The Unmarked Espada

Chapter 1

Kisuke Urahara. former captain of the twelth division as well as the founder and first President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. Self-described as a mere honest, handsome, and a perverted business man. Just by looking at him you could never tell he was one of the most powerful beings ever. He certainly never acted the part recently.

The usual laid-back, jovial, and sometimes eccentric man, was now pacing back and fourth with a serious and somewhat panicked look on his face.

"This is bad. This is so bad. Really, really bad. How could I've let this happen. Oh he is so going to kill me."

The shopkeeper started to bang his head up against the wall while muttering to himself. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.."

During his little moment the mad hatter never noticed another figure approaching him. The woman began her sentence but stalled midway through after encountering one of her oldest friends banging his head up against the wall.

"Hey Kisuke what…are…you…doing?"

Urahara instantly snapped his head up. Standing before him was his best friend. The flash-step goddess herself, Yoruichi Shihōin.

"Yoruichi! I'm so glad you're here!"

Urahara jumped up to give his associate a friendly hug but was halted in his tracks when the dark-skinned beauty jumped back into a combat stance. Something wasn't right here, Urahara was being a little to nervous for her taste.

A dejected look grew on Kisuke's face.

"After all we've been through, the exile…everything, and you still don't trust me enough to give me a hug? I'm hurt by that!?" He shouted with overdramatic tears streaming down his face.

To say Yoruichi was annoyed would be an understatement, so she got straight to the point.

"Alright Kisuke what's going on? You acting even weirder then usual. So what did you do?"

The shopkeeper muttered. "So automatically you think I did something wrong? I resent that you know."

"So you didn't do anything? I guess you were just hitting the wall with your cranium for shits and giggles? That sounds like something you would do." She replied.

Kisuke remained silent for a few moments before turning back to the wall and resumed his head banging.

"How could I've lost him? What kind of moronic idiot just ups and looses another person?!"

The former second division captain was getting a wee bit worried for her companion. Not only inflicting bodily harm on himself but he was also talking to himself. In realization of what was happening she grabbed the man and flung him across the room and sent him crashing through the southern wall of his store.

It took a few moments for the blonde man to gather his bearings but once he did he shouted at his attacker.

"What the hell was that for Yoruichi!? You just don't throw people through walls!"

The woman shrugged. "Hey I was fearing for your safety. Self inflicting injuries and talking to one's self are two signs of insanity. No wonder they call you the mad hatter."

She slowly walked over to her fallen comrade and helped him to his feet.

"Well now that's out of the way, how's Ichigo come along? I've been putting Chad and Orihime through the paces. I also believe that their Quincy friend will be coming along to help with the rescue of Rukia."

Urahara began to chuckle nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well you see, about Ichigo…"

Yoruichi's eyes hardened. "What did you do Kisuke? Where's Ichigo?

"He's Gone!"

He watched as the goddess's face contorted into multiple emotions. First confused, then gradually anger. So mad she began twitching.

"Oh this is not good, she's really pissed, you know, maybe if I sneak away real quiet like she want even notice.."


"Too late…"

"Where is Ichigo!?" Yoruichi barked while grabbing the frightened shopkeeper by the collar of his shirt.

This situation was bad he had to do or say something quick to diffuse it or else…well last time he pissed Yoruichi off he could walk for a week.

"Look! Will you let me go!? I told you! I came back and he was gone! I can't even sense his spiritual pressure. And we both know he can't hide it, so It can only be handful of things."

Yoruichi's eyes widened as she let go of Urahara. "You don't think it was the Soul Society do you?"

She got a shake of the head for a response. "Nah, only three soul reaper's know of Ichigo. Rukia, Renji, and Captain Kuchiki. And they all probably think he's dead. And I haven't sense and shinigami today. I don't want to say it but there's always a possibility of…"

"Don't even say it! There's no way Ichigo would go and die! So get that out of your brain right now Kisuke."

Kisuke couldn't help but grin. "Why Yoruichi, I didn't think you had gone and gotten soft on the boy. I mean he's already seen your true from while the others haven't and you have been spending a lot of time training him ."

Yoruichi turned quickly away hoping to hide the slight blush on her face but it was not to be. This was all it took for Urahara's jaw to dropped before he turned into the proverbial squealing fan girl.

"Holy Hell! Not only have you gone soft on Ichigo but your sweet on the young lad too! Oh this is rich wait till everybody gets a load of this. I can't wait to see their faces when I tell the-OUCH!"

The shopkeeper suddenly fell to the ground clutching his groin while tears streamed down his face. Yoruichi crouched down to the fallen man.

"Kisuke if you value the use of your manhood, you will not breathe a word of this to anyone understood?"

Urahara just nodded from his hunched over position. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. Those words kept replaying in his head.

Yoruichi grinned in victory. "Besides, I'll tell Ichigo my feelings when I find him myself."

With that she somewhat pranced upstairs to change before continuing their conversation. When she was gone Urahara hopped up quickly just as if nothing happened and began to his phone before stopping and laughing as he reached his hand into his pants and pulled out a piece of armor.

"Hah! The official shinigami gold-plated cup. Don't be a fool, protect you tool! Coming to all Urahara Shops near you!"

As he grabbed the phone and began to dial, he spoke to himself.

"Sorry Yoruichi, this is just too juicy to pass up. You know maybe I shouldn't do this, I mean what kind of friend does this to another friend?….she'll get over it, I mean what she doesn't know want hurt me right?

Kisuke waited until the other line picked up. "Hey it's me! Look I've just had a hit of inspiration for our next project. What do you think of this: "Overstepping Boundaries. The lusting of a Teacher and her Student. The naughty relationship of Mentor and Pupil."

Urahara said all of this with a deep voice with a few perverse chuckles in between. He grinned as he nodded.

"Good, good. I think it will sell exceptionally. Yeah well don't waste anytime and get on with it. I-"

Urahara's head snapped up when he heard the noise coming down the stairs and hurriedly hung up. "Gotta go! Bye!"

Yoruichi raised her brow as Urahara began looking up and around while whistling.

"Who was that Kisuke?"

The shopkeeper answered. "Ah nobody important, just someone I've been helping with some projects."

This shocked Yoruichi. Urahara actually helping somebody? Somebody who actually wanted Kisuke's help? That was a first. Other then Ichigo, no one else has asked him for assistance since he's been exiled.

"A project huh? Well is this person anyone I've heard of? What's their name?"

"Oh I seriously doubt you've heard of him but his names Jiraiya."

Yoruichi just shrugged not caring. "Well how are you going to tell Isshin? You'll be lucky he doesn't kill you where you stand."

Kisuke groaned as he flopped down on his furniture. "I still haven't figured out how I'm going to come out of this alive. I promised him I would keep an eye on his boy, but I even somehow screwed this up. Well, I'm sure we will think of something so I'll just have Jinta fix us some tea and I'll get this worked out."

Three pots of tea and several hours later…

No progress had been made and Yoruichi had nearly fallen asleep when Urahara suddenly jumped up nearly scaring Yoruichi out of her skin.

"I've got it! I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier! This will work perfectly!"

Yoruichi groggily made it to her feet. "Ok, so what this ingenious plan of yours?"

He motioned for her to come in close as if it was some huge secret. She sighed but amused him by letting him whisper to her.


After say quickly saying his piece he went to run but it was all for naught as Yoruichi easily caught the back of his shirt.

"Are you out of your mind? This was your only responsibility so your going to man up and face the consequences while I'm out there looking for Ichi. Got it?"

Urahara once again began to cry. "But…but I don't wannaaaaaaaa!"

Yoruichi snarled at the man. "So you'd rather me take the blame and face Isshin's wrath?"

Urahara shrugged. "Better you then me!"

Yoruichi then physically began dragging Urahara toward the Kurosaki household.


1 year and one hellacious ass kicking from the Kurosaki family later…

The entry into the Soul Society all but went to plan. Taking Ichigo's place was none other then his two younger sisters who gained their soul reaper powers. Rukia was saved and Aizen's defection and treachery uncovered and that where our story continues

In the middle of a desert inside a tall castle like building stood three men conversing. The silver haired cunning Gin Ichimaru. The blind but calm Kaname Tosen and the mastermind behind everything Sosuke Aizen.

"So he's finally going to be brought out for missions huh Sosuke?"

Aizen simply smiled and nodded toward Gin. He was somewhat worried because Kaname and Gin had actually grown close to the boy and became uncle figures to him…well Gin was an creepy uncle but none the less.

"We've kept him unknown to the other espadas for a reason. He is the most powerful, but he still has some of his original self's mentality. That's what worries me. But he's grown restless so I've decided to give him a mission."

The soft-spoken Tosen finally spoke. "what do you have in mind Sosuke?"

Aizen replied. "I'm sending Ulquiorra and Halibel to stir up a little mischief. See what captains the Soul Society decide to send out. See how Ichigo handles things out in the field while dealing with powerful opponents. I'm going to the Espada's meeting chambers. Send him when I give you the order to Gin."

Gin replied. "As you wish Lord Aizen. Ichigo Kurosaki will be there."

Aizen chuckled as he shook his head. "tsk tsk, Gin. You know better. It's Ichigo Aizen now. He will be known as my son now. With his help we will change this world into the image I want."

And with that he left both Kaname and Gin standing alone. Before Gin walked away Tosen spoke.

"I will not let Aizen hurt Ichigo, Gin. The boy has done nothing to deserve it. He's been taking from his family against his will and he doesn't even remember it."

Gin spoke quietly. "Be careful who you say that to Tosen. Aizen's lackeys are everywhere. Never know when you're being listened to. But I also share your concern. But to be honest, if push comes to shove, Ichigo may very well crush Aizen if given incentive, once he discovers his true strength he could probably destroy us all."

And with those last eerily words Gin left, and soon did Kaname as well.

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