Chapter 1: Arrival

"We will be preparing to land shortly onto Pokémon Island, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing."

"Finally" Justin thought to himself. The plane ride took longer than he had expected and his whole body began to feel stiff from sitting for twelve hours. But, he knew things were only going to get better because he was going to Pokémon Academy. His hair was jet black and wavy, he was about 5'8 and still growing, he was still only 15. His black jacket and black pants grew warm with the sunlight that hit him through the window. His skin is brown and his eyes an even deeper shade of brown. He fiddled with his necklace which had a tooth from a Sharpedo he found in Undella Town's beach. He was too anxious to remain still. He still couldn't believe that he had been chosen to go to such a top-level school. He began to drift back to six months ago, when he first met that Scott person…

"Jeez I'm nervous" he said. He looked down and saw that he was sweating and shaking.

"Don't worry, you got this." His dad said. He wanted to, needed to reassure his son. He had made it to the final round of the Aspertia City Tournament. It was his first time ever making it past the preliminary rounds and now here he was, about to enter the final round against one of his best friends.

"Listen son I know what you're capable of, you've trained your team well over the past three months. Don't let yourself break now. You can do it." Justin's dad ruffled his wavy black hair and said, "Me and your mom will be cheering you on with rest of your friends from the stands." Justin felt reassured and was about to run out to the arena when his dad shouted back at him saying, "I can't wait for the whole damn city to see what my boy can do." That's what killed all the confidence he had just mustered up. He couldn't perform well when under the eyes of so many spectators; he just barely managed to win during the semi-finals. He got lucky when his opponent, a very cocky trainer from Virbank City, started to gloat and flirt with a girl in the stands and Justin to finally mustered the courage to to give a command to his pokemon to knock out his opponent's strongest and final pokemon.

"I. Can. Do. This." With that he ran out of the locker room and onto the field. The sun hit his brown skin and after getting the glare out of his eyes he looked around the roaring crowd to try and find his family in the stands. He saw them and they waved and shouted raised signs that said "Go Justin!" and other cheesy ones. He sighed at his families' corniness when his opponent yelled,

"HEY! Don't look so happy yet Justin, you still have to face me." His opponent in the finals was his best friend Nathan Black. Nathan wore a blue jacket with white shorts and his trademark visor that kept his wild hair from falling in his face. This is the other reason he felt so nervous, Nate was better than he was; Justin had never managed to beat him when they battled. Also, Nate worked well under pressure. Justin gulped and thought,

"I'm screwed."

The referee took his position at the side of the field and said,

"This battle is the final match of the Aspertia City Tournament and is between Nathan Black and Justin Evoran and will be a three-on three match! Trainers are you ready?" Nate wasted no time getting his pokemon out.

"Yep, Go Tranquil!" Out of the ball came an elegant bird pokemon that looked like a dove, but still slightly pigeon like

"L-let's go Gligar!" The purple flying scorpion emerged gliding straight for Tranquil without a command. "W-wait G-gligar!" The pokemon paid Justin no mind and went right into a Quick Attack.

"Tranquil dodge and then use Air Cutter!" The Tranquil dodged the attack easily and flapped its wings sending sharp blades of air towards Gligar. Justin was about to tell Gligar to dodge, but the words would not come out.

"No not now!" he thought. Gligar took the attack full force and fell to the ground. After struggling to think of what to do he said absentmindedly, "Gligar, Slash!"

"Gligar!" The pokemon exclaimed, lifting off the ground and dived right for Tranquil.

"Tranquil use Wing Attack!" The bird pokemon chirped and soared with glowing wings.

The two pokemon collided in midair and after they passed each other it was obvious who had won. Gligar plummeted down from the sky unconscious. Justin ran out to the middle of the field and caught his injured pokemon.

"I'm sorry Gligar, take a good rest." He recalled Gligar and went back to his side of the field. He was angry, no, furious that his silly fear made him too nervous to support his partners. He clenched his fist and called out his Scyther.

"Scyther!" The green mantis pokemon was ready to battle! He knew that his Scyther was at type disadvantage, but Scyther had an ace in the hole…..

"C'mon Justin, I know you can do better! Just focus on the battle and nothing else."

Nate was good friend. Even though that he was his opponent in the finals, he still tried to help him. Justin smiled and yelled to Nate,

"Don't worry I won't let you down!"

"That's the spirit! Tranquil use Aerial Ace!" The bird pokemon dove in at a remarkable speed.

Justin was concentrating; nothing else was in his mind except the battle in front of him. Everything seemed to slow down when he concentrated like this he took his time and analyzed the situation. He didn't know what was happening, but it felt like he could take on the world.

"A counterattack would fail due to Tranquil's speed, but if I throw off its timing….."

"Scyther use Agility!" The mantis pokemon moved like a ghost, seemingly teleporting to the side. Nate's Tranquil was too far in the attack to change direction or stop. Nate knew Tranquil was now wide open to an attack from the back, so he went to recall Tranquil.

"Tranquil return!"

"I was hoping you'd do that! Scyther use Pursuit!"

Scyther met the fleeing Tranquil nearly instantaneously. Scyther made a near invisible attack with its scythes and Tranquil fell unconscious before the beam of the pokeball could reach it.

"What just happened!?" Nate was in complete shock! Justin knew this and was proud in his actions. His mind returned to the cheering crowd and he heard his family yell and cheer the loudest.

"Pursuit is a move that lets the attacker hit a retreating pokemon with double the damage!"

Nate laughed and reached for his next pokeball.

"You know, I didn't see that coming at all. You've improved. Well, I won't let you beat me this easily, I worked hard to get here!"

"Same for me Nate." He could see Nate was ready to go all out now his eyes gleamed with the desire to win.

"Go Krokorok!" Nate's second strongest pokemon was one Justin knew well. He's seen Nate train and battle with it numerous times and knew what its strengths and weaknesses were. "Krokorok use Dig!"

"Krok!" The desert crocodile burrowed under the ground and Justin knew what it was about to do.

"Scyther jump!" Krokorok emerged from the ground and had multiple rocks in its arms.

"Krokorok, Rock Slide" Justin had already knew this was going to happen, this was Krokorok's signature combination.

"Scyther use Razor Wind!" Scyther launched multiple sharp blades of wind which sliced through the rocks cleanly and scored a direct hit onto Krokorok. Why did Nate use such a predictable strategy?

" Krokorok you okay?"

"Krok!" The pokemon was still standing firm and remained in place.

"Scyther use Quick Attack!" While Scyther charged from the air, Krokorok still remained still. "Why hasn't Nate given Krokorok a command?" Justin was lost in thought.

"Krokorok use Stone Edge!"

"Crap! Nate wanted to lure Scyther in so it could get point-blank hit!"

The pointed stones hit Scyther hard and Justin knew Scyther was out, but its Quick Attack still connected. Both pokemon fell to the ground, taking too much damage to remain standing. Both trainers returned their pokemon and looked at each other.

"So now it's one-on-one, eh Justin?" Nate looked deadly serious now and the audience fell silent.

"Yep. I suppose you know who I'm going to send out don't you?"

"And you know I'm going to choose to I'm guessing."

Both trainers threw their pokeballs.

"Go Servine!"

"Go Dewott!"

Justin's Dewott was at a distinct type advantage, but he didn't care. He knew his Dewott wanted to face Nates Servine again. Those two pokemon, like their trainers, had a friendly rivalry. Both wanted show their respective trainers their full potential.

"Dewott, Razor Shell

"Servine,Leaf Blade!"

Both pokemon focused all their available powers to their respective attacks, both of them were planning to end it with just one strike. Dewott charged forward with its shells emitting a blue aura that resembled a blade and Servine with its tail glowing a verdant green which now looked like a sword.

Both attacks hit at the same time, none saw any of the strikes connect. They remained still after they crossed each other. Dewott fell to a knee, struggling to remain standing,

"Dewott hang in there!" Justin was worried about his partner. His first pokemon was always willing to help him no matter what. He wanted to win this tournament for his pokemon just as much as he wanted to win it personally.

Servine appeared unscathed and smile feeling victorious.

"Servine lets end this! Leaf Blade!" Nate was triumphant and Justin could only feel disappointed to have come so far and have lost. Nate's Servine took a step forward, but suddenly a surprised look was in its eyes.

"S-servine?" Nate looked worried about his partner.

"Ser-ser-vine…." Servine collapsed unconscious, a long cut at its side.

The referee took his flags out and said to the audience,

"Servine is unable to battle! The winner of the match and of the Aspertia City Tournament is Justin Evoran and Dewott!"

The crowd roared with applause and Dewott crossed its arms and smiled at his trainer, but was confused as to why he was trembling, hadn't they just won?

"Wott?' Dewott approached its trainer and looked up and was surprised to see that he was tearing up.

Justin couldn't stop shaking, he was too happy. He looked down at Dewott and said,

"We did partner! We won!" He was too into his personal celebration that he didn't notice Nate walk up towards him. He extended his hand and said quietly,

"Congrats Justin."

"You aren't mad at me?" This took Nate by surprise. He even looked a little hurt.

"No! Well I am mad….but not at you. It's myself I'm mad at. I wasn't bringing out my team's full potential. You beat me fair and square. Well you better get going over to the awards table; I heard that the surprise is a rare pokemon." With that Nate playfully pushed Justin in the direction of the awards table.

Alder, the previous pokemon champion from two years ago, approached Justin with a pokeball in his hands.

"Justin! You have displayed here today that you and your pokemon are some of the strongest Aspertia City has to offer!" There was a large cheer from the crowd, Justin could see his family over Alder's shoulder, His dad was also tearing up and his mom had the look of pure pride on her face. He could see her mouth the words, "That's my boy."

"I present to you Justin, this rare pokemon!" Alder released the pokemon and out of it came an Eevee. "Take it and raise it with the same care and respect you have shown your other pokemon."

His celebration lasted a while and he and his family were about to leave the arena. It was close to midnight and everyone was beat from today. Justin told his family that he needed to use the restroom so he went to the nearest one he could find. He was about to open the door when a rather large man with curly brown hair, shorts, sunglasses, and a turquoise Hawaiian print approached him.

"Congrats on the win today Justin." He sounded like he knew Justin personally and quite frankly; this made Justin a bit nervous.

"Thanks uhhhh….." He didn't want to sound rude, but he didn't want to be too friendly either.

"My name is Scott; it's a pleasure to meet you." He extended his hand and Justin shook it reluctantly.

"So, uh, Scott not to be rude but…."

"Let me guess… You're wondering why I'm here. Well you see I'm on the lookout for talented trainers, so I came here to Unova to scout. I happened to see a poster advertising this tournament so I decided to check it out. You've got some serious talent young man, You and your pokemon have what it takes so I've decided to make you a proposition."

"What kind of proposition?" Justin asked a little more eagerly than he meant to. He had never been praised for his battle prowess before by a complete stranger before.

"I want to personally invite you to Pokémon Academy, the number one school for sharpening your skills and learning all about our companions, pokemon!"

Justin's jaw dropped. He was being invited to Pokémon Academy? Him? He always wanted to go there! It was like a dream come true, but then reality hit him. Would his parents allow him to go there?

"So what's your answer Justin? Ready to sign up?" He had a large grin and an expectant face.

Justin wanted to say yes, but he had to talk to his parents first. It took him an immense amount of willpower to not say yes. Scott must have been a salesman in the past because his offer definitely sounded like something a salesman would say.

"I…..have to ask my parents first." He thought Scott would look disappointed, but he still had that same happy face.

"Of course. This is a big decision after all," He dug into his pocket and pulled out a card, "This is my number. Call me as soon as you have your answer, but don't wait too long, I'm leaving in three days."

"Son what's taking you so long?!" His dad sounded worried.

"I've got to go, but I'll definitely have an answer for you….

"We have now landed in Pokémon Island Airport; you may grab your belongings and exit the plane. Have a safe tip and thank you for flying Mistralton Airlines."

Justin grabbed his things and luggage and went to the airport's Pokémon Center to retrieve his team. He had sent them by using the PokeTransfer Machine in the Aspertia center. He had heard of pokemon being stolen from trainer's luggage numerous times and didn't want to take that risk. He walked outside and released his teammates. He pointed straight ahead of him and said,

"Guys…..WE'RE HERE!"

There it was a shimmering, sparkling center of learning…. He had arrived at Pokémon Academy.

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