Eight sweeps had passed since their wriggling day. Eight long sweeps of relationships and heartbreak. Promises and allegiances. All manner of things happening between twelve good friends from every color of the hemospectrum. It seemed only yesterday that Karkat's blood color was made known, as his rants and raves were made publicly. He went on and on about how the hemospectrum sucked. How it needed to be changed. Nobody would answer his call except a few. His friend Sollux, a gifted psionic would stand at his side. Tavros, with his newly healed legs would stand at the other. Nepeta would be in the crowd, cheering him on, though her voice was the only one raised in agreement.

Terezi, as an up and coming new Legislacerator, was put on the case of finding him and putting a stop to his rampage. But this was her good friend. She couldn't bear to do anything against him. Under the cover of daylight, the young troll made plans for an escape for Karkat and his followers. With the four of them safely on the ship, and out of sight, she could only hope that they would be safe out there. Among those who were afraid that they would never be seen again was Sollux's matesprite, Aradia. As much as she agreed with Karkat's every point, she could not leave with him, as she had an agenda of her own that she still had to get done on Alternia.

Vriska, while agreeing with her friend on a few points, had her own agenda to do. With her Ancestor's journal, it was all too clear what she would be doing with her life. Piracy would be in her future, but not quite in the same way. She would just need a space ship instead, as she was soon to be banished from her home world. So she called on her neighbor and friend, Equius. While he had his reservations, he made the plans and began construction on a ship that would take nearly two sweeps to build.

Meanwhile Gamzee was training hard to be a subjuggulator, and hadn't really been paying much attention to the subject at hand, though he wasn't going to lie and say he wasn't behind his Moirail with whatever he wanted to do. Kanaya was likewise engaged with the duties of her blood caste. Had she not been caring for the mother grub, she would have been off-world with Karkat in an instant. Her friends meant more to her than anything else in the world. But she had a job to do, and she would be of no use to Karkat if she was culled.

Under the waters of Alternia, things were a bit more tense. Eridan was still feeding Gl'bgolyb for Feferi, and trying to keep her calm while she fretted and worried about her upcoming battle with the Condescension. They could often be heard arguing over whether or not she should actually even go through with the fight. She would insist that she had to. That someone had to stand up to her, even if the outcome was death. Eridan would constantly try to talk her out of it, and comfort her when she began to panic and cry. He had sworn that he would always be there to protect her.

But how was he supposed to save her from this fate? How could he save her from something that they had all known was coming when she matured? What could he possibly do? He would lose sleep for days at a time, trying desperately to find something. Some loophole that he could exploit, some way to talk his friend out of this suicide mission. But Feferi would not be dissuaded. She was resolute in her choice, and begged his silence on the matter. While in her presence, he never brought it up again, though in the wee hours of twilight, a plan as slowly forming as he made arrangements, deals, and called in favors.

He was not going to lose his best friend to the Condesce. Not today. Not ever. He would put a stop to this if it was the last thing he ever did.