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Chapter One: Unexpected

It was unexpected, to say the least.

Definitely not something that was planned, though with a girl as unpredictable as the salamander, Cobra guessed, nothing was ever really planned out and that she merely acted on instinct, doing whatever she deemed right in the moment

So maybe that's why...

"Why did you...?"He asked softly, his voice trailing off from where he sat on his knees, his back still giving off a faint burning sensation from where Brain had struck him, shocking both him and the pink-haired dragon slayer whom he was seconds from finishing off after she had finally succumbed to the effects of his poison falling to the ground along with the cat.

Natsu didn't answer, her eyes still blazing with fury as fire cloaked her fist. Slowly she walked forward, somewhat sluggish given how weak she still felt but, she didn't let that stop her as she stalked over to where she had just sent the traitorous leader of the Oracian Seis flying, crashing into a nearby building.

If there was one thing Natsu detested more than anything, it was when people mistreated their own nakama.

I have no more need for you Cobra, rest in peace

It was at that moment Natsu found strength she didn't know she had left, grasping Cobra who was down on his knees in front of her just in time to pull him out of the way of Brains blast that would have finished him off

Startled, Cobra stumbled forward a bit, feeling himself collide with something soft and warm he didn't recognize until he looked up and saw the enraged face of Natsu Dragneel glaring daggers at his former leader

"Wh-why...did you?"

"What the hell is your problem? Isn't he your nakama? Aren't you two supposed to be allies or something!?" She growled, managing to rise to her feet shocking both the dark guild members with what should have been an impossible feat

"O-oi! How the hell are you able to stand? The poison-

"Don't worry about me" she said, cutting him off. Fire suddenly engulfed her fist as she sprang forward letting out a roar of rage, smashing her fist into Brain's face at a lightning speed, and sending him flying backwards

"Anyone who doesn't care for their nakama like they should...have to answer to me!"Natsu declared proudly

Cobra was stunned.

'This girl, she's a monster! She shouldn't even be able to stand in her condition...let alone...'


"Huh, Salamander!?"He called out rushing forward after seeing the girl's body go limp colliding face first with the ground as she had reached her limit, finally slipping into unconsciousness

'You've gotta be freakin kidding me!'Cobra mentally scolded, the girl had the predictability of one of Midnights 'tantrums' after being woken up for no good reason

"Natsu!" Happy cried out in concern for his friend

Cobra skidded to a halt kneeling down beside her, not thinking as he brought her head to rest against his lap hearing the low sound of her breathing as he did so

'The poison! What should I...'

He grit his teeth in frustration, pounding a fist in the dirt as indecision racked his mind, on one hand this girl did technically just save him, but...they were technically still enemies, weren't they...?

Not that he could even grasp why the hell the idiot had done so in the first place, it wasn't like Cobra had asked her to or something, he scoffed at the idea of asking someone as simple-minded as her for any kind of help, however for some reason he couldn't bring himself to just leave her where she was, just as he thought he should

"What should I do?" he muttered, a small part of him actually considering saving her, at least from his poison which, he did have control over.

"You should just stay still and die along with that girl!"

Cobra flinched looking back and seeing Brain was now back on his feet rubbing his jaw where he had been hit, and looking none too happy about it.

Cobra glared at him.

"Brain" He said through clenched teeth

The Oracian leader smirked looking between Cobra and the unconscious Natsu

"Well, well now I get to kill two dragon slayers instead of just one, how fortunate" Brain announced, pointing his staff towards the two.

"Damn you!"Cobra cursed, his own body feeling too exhausted to move from the fight he was just in, as a green light began to build in the orb part of the staff, cobra bit against his lower lip, maybe...maybe he could get away if he left the girl to be struck down...?

He finds himself staring down at the fire wielding dragon slayer, swallowing a lump that had risen in his throat

He really didn't feel like dying today to be frank. He shifted his leg just a bit as the energy from Brain's staff shot forward signaling the end of his decision time. His instincts took over and for some unknown reason he didn't get up to run instead remaining where he was choosing death along with the idiot who was foolish enough to try and save his life.

'Gomen...Cubelios, my prayer...to hear your voice...'

Wordlessly his eyes closed as a single tear fell to the ground below him just as the magic made contact, or so Cobra thought

"Get down!"Natsu cried, miraculously regaining consciousness at the last second, shoving Cobra down against the ground with her sprawled on top of him as the green blast flew over their heads. Cobra's eyes shot open, his violet colored eyes meeting the fierce brown ones as they bore into him

His heart was racing against his chest form having just escaped death twice now, all thanks to the pink-haired girl. Her ragged breaths of air fanned against his lips, the purplish bags under her eyes had grown heavier over the course of just a few minutes

"You..."Cobra began, only to pause when he noticed how heavy her chest was heaving, showing a lack of oxygen getting to her lungs, her arms struggling to support her weight on top of him

"Don't talk for a minute, let me think" Natsu rasped, no doubt exhausted beyond belief form pushing herself too hard Cobra thought with his brow twitching in annoyance at the irony of her statement. It was like the cat said, she didn't really seem to be the type to think first before acting rashly...

'Then again' Cobra debated 'Her idiocy has saved my life twice so far'


Natsu turned while Brain cursed seeing the appearance of Lucy, Gray and...

"Oi, Who're you again?"Natsu called out to Jura making the three sweatdrop at their friend's stupidity, shaking their heads in a show of disappointment

"Half of the six generals have been defeated," Brain announced "their stars have fallen"

He then shifted his attention back towards Natsu who unknowingly was still atop Cobra

"Or at least some have, however, I was unaware that you had taken such a "Liking" to Cobra-san, eh Salamander?"He mused with a light smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth when Natsu blinked dumbfounded at, him clearly not understanding what was implied until he heard Lucy shriek in shock pointing an accusing finger towards her as she spoke

"N-Nastu, w-why are you like that!? Wh-what the heck happened!"she yelped

"Huh? What do you mean, I..."Natsu trailed off when she saw how she was straddling cobras hips, her hands flat on either side of his face as the said poison user was trying in vain to hide a light tint of pink adorning his cheeks from embarrassment, instantly Natsu lit up like a Christmas tree, sweat cascading down her brow as she realized how wrong this looked right now

"I-I would have never guessed dragon slayers could be so...intimate, and with an enemy no less..."Jura mumbled under his breath

"Shut up! This isn't what it looks like, I swear!"Natsu yelled indignantly accompanied by a red-faced Cobra who wished he had actually been hit just a few minutes ago right now

"Salamander, get off me "he grumbled, Natsu quickly obliged scampering to her feet as he did the same, though he stood a few more centimeters away just to be safe

"Wait, did that Cobra guy... maybe change too, just like Richard-san?" Lucy inquired from where her and the other two newcomers stood recalling the member of Oracian Seis, whose personality had shifted under the influence of Nirvana, using his real name Richard instead of his codename Hot-Eye.

"What? Shifted? What are you talking about?"Cobra called out being able to hear them from far away

"No, I do not think that is the case, but for whatever reason he doesn't seem to be our main concern right now" Jura said judging from Cobras tone, he figured whatever happened they could afford to find out later "Right now, we must focus on stopping Brain, and thus Nirvana itself!"