Hey everybody! A brand new story from the mind of starskulls once again! So yeah, I was wondering what Jack's life might have been like before he became Jack Frost. He probably lived like a normal teenage boy right? Friends, bullies, girls and parties? I don't know if they had parties 300 hundred years ago but I'm the author here so they have parties. :D Again, 'Recovery' is in progress and E, if you are reading this, your tip worked and I am writing it faster, so thanks! Okay, on we go!

In the Pole, Bunny was sitting at the meeting table tapping his foot impatiently. Tooth was sitting opposite him and she was getting a little impatient too. North and Sandy who were sitting by the table also, were also getting tired of waiting and frankly, Bunny was even more ticked off at the fact that he was always in this mood since Jack Frost was always late on this date in every month. It was ridiculous!

They had at least two meetings every few weeks and he usually turned up late with a pathetic excuse that he had snowball fights with Jamie but Bunny didn't buy it for a minute. It was now summer and Jack couldn't stand the heat and everyone knew that! Jack was hiding something and Bunny was trying to guess what it was but he didn't have a clue. North himself said that something was up with Jack and that he felt it in his belly!

A minute later, a trickle of frost started to form on the windows and then Jack came through the window and landed silently on the floor. Bunny narrowed his eyes at Jack's appearance. His cheeks were slightly flushed and this was unusual for Jack since he was a winter spirit and there seemed to be dry tears that had streaked down his face. His hair was matted to his forehead as if he had been some place where it had been raining quite heavily.

"Hey guys" Jack said with flustered breath. He quickly took his place next to Bunny who immediately started to feel uneasy. Something wasn't right. North smiled and cleared his throat.

"Ah! Now we are all here, it is time for reports on jobs! I have made new toys that will blow the children's minds! Tooth, what about you?" North said looking at the violet eyed fairy who straightened up.

"Well, all of my fairies are getting teeth without any trouble and I have been getting out in the field more" Tooth said and North applauded her.

"Excellent Tooth! Sandy? Have you dreams been going well without any nightmares interrupting?" North asked the little golden man who then created an image of himself dancing happily above his head and that obviously meant yes. "Very good and what about you Bunny?" North asked to the Pooka who grinned.

"I have happened to come up with a brilliant bunch of eggs designs that will gain us a bunch of new believers!" Bunny declared proudly and Tooth clapped her hands in glee. North looked at Jack and then his smile faded.

Jack's arms were folded on the table and his head was resting on top of his arms. He was going to sleep! Bunny found this very rude and he jabbed Jack in the ribs.

"Oi Frostbite, wake up!" Bunny snapped and he jabbed Jack so hard, he fell out off of his chair and landed hard on the floor. Jack yelled out as he landed on his elbow so the pain vibrated up his arm like crazy since the floor was made from stone.

"Bunny!" Tooth scolded flying up from her seat and going over to help Jack. "Are you okay" she asked kindly, helping the winter spirit up. Jack rubbed his head as he got up but he then found that his feet were tangled together which caused him to stumble. A rectangular golden case fell out of his hoodie pocket and clattered to the floor. Jack gasped and went to grab it but Bunny was quicker and he snatched it up in his paw.

"What's this? Is this what you have been hiding?" Bunny asked looking at it. Jack made a grab for it again but Tooth grabbed it off Bunny and flew up out of Jack's reach. She inspected it and she put her hands on her hips and stared at Jack.

"Is this your memory box? Did you take it without asking? I thought I took it back from you for safe keeping!" Tooth said crossly. Jack's eyes dimmed.

"I needed to see more of my past life. I have a right" he said. Sandy considered that as Jack did have a pretty good point. Bunny wasn't so easy on him and he got up from his chair.

"Aye mate? Is this why you have been sloping off? You're a guardian now Jack!" Bunny told him sternly but Jack didn't back off this time.

"Just because I am a guardian, it doesn't mean I have to be on duty all the time. In case you haven't noticed Kangaroo but it is Summer!" Jack hissed and this came quite a shock to North. Jack didn't snap like this, only when he was dead serious. "Now hand them over!" Jack snapped and Bunny tossed it from hand to hand.

"Or what?" he asked. He loved messing with Jack but Sandy on the other hand could tell that Jack was in no mood for jokes today. "I'm not kidding around Kangaroo! Give it back!" Jack shouted and he made a grab for the memory box but Bunny jumped out of the way. "Bunny!" Jack shouted again and Bunny laughed.

"Catch me if you can!" he said running to the other side of the room. Now who was the joker? It felt good! Unfortunately, he didn't see the toy train in front of him and he tripped over it and the memory box flew out of his hand. Bunny groaned as he fell to the floor but his eyes followed the memory box in the air. Tooth, North and Sandy watched it wide eyed and Jack cried out in horror and without thinking, he leapt up into the air like a rocket.

His fingers closed around the box but when he found himself falling back down to the floor, he knew that there would have to be answers but he didn't want to tell them yet. There was only one thing to do. He pressed his finger on the little purple diamond on the case and a flash of white light appeared causing the others to shield their eyes. A crash was then heard and the light died down. As soon as they opened their eyes, they saw that Jack had crashed into a pile of crates but he was unharmed thankfully.

Tooth flew over to him first to check on him but he didn't move when she touched him on the shoulder. When the others surrounded her they gasped. Jack was clutching the memory box in one hand but his eyes were now golden, even the whites of his eyes were gold. His face was blank but fresh tears were spilling down his cheeks. This was quite worrying for Jack has never cried ever in front of the guardians. They didn't know if he even cried at all.

Bunny now felt quite foolish for how he had acted and was now a bit worried. "Uh Tooth?" he asked with a stammer. Tooth looked at him with relief in her eyes.

"He's fine, he went into his memories. That's why he must be so tired. Watching your memories too much causes your body to strain but that doesn't explain when he was so upset and why he is always late" Tooth said and North rubbed his belly in concern.

"Tooth, you may not like this idea but I think this is what we must do. We must go into Jack's memoires to see what is troubling him" North said and Sandy wasn't sure if that was a good idea. It was invading his privacy and that wasn't right but he had a feeling that this was what they must do.

"I think you're right North. If there is a problem, we have to help him" Bunny said and Sandy smiled. He does care, he thought with a bit of amusement. Tooth sighed; she wasn't meant to pry into people's memories but they had to find out what was going on.

"Okay. North, hold my hand, Bunny hold North's hand and Sandy, hold Bunny's hand" Tooth ordered. Obeying the fairy, the other three guardians held each others hands and Tooth used her free hand to touch the purple diamond on Jack's memory box. For a minute nothing happened but then a flash of white appeared and the guardians were whisked away to watch Jack Frost's memories.

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