked at him, and yes folks this would come back to haunt him.

"Where could he have gone" the blonde whined falling to her knees. "Ugh, who knew he would have left town" she hated that she had to keep searching for the boy yes I know he had been the one to show her Fairy Tail and that she can be really nice but people change when they've been the only GOOD one around for a while it kind of gets to their head and makes them think they can do what ever they want (I had to add that part XD continue on now). Of course she didn't expect to be lifted up to her feet by a certain red haired woman and forced to search more because we all know that when this particular woman gets angry Hell doesn't seem too bad anymore. The blonde sighed 'It should be me in this situation shouldn't it I mean I'm the obviously innocent one (Okay if you don't like lucy bashing this isn't your story XD I'm taking this a little ooc but yeah I have my reason *wink wink*)'.

"Luuuuuuuucccyyy" the sad little exceed cried "It's been a w-week and h-he's n-not back ye-yet" the poor little blue exceed cried, and once again lucy sighed and grabbed the little one that had latched himself upon her head.

"listen I don't know where he is I'm sorry, I'm trying see, so go rest a little or go off with Charla because I'm a little busy here" the little exceed nodded not really responding to her unusually cold tone. He flew away feeling that she was acting a little different, but just shrugged it off flying to his little friend who had decided to be a little nicer to him considering the circumstances.

The little pub they had decided to eat at had good food but was quite loud and there was a fairly large amount of drunk people and ... to put it nicely easy women ... but since it's 12:47 at night and I'm me I'll say there were some lose whore's lookin to have fun with the next guy they chose. And a group of 3 women decided that they would attempt to make there little moves on our three main characters. They were all wearing the same dress just in different colors (this dress happened to be way too short for most modest girls' liking because it showed a very large amount of their chest and were about as long as daisy dukes). When Sting and Rogue decided they'd go to get frosch and lector who were currently hiding under a table in the far off corner because the drunks scared them (just imagine if you were in a bar and about the height of an exceed with all these people acting weird as heck around you yes take your sweet time I'll add in some dots so you can imagine ... okay back to the story). So one of the women decided that they would walk up to are little Natsu. This girl had Jet-black hair that went down to her waist and a violet dress that, as I said earlier, was not all that modest.

"Hey there I haven't seen you around here before what's your name" the lady began, leaning closer to Natsu. And of course Natsu being the innocent little boy he was didn't quite understand what was going on and just smiled and told her his name. The lady found it very amusing how Natsu was like that and of course being the woman she was she decided she wanted to have a little fun messing around with the boy (Okay for once don't think negative just read on)."Hey bartender" she yelled, which wasn't too loud compared to the rest of the noise, and raised her hand to said bartender's attention "Two Adios Mother****ers(I searched that crud up look down at the bottom if you don't know what it is but trust me I would not try that XD sounds weird)" What caught the boys attention most was when the blue drink got here he didn't know what it was so of course he had to ask his only response was "Oh it ain't that bad just drink up" and Natsu being the boy he is, just (OKAY PAUSE- my friggin cat is like having a sleep spell she is farting so friggin it's like 1 in the mornin and she's stanking up my room ... okay back to the story) drank it anyway.


Sting and Rogue successfully got frosch and lector out from under the table only for the to run back to it after two women walked up. One Had short orange hair and the other had braided silver-hair. "How's it going haven't seen you here before" the orange haired girl smirked. "Names?"

"Sting and Rogue nice to meet you, now if you'll excuse us we have a friend we need to get back to" Sting said in a rather speedy fashion, because let's face it who would want to leave there friend alone in a shady bar with drunks in every direction, I know I would but I'm not a normal person so yeah back to the point.

"Ah come on your friend can wait a little while can't he" the said with the little fake pout all of those girls on Degrassi have (and if you don't know what degrassi is then just imagine the biggest bitch you know and take all of her personality traits and put them on these female characters).

"Yeah" the other girl chimed in "don't you want to, you know, hang back a lil' bit stick with us, maybe have a couple of drink" she smirked.

"Not interested" Rogue stated, plain and simple and just walked by them Sting following closely behind. And what they saw when they got back wasn't what they expected, I expected it because I'm telling the story and you all could probably have guessed it but I'm going to explain it anyway.

What they saw was a girl sitting beside Natsu making out with him and what looked to be 8 cups on the table (Natsu had 5 and the woman had 3). When they pulled back Natsu's face was red, not because of blushing, but because our little friend Natsu can't really handle alcohol that well and trust me those drinks were full of it.

Sting and Rogue walked up to them of course and got a casual "Oh hey are you this little guys friends" from the woman. And let's be truthful here sting and rogue were not happy and they really didn't want to deal with something like this so they answered with a simple yes and payed off what Natsu had drank. While doing this rogue had decided to try to talk to Natsu but that didn't work so the woman just started talking. "You know you should bring this one back here more often, it's really funny how he can't take alcohol he was babbling after the first one" she started laughing. Rogue just chose to ignore her and after a couple of seconds sting came over to help him carry Natsu off, each had one of the pinkkete's arms over their shoulders.

Since of Sting's home was closer they took him there and they lied him down in sting's bed while they found some headache medicine because it was obvious that the pinkkete would need a lot of it later.

And after a little conversing Sting got Rogue to believe that Natsu and Himself would be fine alone and that he would get him if anything happened. So Rogue left slightly jealous.

Sting sighed and looked over to Natsu, who was just beginning to wake up from the little nap he took on the way to Sting's house. "Ne Sting-kun~" the boy purred making Sting lightly blush then laugh nervously.

"What's up Natsu-san" the blonde smiled sitting down on the bed next to Natsu.

"Where am I wasn't I at the pub?" He asked in the cutest little voice anyone could every do.

"We decided to take you home, you got a little on the tipsy side" after that he recalled that Natsu had been making out with that lady which made him shudder a little. He hated how the woman had taken advantage of how trusting Natsu was.

He was a little surprised whenever Natsu had grabbed his jacket and started feeling the edges saying how fluffy it was, but then he just smiled and realized that Natsu was extremely cute like this and he couldn't help but notice how vulnerable he looked as well.

Sting was about to get up but stopped when the pinkkete had grabbed his arm "Ne Sting-kun~" that sweet little innocent tone of his was even clearer now "I wanna snuggle get in here" he pulled up the covers of the bed and pointed towards it.

"Natsu-san I don't know if now's the best time" well of course it isn't sting he's drunk but since Natsu made oh well guess that's that, so the pinkkete just pulled the blonde in and put the sheets over him arms wrapped around the other.

Sting felt the strong urge to do some things but decided now would not be the best of times so he just let the little boy do as he wished which wasn't anything that dirty just cuddling little pecks on the cheek and so on and so forth. But what sting hadn't seen was the special little potion the woman had mixed in one of Natsu's drinks that had a special effect that I'm sure you all would love to find out!

Chapter 2- end

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* Adios Motherf***er (This was that drink that Natsu had like 5 of)
1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Rum
1/2 oz. Tequila
1/2 oz. Gin
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur
2 oz. Sweet & Sour Mix
2 oz. 7-Up Soda