The War was over an year ago things are changing. a lot. hermione finished Hogwarts now she's working at the ministry with harry and ron, ginny takes her talent to the field, fleur's pregnant George is dating, charlie is marrying and Percy is promoted, they deal with all these with a bit of love and family and trust.

Hermione Jean Granger POV

It was the usual exhausting day the ministry, an elf named melia was loose, she wasn't dangerous….just a bit different. We're having a meeting to discuss the making of percy an ministry high official under kingsley. All of us were to report to the meeting chamber at the second floor.

"hermione! You didn't tell me he was oing to be here!" that was alice, the tiny energetic new secratery. She was very eager and that was one of the reasons melissa took her and instantly she was great friends with me. The blonde haired male was jasper whitlock rosalie's brother, another co-worker, I don't know him personaly but he was very efficent and smart. And our little miss-pixie had a crush on him. It was very popular among our floor, but I tseem that particular info has not u=yet reached .

"alice when they announce 'every ministry employee' they do mean evryone" I chuckled "that. Should have been obvious"

"well" she said looking around "okay, fine"

We we stepped out of the elavator and entered the chamber. It was filled with ministry of magic officials and employees. We took seats next to rose hale, "hello, hermione" she said, I whispered it back

"what are you two tal…"suddenly alice froze and turned beet root red. I knew that blush, she did that when…ah, jasper…

"hello, jasper" I said smilling at him, now if alice was frozen before well, now she was petrified.

"hello there, hermione! Rose!So how's it going with melina?"

"no luck yet, but my secretary is been a great help, well that is her job I suppose"

I got a wicked idea, well this was for her taunting about percy being my brother-in-law through ron. We're not even married yet! Well possibly….

"jasper, this is alice brandon" I said, gestiuring toward alice " alice this is jasper. I think you know him"

Japser who stared at alice and coughed and scratched his head, held a hand out to alice, saying "nice to meet'am"well, now we know the feeling is mutual.. alice could not have been any redder. Apperntly rose noticed this,

"so, someone got something for my brother" I grinned

Soon the meeting started, percy was smiling but did not have the smug face as the other would call, it. Percy, have improved after the loss of fred, goerge never got over It but he wasn't AS gloomy as he was before.

As soon as the meeting was over ron came over,

"you'recoming over tonight right?" he asked

"of course!" I replied, " great" he grinned. Ah, how I love d to see him smile. He quickly gave me a kiss and went off. I stood there smiling dreamly into space,well that was what pixie told me when she pulled me up by the hand

"so..what's going on tonight" she asked

" family dinner, we all have one twice a week in either harry or molly's house"

She nodded and winked as she drifted back to work, that damn pixie she was abusing my friendship with her.

" we have them too, but ofcourse we don't really make food out of pointing at stuff with a stick" I smiled, alice came froma muggle family as well, she is very we were allowed to wear normal muggle-wear out side work because she prefers to wizarding robes as a cliché

In the after noon we all signed off work as kacy Mcgallen took over, she was the night ministry takeover, I said good-bye to alice and went to the apperating poles to find ron there with harry

"hello you two" waving I said

"hermione! Listen we might not be able to come next week to dinner, but don't tell mrs,weasly about this" said harry urgently

"oh" grimacing a the fact that they would be over for another auror mission I mummbled.

By the time we apperted back into the burrow it was aroung twilight.

"harry!" a red haired girl ran out side and pulled harry into a tight embrace.

We all chuckled. Ginny turend around " well , hello to the rest of you" she said hugging us

"what's with all the hug" ron asked as she let him go

"dunno, I missed you" she said shrugging "are you leaving somewhere?" ahe asked turning to ron. We exchanged a knowing look. Ginny knew stuff when it involved harry, it was curious and romantic at the same time. "no, well I dunno"

we marched back into the house and onto the living room to the weasleys