Chapter 14: Uncertainty and Lies

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Uncertainty and Lies

After his talk with the goddess, Perseus still wasn't ready to forgive—maybe he will never be. But he knew that he had to come back there and face them. A war is brewing and his personal feelings—or what's left of it has to be put aside.

He flashed into the throne room once more after thanking Lady Hestia and noticed the silence that followed. This time he forced himself not to look at anyone but the gods seated on their thrones. This time he ignored everyone at the sidelines. He didn't want to show them he's weak.

"Lord Zeus." Percy said as he bowed to the King God and then he did the same looking as his Father. "Father."

It was obvious from the way that Zeus was looking at him that he was brimming with questions. He was confused about how this boy could have possibly lived and became a god. But then he remembered their initial assumption that a primordial might have been the culprit of all the things that are happening and he knew not to ask—not yet anyway.

"Perseus," Zeus said as he looked at the boy who had saved them more than once. "State your title and domain. Pledge your loyalty to the Olympians and we shall accept you. "

Perseus went down on one knee his head bowed down but his voice was solid and void of any emotions. "I am Perseus, God of the Frozen Seas, Ice and Snow, appointed as a winter god by his majesty Primordial Hydros—"

After this many of the minor gods gasped in shock. They were surprised that a primordial would actually appoint a god. It was a rarity they were sure.

"—vessel of the Lord Hydros. I shall be known as the God from Beyond, Hero of Olympus, The Ice God, Patron of all Heroes, and Guardian of the Lost. From this point on I pledge my loyalty to Olympus, never will I stray from my duty, and never will I break my oath."

Once it was all done Zeus nodded and said, "Well done. Welcome Perseus, God of the Frozen Seas, Rise and stand tall, the gods have accepted you."

As he rose, everyone started clapping—a well-rehearsed action if he do say so himself. His pledge was just for formality's sake, he knew. After all if it was actually true then those that went to the Titan's side from the previous Titan war would have never been accepted again. However, he was determined to keep true to his words. To other's it might just be for formality but to him it was a solemn oath.

"Now that we have that finished," Zeus spoke once more once the clapping died down. "I would like to know what had happened to you, Perseus. I am sure every one of us here wants to know."

Perseus nodded. He understands completely what he was being asked.

And so he relates to them what he remembered to have happened to him: from the time he woke up not remembering anything in the presence of two primordial until the last minute before he arrived in Olympus.

All throughout his story, Perseus constantly steals glances to his father, wanting to know what his reactions are to his words. It was clear to him that his father was not pleased to know that he had been alive all along and he didn't even knew—that feeling did not change even when Perseus explained that technically he DID die, twice in fact, and was simply brought back.

When he told them of his lost memories and how they connect to his emotions, he can see the varying degree of guilt and sadness in the eyes of his audience. He didn't try to console them. He now fully believed that his emotions are just hindrance to him (his earlier reaction was a proof to that). He was better without it—or so he believed.

Once he was done relating his story, everyone seems thoughtful—even Dionysus who usually couldn't care less about him. It was obvious that they were trying to understand it all.

"I see…I see…" Zeus said for lack of a better reaction. He, being an ancient being himself, was used to odd stories and events, but Perseus' story just took the cake when it comes to weirdness. "And what of the coming war? Have they told you anything about that?"

Perseus cocked his head to the left as if in thought before answering, "They told me it will be the last time."

That caused everyone to panic.

What does that mean? What 'last time?' Does it mean they'll lose? Does it mean after this there will no longer be any war? Does this mean the actual end of the world is coming?

Everything they could think up always ends up negative and it was freaking them out. The prospect of fading is an unpleasant one for these immortals.

"Perseus," Poseidon said almost uncertainly. "Please explain what you mean."

"Lady Chaos explained to me once while training that whatever happens in the end, whether we win or not, it will be the last. She didn't elaborate on what 'last' means only that it is inevitable." Perseus explained to them.

He wasn't so scared about it though. Because despite how ominous and final it may sound it wasn't actually that bad. He had given it some thought and he knew from the way that Lady Chaos asked him that time if he would save the world that being 'last' means something entirely different from what they are thinking now.

Will you save the world once more, perhaps for the last time? That was what Lady Chaos asked him then. The way she said it made him think and pause. He knew even if it was not said explicitly that she wasn't talking about the world ending rather it was like a cycle finally being broken only for another one to take its place. No, the world isn't going to end, a new age is just going to rise.

Now, that, he isn't so sure about.

Once the panic died down, Zeus didn't waste any time to adjourn the council. It has become too tense to continue. It was better to start the celebration now and not later when everyone will be too worried to actually enjoy the gathering—not that there will be much enjoyment now that such news has been said.

Perseus has stayed in the shadows, preferring to just observe rather than mingle with everyone else. In his time with Hydros, he had learned to hide his presence as good as if Hades would use his helm of darkness to hide. He wasn't surprise when nobody seems to notice him even if he was only a few inches away from them.

"You do not belong in the shadows, boy." Somebody said from beside. Glancing at the source of the voice, Perseus was met by the amused expression of his uncle, Lord Hades.

"I don't used to, but I do now." Perseus clarified.

"Hm…" Hades said, "Is there a reason for that?"

"I prefer being unknown." Perseus explained. "Less attachment…"

It was a plan he had created just minutes after his blatant reaction the first time he saw them all. He knew that for as long as he has emotional attachment to any of them, then he will continue being in pain resulting in many disadvantageous scenarios. He could not let that happen and so using logic (logic that has blossom now that he no longer have his emotion in the way) he deduced that if he could somehow become emotionally detached then there wouldn't be a reason for him to falter, hence the attempt of hiding in the shadows rather than socializing with anyone.

After all, you cannot form attachment with anyone you couldn't see.

Hades stared at him then as if he was just seeing him now for the first time.

"You have truly changed, Perseus." He heard Hades said, but when he glanced back at him he was already gone.

The next one to notice him was Lord Zeus. He was squinting at the spot where Perseus was until he spoke up and revealed that he was there.

"Is there anything you need, my lord?" Perseus asked, revealing his position to the squinting god.

"I need you to mentor for both camps." Zeus said. It was an abrupt decision that seems to just spill from his mouth. But it was a good decision—at least Zeus hopes so.

Perseus couldn't help it. He arched an eyebrow while crossing his arms in front of him, "Why?"

"Are you questioning me?" Zeus asked back rather than answer, probably because it was completely out of the blue that he asked him and he didn't want to look like a fool.

"Of course not, milord. I am simply curious." Perseus said completely unaffected by his demanding reply.

A moment of uncomfortable silence passed by until Zeus cleared his throat and asked again, "Will you mentor both camps?"

"If you wish for me to do so." Perseus said, which more or less means 'yes'.

Zeus nodded and hastily made retreat. The boy's new personality is making him uncomfortable. Before, it was easy to trust him because of his blatant character, but now… the boy is just too hard to read.

Once Zeus was finally gone, Perseus decided to leave the gathering. He can sense his father in one of the secluded gardens around the throne hall and knew he wished to talk to him in private. A quick glance at the crowd to check for anything out of the ordinary and finding none; he left in thin mist.

He appeared right in front of his father who was gazing at the stars with an unreadable expression. His face reminded Perseus of the first time he had ever seen his father face to face. He had that same unreadable expression as if he didn't know what to think of him at the moment. Perhaps that is exactly what is happening right now.

"Are you disappointed in me?" Perseus carefully asked. He didn't know where that question came from. He only knows that he will be hurt if the answer was yes.

That seems to unnerve his father as he suddenly looked at him in surprise. "Of course not. Why would I be?"

Perseus opened his mouth to answer him but he was cut off when his father spoke again while holding him on both his shoulders (at the back of his mind Perseus realize that he was the same as his father in height now.).

"You have grown in leaps and bounds from the young naïve boy that you used to be, achieving feats one can only dream to achieve, yet you stayed humble through it all and stayed loyal to what you deemed right. I could never, ever say that I was disappointed in you. You were…are my pride and joy. And…even if you had never achieved those things I would still be proud of you. And do you know why?" At this part, Poseidon seems to be looking straight to his soul, yet he doesn't seem to be asking for an answer.

On Perseus part, he was wondering if he was suddenly becoming sick. His throat hurt all of a sudden as if something was lodge in it. His chest was hurting again and his eyes felt watery and hot. Did he somehow catch a godly virus all of a sudden? But those thoughts were pushed aside when his father started speaking again.

"…Because you are my son. I will always be proud of you, from the first step you took, to this day that you officially became an Olympian god." Poseidon finished as he smiled softly at the confused yet elated expression at his son's face—that is until he saw the tears.

When Perseus saw his change of expression he immediately went on guard and proceeded to asking what was wrong only to stop and touch his cheek where he felt the wet sensation.

"W-what? I-I don't—" Perseus stuttered in confusion and humiliation as he realized that he was crying, tears flowing freely from his eyes and blurring his vision. And here he thought himself to be emotionally detached instead he felt like a pathetic little child right now.

"Ssh, It's fine, son." Poseidon said as he hugged his son close. Perseus' head rested on his shoulder, and as he murmured words of comfort, he couldn't help but wonder if his son was really emotionless or just turned into a grown man with the emotional capacity of an infant.

Even with everything that he told them about how he was heartless and emotionless now he was just sure that it wouldn't be the last time that Perseus will have an emotional breakdown. It also made him think about what other lies were fed to him prior to his ascent to godhood.

His questions can wait later until his son is stable enough to answer him.

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