What Now?

The tall, lean, gangly, raven-haired boy, once known as King Edmund, the Just, Duke of Lantern Waste, Count of Western March, etc., in the land of Narnia, walked down the sixteen steps of the staircase in his pleasant house in Finchley. Turning right, he entered the parlour of his house to find his father, mother, sisters and brother there. His father, Roger Pevensie and brother Peter Pevensie were playing chess, his mother was knitting and his dark-haired elder sister was turning his younger sisters untameable hair (just like her untameable spirit) into an elegant braid.

"So...What are we going to do today?" He pleasantly asked, seating himself next to his father.

"We are actually waiting." His golden and magnificent brother informed him without looking up from the board.

"Waiting?" Edmund was confused. "Waiting for what?"

Lucy, the youngest Pevensie was the one to answer him. "Waiting for the author to make us show some family bonding."

The once Gentle Queen then added with sarcasm-loaded voice. "Then show me that all my happy, family moments will be gone." She was at last done with her sister's hair and so tied the end with a ribbon.

"It's all-right Butterfly. You know we will always love you, no matter what." Her father said in his firm yet soothing voice.

"Hey, maybe we should frighten away Susie's new date." Peter suggested with glowing eyes to his brother. "We will be able to get rid of yet another headache and the author will get a new story to write about."

"Don't you even think about that Peter." Susan shouted throwing a cushion at him.

Others burst out laughing while Peter protested as the cushion crashed against the board, sending the pieces flying. "Hey, shouting and throwing cushions at your brother is not a very lady-like behaviour, dear sister mine."

Susan Pevensie only humped while it was the youngest Pevensie's turn to come up with a suggestion. "Maybe we should make cookies once again. ZahraQ enjoyed writing that one."

"No way" Mrs. Pevensie firmly replied, her resolve not budging at all, even at the puppy-dog look she received from three of her children. "Last time you all entered kitchen, it took me three days straight to clean it, that too with dear Susan's help."

"How about like the last chapter? The one about someone's return from the war?" Roger Pevensie's suggestion came.

"No, that was boring." Edmund shook his head. "No one even reviewed that one. Besides, for someone to return from war, they had to go to the war first and none of us have any desire to be separated just yet."

"What else can be written?" Lucy mused.

"May be the nonsense we are talking right now?" Peter shrugged, picking up the chess set and packing it in its wooden case.

"Really?" Susan asked incredulously. "The only good that can come out of this discussion is several brightly lit flames that the poor girl can use for keeping herself warm as the cold-waves blow over her country."

"No, she should post this one." Edmund took his brother's side. "And Aslan wishing, people will be so bored that they will leave prompts for her! That's brilliant. ZahraQ, go ahead and post this."

ZahraQ: If I lose any of my frequent readers, I am holding you Pevensie's responsible.

No one listened to her and went about doing their works. All in all, an uneventful day...

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