Chapter 1

Kushina breathed in. Breathed out. Breathed in. Breathed out.

'Stay calm' she told herself 'Stay calm you can do this, dattebayo!'

'I can do this' she told herself again.

Step by step she made her way to her new classroom.

Her teacher, who introduced himself as Hiroko Konumatsu smiled reassurlingly at her before stepping into the classroom. After fidgeting a bit with her new yellow dress she followed him.

"Everyone, this is Kushina Uzumaki and from today on she will be your new classmate. Please get along."

The teacher mimicked Kushina to introduce herself. However even though she had prepared herself ever so often for this situation her trhoat went dry.

Her eyes flickered through the classroom. Behind some rows of desks sat two dozen of children her age, mostly boys. In the back of the class were some guys lazily taking in her appearence in. An other guys nose was dripping waterfalls without him noticing and next to him sat a blonde kid who looked more like a sissy than a Shinobi. Two girls sat in the first row to her right chattering intimly and lauphing.

Most probably about her.

But she didn't care anymore. Not, because she didn't feel insulted when someone pointed with their finger to her red hair, but because she knew these reactions she got from them. So she didn't even waver a second she had chosen her future dream.

The reason she had chosen to become Hokage wasn't that complicated. She wanted to be a part of Konoha now. She had changed her opinion about the village in the last weeks.

However she was determined to make Konoha rely on her. On her: Kushina Uzumaki Yondaime Hokage.

Not the other way around. She would never rely on a village again. Not after what they did to gritted her teeth. She could do this... she could hold her own against this class. Even if she was the new girl she would show them. 'Really, who would be as dumb as to listen to some kids.' she thought 'I of course have already grown up in Whirlpool. Once they'll will see just how great I can fight they won't talk like that anymore. Pffff... I bet they haven't even learned how some of the easiest Jutsu-Handsingns look. Soda'yone they won't even stand a chance against me, because I'm going to become the...' She bit her lips...


It got loud in the class. The kids began to murmur to each other. She could clearly hear some snickers. Dammnit... She had done it again.

Some kids just stared at her suprised. Other began to raise their voices. Giggles could be heard.

'I knew it' she thought 'But I won't listen to their sidecomments. I'll show them all when I get Hokage, dattesa!'

"As if an outsider like you could become Hokage!" a boy with a green headband snickered. A few kids murmured agreements and the girl next to him lauphed. That nobody took her seriously wasn't even worth mentioning.

She stroke some short strands of red hair in her face, lowering her head.

'I won't listen.!' -

"I want to be a great Hokage that everyone in the village will respect."

The blonde boy in the 3rd row had stood up and smiled at her. His right hand respectly rested repectly over his heart.

'Huh? Huuuuh?!' He actually had taken her seriously? Impossible.

As if to answer her unspoken question his smile slidely widened. He hold her gaze neither of them moving an inch. Kushina blinked.

"Now now everyone please calm down" their teacher cut in " Minato-kun please sit down"

'Minato-kun 'ka?' He seemed as if he wouldn't even pass the Genin-Exams, not even worth mentioning the qualications needed for the position of Hokage. She looked at the blonde who sat down, but still simply looked at her and smiled.

"Hmpf" she snorted and turned her heads away from him.

"Now that you're all familiar with each other I would like you to sit next to Shibi-kun, Kushina-san" Konumatsu-sensei said.

"Hai" she answered. She made her way to a brown haired boy who weared a weird jacket with an extremely long collar and sunglasses even though it wasn't fully spring yet.

He didn't react when she sat next to him. 'Uuugh how creepy I have no idea what he is thinking and I can't read his expression at all' she frowned.

She lightly nodded to him "Yorush'kun"

"Mm" was all he answered.

She slid with her chair a bit away from the strange boy and ankwardly clutched her hands in each other under the table. She literally could feel the stares of the students in her back and tried to avoid them. She knew she couldn't do anything about it. Aside from being the new student, her red hair would always stand out. For example it would be hard for her to participate in an undercover mission. She still could hear the boy who had called her an 'outsider' murmur something.

The teacher cleared his throat and all attention immediatly directed itself to him. ''We were in the middle of going through the . As far as I know the students in the Whirpool-Academy are vaguely on the same standards as we. Still, I know that it was a long trip to Konoha and everything, so you probably have to catch up with our learning plan. This is the textbook we are working with.'' He said, while he walked towards her and handed her a yellow book. ''We're currently reading on page 52.''

''And to everyone else: we're gonna start the next chapter today. Keigo-san please start reading''

During the time the boy began to read Kushina examined her book. It was dark blue and in neon green letters the title 'Academy Year Three - The Basics' was written. She flicked through the pages until she found the text she was searching for and silently read it together with her classmates.

She had red it soon before the others had finished their reading. The rest of the class hour she listened to the teacher and the students that discussed the text. Her eyes sometimes went to her table neighbor. She tought the guy became creepier per minute, beacuse he didn't move an inch, it seemed as if he wasn't even breathing.

She herself just wanted to jump out of her chair, it was already hard not to wiggle her feet a bit.

After some time she lost her patience and didn't brother listening to class anymore.

She turned her head to her neighbor. ''Hey'' she whispered.

He didn't react. She really really tried not to get irritated. ''Hey you. Oiiiii I mean you, Shiba-guy or whatever you're name is.''

She saw his lips twitch a bit. He turned his head a milimeter to her side. ''My name is Shibi. And its Aburame-san to you please dont speak so informal with me.''

''Aburame? Hmm that sounds familiar... Is that your last name Shibi?''

''Yes, and I just told you to call me Aburame-san''

"Fine, but I like Shibi better, dattebane.''

''Why did you add 'dattebane' to the end of you're sentence?'' he asked.

"I just do.'' she answered, but cursed herself inwardly for talking with her verbal ticks again.

''Why do you wear sunglasses?'' she asked in return.

''I just need them''



''I see''

They turned to the teacher simultaneously. Again they remained silent whitout saying a word.

'Maaan, this is going to be a long day' she thought.

After two hours of enduring the speech of their teacher about the chakra circulatory system and how it works mainly in our head they finally had a break.

''I'm going to make some copies of the paper that we talked about yesterday. In half an hour we're continuing with our lesson."Konumatsu-sensei said and left.

Children stood up from their places and gathered on some tables, chattering together or eating their Bento. Kushina didn't bring anything to eat with her so she stood up and looked around the classroom a bit. The room was neither spacious nor humble. Four rows of desks took the most space in and in every row were two large desks, one to the right side and one to the left side.

Most of the children in class were boys, which would have suprised her if she hadn't known by now, that most villages still thought of Kunoichi lowlier than male Shinobi, because most men were stronger by brute strength. Of course by today the opinion of the poeple changed, but still male Shinobi were often preferred by a portion of the volk. However in Whirlpool, even long ago they already had as much Kunoichi as Shinobi.

She walked a bit around to see what the others were doing, but most of them were chatting with each other and it didn't seem as if she could just interrupt their conversation. The boy with the strange sunglasses just sat in his chair and didn't do anything so she decided she coul forget him too. And an other brownhaired boy had placed his head on the table and slumbered.

Wasn't their anybody she could join in her break?

Kushina made her way to the end of the classroom. A group of boys talked and lauphed about a joke some guy had made. They turned around when they saw her. She tried to ignore them and walk further, but she was already at the end of the classroom, two feet away from a wall.

''If it isn't the transfer student'' one of them snorted. Some others snickered.

'Here we go again, ttebane' she thought. ''I am Kushina'' she said

Some of them walked towards her and soon they had encircled her between the wall.

''What do you want?''she asked defiantly.

''Hmpf look how she's talking'' the boy that she recognized, beacause of his green headband, said. ''Even though you come from another village''

The other boys nodded agreeingly. At once a boy pointed a finger on her ''Tomato! From today on we're going to call you tomato!''

''Soda'yone'' the green-head-band-guy said. "You have a fat, round face with red hair. Just like a tomato!''

''As if a tomato can become the Hokage!'' exclaimed a third boy.

''I hate tomatoes!''

''Me too!''

''I never eat them in my salat!''

A boy who half as tall as the other comfortably put his arms behind his head ''A tomato that everyone hates could never be accepted as Hokage''

''Hahahahaha!'' Everyone began to laugh.

Kushina tried not to hear them. She had known all along what those type of boys would come and say and she had prepared herself. Even if it was something else to be told those things directly to you're face. She looked past the little boy.

There, next to some classmates, sat the boy who stood up earlier. The blonde sissy who had 'vowed' to want to become the Hokage.

Purple eyes met blue ones.

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