This is a short oneshot I wrote one day when my Eleventh Doctor muse for my RP account wasn't working. It's fairly silly, stupid and honestly I think it's utter crap, but I enjoyed writing it so I thought I'd archive it here.

John Smith XI, most commonly known to the rest of Hogwarts as Eleven, prided himself on being the most fashionable brother in his family. Yes Three had his cape, Five had his celery, and Nine had his leather jacket, but Eleven with his hats was the coolest.

When he first bought his Hogwarts uniform, he had been happy. Robes were most definitely cool, and they were comfortable. A two in one.

So why now, five weeks into his first year at Hogwarts, was he so unhappy with it? The uniform was so… Bland suddenly.

He had been trying to focus on his homework when all of this came to him. Going to Hogwarts had made him uncool, and this was something that he wouldn't stand for.

Eleven was at the library when this sudden realisation came to him. The robes were cool, his wizard hat was cool, but his tie? His tie was as boring as Potions.

He was looking at a book for History of Magic when he came across a picture of Bartholomew Booter who indeed looked cool. And Eleven knew why.

A bow-tie circled his neck, and it was possibly one of the coolest things he'd ever seen. He looked at his own boring tie and back at the book. Why couldn't he wear his tie like that?

Undoing his school tie, he used a book about bow-ties as reference to tie his school tie up again. It took him half an hour, most of that because the school tie wasn't designed to be a bow, but he achieved it.

Proudly leaving the library, he lifted his chin proudly as he walked through the school, his bow-tie attracting odd attention. Nothing like the looks he'd received for his fez the previous week though.

Sitting next to his elder brother Six in the common room (who when he first noticed it, admonished the tie as he did everything that he wouldn't wear himself) Eleven grinned brightly. Bow-ties were cool.