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Chapter 31: Teacher vs. Student

Justin stood at his side of the field with Dewott beside him, his partner shaking and for good reason. His opponent was unlike any other he had faced. It was his mentor, friend, and most importantly, the Sinnoh League Champion. Cynthia was standing beside her Garchomp, her strongest Pokemon, with her golden hair fluttering in the breeze. Justin could feel the intensity in her stare. Cynthia's stormy eyes looked at him with a degree of focus and determination Justin had never seen before. He knew that there would be no punches pulled in this battle.

"Are you ready Justin?" Cynthia called out to him from across the clearing. Justin simply nodded his head in response not wanting to interrupt his thought process at the moment. He was busy trying to find a, if any, weakness in Cynthia's Garchomp. "Very well then... Garchomp!" At its trainer's order, the Mach Pokemon stood in front of Cynthia with it's fangs bared, a soft but deep growl coming from it.

"Dewott..." Justin's partner looked to him and huffed.

"Wott!" It exclaimed with confidence, pounding its chest with its fist for emphasis.

"Let's do this!" With his words, Dewott jumped to the front, staring down Garchomp, shells at the ready. Cynthia didn't appear to have any intention of making the first move so Justin seized the initiative. Garchomp was a dragon and ground type making it's weakness to ice-type moves a huge problem. If Justin could land a successful Ice Beam, he may have a chance of winning. However that was far easier said than done.

"Dewott use Ice Beam!" Dewott unleashed a freezing ray of energy from its mouth directly at Garchomp. In almost an instant, Garchomp moved out of the way of the attack's way and made a beeline for Dewott. "Quick Dewott use Water Pulse on the ground!" As instructed, Dewott fired the sphere of concussive water at the ground causing a cloud of dust to sbroud Dewott from sight. Garchomp hesitated slightly when it saw the dust cloud rise, but only for a second and it continued its charge. That second of hesitation was all Dewott needed to get out of the way, but it wouldn't work a second time.

Once again, with no orders from Cynthia, who still stood still watching the events of the battle vigilantly, Garchomp charged Dewott. "Dewott use Ice Beam!" Now that Garchomp was in motion, it would be more difficult to dodge the attack this time. As the beam neared it's intended target, Garchomp jumped up into the air to avoid it, just what Justin planned on. "Dewott, fire into the air!" Dewott redirected the blast into the air and towards Garchomp's position. There was no where for it to go now.

Garchomp simply glanced at the attack and tucked in its arms and suddenly flew forward in a sudden burst of speed. The Ice Beam completely missed it and now Garchomp was circling around after dodging and heading towards Dewott at an incredible speed, looking almost like a jet.

"Dragon Rush." Cynthia said her first order of the match calmly and almost instantly afterward, the flying Garchomp became cloaked in a purplish energy in the shape of a dragon roaring.

Dewott didn't need Justin to tell it to get out of the way. Justin's partner used Aqua Jet to quickly propel itself out of the way just in time to dodge the attack, but the speed Garchomp passed by blew Dewott back and onto the ground. "Dewott you okay?" Dewott got back up and gave Justin a smile and nod. Justin looked toward Cynthia and he took note of how composed she was. Cynthia had far more experience than Justin in battles and she was much more in sync with her Pokemon. Garchomp and Cynthia could communicate without any words. They had the upmost faith in each other's abilities.

"Dewott, you ready?" Justin's partner nodded, it's face focused on the giant dragon type in front of it. If the two do then were going to beat Cybthia and Garchomp, theh would have to play the battle smart. "Let's use Water Pulse on the ground again!" Dewott once again used the concussive sphere of water to launch a cloud of dust around it.

"The same tactic won't world twice Justin! Garchomp use Dragon Rush straight through the dust!" Garchomp prepped it's attack once again and charged straight through the cloud of dust. The Mach Pokemon emerged from the other side of the cloud with a surprised look in it's feral yellow eyes from having not hit anything. "Garchomp above you!" Cynthia called out. Above the battle, Dewott rose up using Aqua Jet to gain altitude.

"Dewott use Ice Beam!" Justin saw as the stream of icy energy came down towards Garchomp.

"Evade the attacks Garchomp!" Grachomp sidestepped to dodge the rain of Ice Beams Dewott was unleashing, but slowly, Justin's grand plan was coming into play. He knew that from such a height, Dewott would have difficulty aiming a direct hit onto Garchomp, and that's exactly what he was counting on.

Garchomp dodged each of the attacks easily, but as it tried to evade another attack, it lost it's balance on a patch of ice from a previous attack.

"Garchomp!" Cynthia looked to her Pokemon worriedly and then to Justin, a small smirk on her face. "So that's your game then?" Justin grinned and nodded.

"I figured a one-on-one battle would be too disadvantageous so I thought I'd even the field changing the terrain to something much more familiar for Dewott." Cynthia chuckled and clapped slowly.

"Very well done. I didn't expect you to change the terrain, but that won't be enough to win you the match. Garchomp!" At it's trainers voice, Garchomp stabilized itself on the now icy surface. "It's time to show them how overwhelming the strength a Pokemon League Champion and her Pokemon truly are!" With a prideful roar, Garchomp stomped and broke the thin ice floor. "There are some opponents that will be too much for you to handle Justin. You need to learn to accept defeat!" Cynthia thrusted her arm outward and Garchomp began to form the fierce aura of its Dragon Rush attack.

However there was something different about Garchomp's attack than before. The energy around it was far more intense, so strong in fact that Justin could feel his skin tingle from it. He peered down at Dewott and saw that it was shaking.

"Dewott." His Pokemon looked to him and he gave it a small nod of reassurance. It was all he could do at this point because there was so much ferocity emanating off of Garchomp, Justin wasn't sure how things were going to end up.

"Garchomp finish this with Dragon Rush!" The Mach Pokemon rocketed towards Dewott, enveloped in it's energy.

"Dewott use Ice Beam! Full power!" Dewott charged the Ice-Type attack, a sphere of pale blue energy hovering out of its mouth, steadily increasing in size. "Fire!" Justin gave the order and Dewott unleashed a vicious stream of energy towards Garchomp. The two attacks collided, Garchomp's charge was stopped by the Ice Beam's impact. Garchomp roared and slowly it pushed forward through the Ice Beam.

"Finish this Garchomp!" Cynthia commanded and Garchomp made a beeline through the attack and landed a direct hit onto Dewott. Justin's Pokemon flew backwards from the impact, it's limp body basing towards a tree.

"Dewott! Justin ran towards its point of impact and caught Dewott before it could hit the hardwood. He held Dewott gingerly and smiled. "You did good pal... Especially considering who were our opponents." Justin recalled Dewott into it's Pokeball and walked over to Cynthia and extended his hand.

The Sinnoh Champion shook his hand and recalled her Garchomp. With a flip of her blonde hair, Cynthia sighed and smiled.

"You impressed me today Justin." She said sweetly.

"How so?" Justin asked questioningly.

"I could tell that you and Dewott trusted each other based on how you acted. Today's battle came down to strength of the Pokemon, not the trainer. I'm confident that if we were battling on even terms... this battle could have gone either way." It made Justin happy to hear that Cynthia felt that way. He had the approval of a champion. "Listen Justin, don't fear failing. It's part of what makes us human. What you learn from those failures can only make you stronger."

"Thanks Cynthia, for everything. I really feel like I can get back to training for the tourney now." Cynthia gave him a smile and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Good to hear. Although I still think you're a little rough around the edges." She joked. In two weeks, Justin would be going against some of the best trainers in his grade and he and his team would have to be ready, but maybe a day-off today wouldn't hurt...

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