This is a one-shot based very loosely on Blood on the Dancefloors song "Innocent High" I didn't put all the lyrics in either. NO BOTDF Haters! It is of course Asura x Maka and Student/Teacher relationship. It's AU and most likely OOC. I had to make some adjustments to make it work but if it's too confusing then just don't read it okay. But if you do like it please review. In this Asura is 18 and Maka is 24(legal).

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Asura was sitting in the perfectly symmetrical class room staring out the window while waiting for the teacher to arrive so they could start the lesson. The classroom was perfectly symmetrical because the school principal Mr Kid Death, has OCD about symmetry or something, he felt sorry for his friend Death who had to deal with him when he went home. Everyone called him by his last name and he would never tell anyone his first name and he always wore black and a cartoon skull mask but he wasn't Emo or Goth, surprisingly he was actually pretty up- beat and cheery but also pretty childish too, right now Death was sitting talking with his other friends Stein and Spirit.

Asura heard giggling behind and didn't even need to turn around to know it was Medusa and Arachnae; they were sisters who lived with their Mother Crona who was the school nurse and her brother Ragnarok. He used to go out with Arachnae till he finally got away from her, she was just way too clingy but she hadn't given up on trying to get back together with him. 'Like that'll ever happen.' He thought, he was not interested in anyone else but his angel. His angel was-

"Good Morning everybody class has started now, please take your seats." Miss Maka said as she strode into the room. She was beautiful; red glasses sat right in front of emerald eyes, her ash blonde hair was back into its usual pigtails and she was wearing her usual white blouse with white and green tie and mid thigh length black skirt she wore black business high heels to make her short stature look slightly taller, she wore no make-up going for a more natural look. 'She's beautiful again today' he thought as she set her stuff down and started to set up everything for the lesson. She was one of the middle school kids, Kami Yamamoto's Aunt, when Kami's mother died she moved in with her as they had always been close. Her last name was Japanese as Miss Maka had originally come from Japan with her older sister and Kami who was 15. Kami was really popular with everybody she was a carbon copy of her Aunt in the looks department but although like her Aunt she was kind and caring Kami was very calm and modest while Maka was determined and passionate.

"Spirit come hand out the test results from last week." Miss Maka said as she handed the papers to spirit to hand out. Spirit was a famous Ladies man and usual an arse-hole to all staff in the school but with Miss Maka he would do everything and anything she asked as the whole school knew he had a major crush on her niece Kami. As he took the papers Asura saw that he accidently brushed Miss Maka's hand and kept it there for a bit too long staring into her eyes as he did it. 'Maybe it's not just the niece then.' Asura thought as he silently fumed in his seat and he wasn't the only one he saw the way his sports teacher Mr Soul Evans looked at her. When the tests were finally handed around he saw he had a B+, not bad but not as good as he wanted either.

The lesson went fairly quickly after that Miss Maka was a good teacher and nobody dared not to pay attention in fear of her ramming a book into their skull with her deadly Maka-chop! He had always liked Miss Maka ever since she saved him from a whole bunch of guys who had tried to beat him up one day for being and 'three eyed freak.' He still remembered what she said to him after she had taken him to the infirmary and cleaned him up.

-Flash back-

Asura was sitting on the infirmary bed waiting for Miss Maka to come back with the bandages. He had various bruises and a few cuts where those idiots had hit him too hard. He was so worthless. He couldn't even fight back he was so afraid he was always afraid and it sucked. He was sick of being this worthless, unnecessary, unwanted person. It was disgusting he thought as he scratched at the skin on his arm.




"STOP! What are you doing?! Don't hurt yourself!" Miss Maka said as she kneeled in front of him and snatched his arm away from his injured one. Not only had those guys broken it he had scratched at it so much that the skin had broken and was bleeding pretty badly.

"I'm so disgusting I couldn't even fight those pathetic little twerps. Maybe they were right maybe I am a freak." Asura whispered sadly.

"No you're not! You are a human being and you deserve to be treated like one!"She said staring fiercely into his eyes. "But why didn't you fight back? Not that you should I'm just asking" she asked curiously.

"I'm scared. I didn't want to get hurt. I'm such a coward."He sneered at himself.

"No you're not. You shouldn't waste your time on punks like them but maybe you should learn to protect yourself, Black*star a friend of mine runs a boxing gym I can ask if he would teach you some self-defence moves if you want" She said smiling up at him.

"It wouldn't make a difference I'm not anybody special I'm just a coward." He said sadly.

"No you are not! You are a brave, handsome, smart young man. Bravery isn't special everyone has it some people are just a bit braver than others. But you are. You didn't run, you didn't cry. You. Are. Brave." She said staring into his eyes.

"Thank you Miss Maka. You're really something else." He said as he gathered her into his arms and hugged her. She was so short, she only just met his chin even with her high heels on then again he was pretty tall at 6"2. Asura was entranced by this girl in his arms. So he did what his heart was telling him to do he leaned down and kissed her.

-End Flashback-

After that they had been secretly dating for about two months. Secretly stealing kisses and making out in the janitors closet but they had never gone further than that. It had taken three months after he had kissed her to finally get her to go out with him he wouldn't rush her on the sex part. Not now at least.

When the class ended Death came up and asked him to come join him and his friends to go do something after school. As normal Asura refused, none of his other friends really liked him and he didn't like them to be honest. So Death went to go join his friends Stein, Spirit, Kami, Azusa, Marie, Sid, Nygus and Justin as they went to the arcade. Once the all class had left Asura secretly locked the door and walked over to Miss Maka's desk.

Come and break me off
Come and take me on
Come and break me off
Come and take me on

Don't need Detention, I'm the snitch; After school make me your bitch
In the hall, flash your tits; Behind the desk, suck my dick

Seesaw, Seesaw, Slide my face up and down
On the desk, By lockers, Fuck me on the playground
I'll make time to get my A from a D
I missed class for this now motherfucking rape me

"Miss Maka you were a bad girl today. I saw you when you bent over in the hall to pick up the paper you dropped. Do you know how horny I was after you flashed me your tits?" Asura purred as he came up behind her and started to suck on her neck.

"I did not!" She yelled blushing.

"Tell that to my dick. I was so hard after that I almost took you out of class and had my way with you." Asura said as he liked up her neck.

"Asura." She moaned "We can't what if someone sees us?"

" I already locked the doors and can't we just pull the blinds." He said not even waiting for her reply before he went and pulled them anyway. The lights were on so he could still see the blushing woman before him. Asura pulled Maka up from her chair and switched their positions so he was sitting down and she was straddling him.

Maka gasped as she felt the bulge in his pants rub her in between her legs, she was already getting a little bit wet thinking of what he had planned for her. Asura smirked as he felt this happen he leaned forward and grabbed her arse pulling her closer to him and crushed her lips to his. He licked her bottom lip to ask for entrance which she willingly gave and immediately met his tongue with hers as they fought for control. While this happened Asura reluctantly let go of her arse to loosen her tie and rip it of her then set to work on her blouse just ripping the buttons off not bothering to undo them before he could get to her bra he felt one of her hands slip under his t-shirt and spread out on his abs. Getting at what she wanted he broke their kiss for a second to rip his shirt off, when his shirt was finally off and flung into some distant corner of a room Maka looked at his chest with hungry eyes and started to kiss him again.

Teacher, teacher, teacher show me your chest.

Ring the school bell it's time for recess.

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher I need and A+

Take off my pants and make me start to bust

Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, I've been a dirty whore
I want your nails on my back like nails on a chalkboard
Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, Keep me after class
I've been a bad boy now take that paddle to my ass

When he finally got her bra off (stupid clasp) he started to massage one of her breasts, they weren't huge but they were enough to get his mind think some really X-rated thoughts, Then he looked up to see her panting and blushing as she straddled him. It was the best thing he'd ever seen.

"You're quite sensitive aren't you?" He teased before he leaned down to suck on the unattended breast.

"Shut up! You-!" She cut off with a moan as he pulled her nipple with his teeth then released it.

"Something's poking me down there."Maka said when he finally let go of her breasts.

"I told you, you made me hard." Asura smirked. He stopped though when Maka leant forward pushing her breasts into his face.

"Really I'd better fix that then." she said as she unzipped his pants.

Like my dick in my pants; It's going up, up, up
Like your mouth on my shaft; It's going down, down, down
You can raise me up, You can break me off
I'm gonna fuck you for an A cause I gotta get my play

Like my dick in my pants; It's going up, up, up
Like your mouth on my shaft; It's going down, down, down
You can raise me up, You can break me off
I'm gonna fuck you for an A cause I gotta get my play

Maka climbed off his lap and knelt down in front of him so she was practically under the desk. He raised his hips and she tugged his pants down just far enough to let his erection free. She grabbed it gently and he hissed as he felt her breath hit it. He watched as Maka licked the head after what seemed like hours, he stayed completely still as she wrapped her lips around it. He gasped as she slowly bobbed her head up and down taking more into her mouth. He started to pant when she also started working with her tongue as she swirled her tongue around it and licked the sensitive underside. He tangled his hands into her hair breaking it out of its pigtails and thrusted shallowly into her mouth, trying not to gag her she stopped bobbing her head up and down instead letting Asura do the work. "I-I'm gonna." Asura panted as he felt his release coming nearer. She ignored him and kept sucking his dick, His panting was getting faster with every lick and suck she gave him. "UH! MAKA!" He screamed as he exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed all of it then looked up and smirked at him. He growled and lifted her up onto the desk "Asura? wha-!" She was cut off as tore off her skirt and panties and he slipped one finger inside her 'She's perfect.' he thought as he slipped another finger into her making her cry out He started pumping his fingers in to her making her groan and whimper in need. He needed to stretch her out a bit more so he scissored his finger slightly making her yelp.

"I can never have enough of you" He growled nipping her neck a bit. As he thrust his fingers in again he hit a spot that made her cry out and buck her hips. Asura pulled his fingers out from her and licked them clean when she thought he was done and going to take her he kneeled down in front of her and let his tongue continue what his fingers were doing.

Maka gasped as she felt his tongue slip inside her, tasting every inch of her. Asura was delighted with her tightly squeezing on his tongue he went even deeper to hit that spot and when he did she felt the familiar feeling in her stomach as he kept licking the spot over and over again fogging Maka's mind. As she drew closer to her climax her body started to tremble and her back started to arch before she finally released. Asura lapped up her cum eagerly and licked his lips to savour the taste before sliding up her body and kissing her on the lips. Maka blushed tasting herself on him as he kissed her deeply.

My desk is gonna slap that ass, The test; Oral, I think I'll pass
Throw me up against the desk, Throw me up against the desk
I think *ha ha* I think I'm gonna pass this test

"I love you Maka." He said staring straight into her eyes.

"I love you two Asura." She said kissing him deeply.

Asura put on a condom and then lined himself up with her entrance as she wrapped her legs around his waist. As he slid in He thought 'Fuck! She's so warm. How could I ever live without this?" At first he set a slow pace but then he started to slam into her as Maka yelled for him to go faster and harder until they both came.

"ASURA!" Maka screamed as she came.

"Maka!" he yelled as he released and his seed filled her as it filled her up Asura's mark of insanity appeared over her heart. He thrusted a few more times before he pulled out. He released Maka's hands and pulled her in close wrapping his arms around her.

"Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, You're my sexy angel of love
I'll be your book worm and give you all my love"
He said as they kissed one last time.

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