Chapter 1: Reminisce of Water

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Reminisce of Water

Hydros, Protegenos of primordial water, stared at the young man—a child really, that was supposed to be his host.

Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, twice the savior of the world, and apparently, if Chaos wasn't lying, an accused murderer.

Ironic, considering Perseus did save the world twice. You would think they would know he could never do such horrendous acts.

Based on what Chaos had explained to him, the murders were something that can only be done by someone with control over water. The victims looked like mummified corpse, the water completely drained from them.

And of course the demigod accused Perseus. Those that knew him since the beginning weren't quick to judge—until their own siblings were killed. Especially that girl who was important to the boy, what was her name? Annabelle? Anniebelle? Hydros really didn't care. He only knew that she was the last one to turn against him. She only started accusing him when her brother—Marco? Malcolm?—died.

Three days later, Perseus was exiled. Two weeks later, there were more murders than when Percy was there. It was as if the true murderer was cautious while the son of Poseidon was there but the moment he was gone there was no need for caution anymore. A week after that, they finally faced the truth that they accused the wrong person.

Too late.

That same day two people came back to camp. One, Nico di Angelo has an angry scowl on his face. While the other one, Grover Underwood, was sobbing his heart out.

Hydros remembered the scene Chaos had showed him.

Nico glared angrily at everyone in the dining pavilion with a sobbing Grover behind him. He silently dared everyone to be happy that the 'murdering traitor Percy Jackson' is gone from camp like they had done a week straight after he was exiled.

But nobody did. They all hung their heads in shame. They had exiled a true hero perhaps even led him to his death.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you'll be even happier— " and he said this with enough venom that they knew it's bad news "—with my news. Percy's dead."

Before anyone could react, Nico held one finger to silence them. "Oh no, you don't. None of you deserve to show shock or regret. You expected this. You wanted this to happed three weeks ago. That's why you took his sword away before driving him beyond the border. All of this while he's already dying from his wounds. You must want to know how he died, huh?" Nico sneered at them. Some of them wince.

"Nico…" Someone tried to interject. It was Annabeth. She looked ready to cry. Good, let her be miserable.

"No!" Nico shouted. Then as if a switch was flipped, his angry face melted into a grieving expression.

"It was the spirit of Tartarus…He was so proud that he killed the mighty Percy Jackson that he announced it to the whole Underworld. It was even heard at Mt. Olympus. I just wish you luck right now, even if none of you deserve it. Poseidon was so angry he wanted to kill all of you. It's taking everyone at Olympus to stop him. Oh! Also, that murderer you're looking for? According to Tartarus, Percy's the only one that can kill it." Nico by this time is sneering again. Then he left without another word. The shadows seemingly bending to his will.

That left Grover standing there. His eyes were red from all the crying he'd done. He looked at all of them before shaking his head and then he looked at Chiron who has a grim expression on his face. The centaur was one of the few who believed Percy innocent.

"I need to talk to you Chiron. I have bad news from Olympus. This is worse that Poseidon wanting to destroy Camp half-blood." Grover said in a sad voice.

Chiron sighed before standing up. "Of course." He said and then he walked with Grover out of the dining pavilion.

Hydros' thoughts returned to the boy in front of him. Or more likely the boy's corpse. Perseus did die after all.

A flash of light halted his thinking. He glanced at the little girl who appeared after the flash.

"Lady Chaos, welcome back. Did you got it?" Hydros asked not really in the mood for pleasantries.

"Of course, took me a while but I got it." Chaos said. She held up her palms and a small orb of light appeared. Power radiated from the light, power of the sea…

Hydros was impressed not just by the power but also the purity of it. However he noticed something.

"It's dim." Hydros pointed out.

Chaos sighed. She closed her palm and the light disappeared. "Yes. Tartarus has done great damage to this soul. But fortunately it's still salvageable. It's going to take some serious changes though."

Hydros understood and his expression darkened. He spared a glance at the unmoving corpse of Percy Jackson before glancing back at Chaos.

"I understand. Let's get to work, Lady Chaos. A new god is waiting to be born."