Hello Everyone! After seeming dead for almost (or more?) than two years, I'm back. Or at least I hope I am. This movie gave me back my inspiration, and I'm already madly in love with a few pairings. But this one will be my absolute favourite.

I'm very out of practice so please, bear with my in the beginning. (Meaning my grammar, my terrible style and everything. I need a little time to get in the game again.) Though I hope you'll still enjoy it. Please go on and leave a comment for me if you want to. That will help me a lot ;)

Jack mindlessly reached down for the single, pure white tooth and put it in the pocket of his blue hoodie. It could have laid there forever on, forgotten, beside his own set of teeth, beside his own memories, had it not been for North.

After the celebration at the Pole, North lead him to a room.

"I thought... you might want to stay for a day or two" he said, smiling. "After all, Christmas can never be perfect without snow and frost."

Jack felt something so very new. Surrounded by all these creatures of dreams and hopes, in -front of a room that was supposed to be his. It almost felt like home.

"Thank you, I'm grateful."

North put a hand on his shoulder and in his eyes there was something strange. His own memories took a toll on him.

"Way back, even before I was chosen to be Santa Clause I had a family, you know. My wife was the most beautiful women in all the lands and we had a son..." it was unbelievable to see the always jolly man so carried away in the past. Jack didn't say a word, he wanted to listen. The elves, for once understood that this was not a moment for games and they scooped off. "Every year, at Christmas, we went out to the woods. Brought the biggest one back and decorated it with candles. Tania would make small cookies for our whole town and..."

Jack couldn't miss the tear running down from North's eye. He put his hand on the old man's to gasp it.

"What happened?" he asked quietly.

"My son, he got sick. First it was just some cramps in his legs. Then they went numb, right to the point when he couldn't stand. I build a sledge for him, to get around. But we couldn't slow the process. One morning we woke up to find him, laying all so peacefully. He was gone."
Silence surrounded them. Jack couldn't even imagine how someone who had to endure such awful events could stand before him today and still be the symbol of joy, love and happiness.

North collected himself and pulled his hand away.

"I hope you don't take this as the babbling, reminiscing of and old man" once again, that brightness lit up his eyes. "I meant to tell you two things by this. One is, that you remind me so much of my boy."

Suddenly Jack felt a certain warmth wash over him. Could it be that the guardians actually accepted him so much that he was not only one of them now, but North just compares him to his own son? Belonging somewhere felt like his most cherished wish just came true.

"I... thank you..." he mumbled. Too much was on his mind and non of it seemed to cever what he actually meant to say.

"That's why I'd be honored if you considered staying here" North continued slowly. "I don't expect you to keep the deadlines you detest so fiercely."

Jack let out a laugh, remembering his first accusations towards the guardians. Way back when he wasn't one of them.

"But sometimes, when there is just too warm for your icy games."

"North I... I'd love that" Jack smiled genuinely.

The old man let out a huge unrestrained laugh and draped an arm around the boy. He hoped Jack would decide to stay.

"From now on, this will be your room. If you need anything just call the elves. If you need anything and you actually want to get it on time call the Yeties" North winked and opened the door in front of them. "But please do call on the elves sometimes. They can feel so devastated when they feel that they are not needed."

Jack made a silent promise with a nod.

"Thank you for everything."

Before he could say another word North pushed him into the room.

The sight left him absolutely breathless. Ice all around. The table – strangely familiar to North working table – was made out of ice, the shelves, the chairs, the cabinets, even the bed. Looked like heaven for Jack.

Strangely it looked like someone couldn't decide if they wanted to grow up yet. Toys glistening in corners made such a contrast to the more serious books on the bookshelf. After all, who would want to play with an airplane while reading Faust? Certainly only Jack Frost. And maybe North.

"I hope you like it, but feel free to change anything."

"It's perfect" Jack's eyes lit up as he raised one of the rubber duck. "I have everything here."

"Great, I have to admit I had way too much fun arranging it. That kite over there in the corner... Flies amazing in good wind."
His program for tomorrow was settled than, it was settled for the rest of the week in fact. All the games he could think about would fill Jack's mind.

"And Jack" North alerted him gently before he got too carried away in his thought of fun. "The other thing I was meant to say was that you can never know a man, before you know his past."

Within a second he was gone in the blink of an eye. Jack just stood there, dumbstruck, motionless, with the kite in his hand.

What could he mean by that? He already knew about his past. He already found his center, just like all other guardians. What else was there to be discovered?

Could it be that North meant someone else's past?

All of the sudden the single tooth laying in his pocket became painfully heavy. Jack had to know.