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we all went inside to the living room, and George was no where in sight, the wire less was playing and
fleur was helping get the dinner ready, fleur was now ten months pregnant and she was four days late. she, being a veela glowed but now she was radiating, pregnancy tend to do that but she was physically glowing a silver light.

"harry, dear!" said coming over to give each of us a hug "hermione! c'mon, c'mon we'll be all girl in the kitchen, boys out!" she dragged ginny who was clinging to harry, ron raised his eye brows "out?"

"yes, yes. your father is having a drink with bill and George" she said waving a hand and pushing them out side

"apparently, you men have to have man-to-man talk" she giggled. i an beginning worry weather gave her some fire whiskey. ron and harry were soon outside. we floowed into the kitchen,

"hello hermione" a familiar voice said from behind me, i spinned around to see..

"ANGELINA!" i all but yelled, laughing she had pulled me into a hug,

Angelina Johnson the griffyndor qudditch player was more close to the twins, harry and ron than they're to me, but she was a great friend. I've seen so rarely of my other friends at Hogwarts except padma who was working in diagon alley.

"wow, it's so great to see you again" i said pulling back "what brings you here?"

Angelina turned a twinge shade of red "i'm dating George now"


i knew she used to go out with the twins sometimes, she loved their jokes and laughed with them. but i had not realized they were still together. more suprisingly George never brought a girl home, this is...most certainly is surprising

"we've been going out for two months and he said maybe we'd visit his family...but i do know half the family so..." she grinned at ginny and .

"i'm happy for two" i said whole heatedly

"me too" she gazed back out the window as she sliced the carrot with her wand

ginny grinned and turned back into getting the plates out

"help me with the spaghetti hermione?" asked. "of course" i said and ventured to help her out

as soon we were out of ear shot of the others i turned to molly

"Angelina is really nice" i said tensely, i all too well knew was observing when it came to her children's love lives. she had accepted me well and for that i was grateful for her, she understood very well and just clapped ron on the back and laughed "good catch son!"

"she is" said to my surprise "I've never seen George happy since..well...he died" she whispered. took the death of her son better than anyone, she was grieving but she knew she had to stay strong for her family's sake.

after about thirty minutes of talk about pregnancy, the famous cook Mrs. whittler's new book 'Charm Your Own Dinner' and settling the flying pumpkin courtesy of ginny. dinner was huge wooden table was laid out side the burrow backyard under the sky with ten chairs around it.

Mrs.weasley really had out done herself today

i thought, she always prepares a great spread. fleur was probably the only one who was second to her. the time we stayed at shell cottage during the hunt of hocruxses if we hadn't been laden with the weight of things i would've enjoyed fleur's dinner very much...i'd rather not mention this to ginny as she still holds grudge against phlemg thought t eased after fleur accompanied harry to the burrow two years ago, with great risk. that wold never be pulled out a chair for me and sat down beside me. soon everyone was eating and chatting about what they've been and ron expressed their delight at seeing Angelina again.

Mr. and Mrs. weasley sat at the either end of the table. i listened rather than talk. Mrs. weasley was talking to ron and George about his joke shop.

"it isn't going too well, i mean the customers are coning but not much new stuff to sell" he was saying

"well don't worry dear" said reassuringly "it'll just take a few days"

at the far end and harry was discussing the ministry's decision to put Percy into the official, to was not yet reached only ministry has been informed, everyone was happy for Percy, he had improved after the battle.

"we've been trying to get an appointment with the daily prophet" said harry.

"ofcource otherwise that skeeter woman might get..." Mr weasley replied

"but i juzt know ze baby eez going to be a girl!' fleur declared "i love it, but if out would get out...i'd love it more..."

"ofcource, mother knows best as we say" Angelina replied intelligently

during mid dinner ginny cleared her throat. evryone turned their attention to her

"i..uh..have some news" she said standing up. i saw harry take her hand under the table

"well, you see" ginny started "you're not pregnant are you?"ron barked out, everyone glared at her included harry and me

i slapped his arm. trust ron to do that, i got a 'hey' back rubbing his arm. oops! guess a bit too hard.

"well, you see" ginny continued as if nothing happened " i got an offer from gwenog Jones"

"what?"i sighed, ron really can't control himself, maybe distract him...nope his parents were hear. not a good idea

"she want me to join the team, yes ron the Holly Head Harpies !" she added to ron who was going to make a another interruption.

everyone slowly took the news in while ginny looked around nervously.

"blimey! gin" bill said finally " can't say i'm surprised!"

Mrs. weasley stood up and hugged her daughter. "that is wonderful !" she cried

"wow, ginny you'd be great" said Angelina sincerely.

everyone congratulated ginny and . even fleur said "zis is wonderful, eet is great!"

dinner soon ended with the euphoria of ginny's news...it always ended as this.

i growing up as only child loved ron's family, they were my family. everyone had each other's backs

after we cleaned. the person who cooked, did not clean so the girls cleared the plates and the boys took out the table and chairs.

some remained in the living room listening to the wireless, it was playing a song called 'A Cauldron Full Of Hot Strong love' (A/N THE SONG IS FROM THE HP BOOK SIX)

ginny was leaning against harry's legs and playing chess with ron. Mr and Mrs. weasley was was looking at and old album and sitting by the fire. Angelina and George was curled up at the old sofa near the window. they do seem in love, the song was coming to an end

'...and now you've torn it quite apart

i'll thank you to give back my heart'

the song ended with a very high pitched note. fleur gave a relived exhale." zat was over! zank goodness...it was ze most 'orrible, ze baby do not like it..."

"i am goeeng to bed" she stood up with her big belly "bonsoir !" she turned to gaze at bill "aren't you coming!" her eyes turned a slight dark..veela...

bill stood up with her and helped up the stair case.

"you know what" ginny said quickly " you hold her nose and i'll blow into her then the kid will just" she made a popping noise "right out!" (A/N QUOTE FROM FRIENDS THAT I LOVE TO USE, THOUGH NO PREGNANT FRIENDS SO..)

everyone laughed and snapped "ginny" she said disappointingly "she is uncomfortable the baby is late, it's bound to be"

soon harry and ginny dissapeared upstairs and soon it was just ron and me. i soon said kissed ron goodnight and bid good night to Angelina and George and went up the stairs, thought on my way i saw PDA from harry and ginny, i quickly turned around causing my head to bump on the pole.
rubbing my head i got to bed change and tried to sleep and get the images out of my head.

i began wondering about bill and fleur, they are married and happy with a baby..

i wish i'd be married happily. but don't push things too far that would ruin everything i know ron loves me and love him back so that's enough for now

soon i fell into a dream less sleep...

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