The Volturi strolled down the streets of Forks in their pimp suits and approached the most popular and only club in town. Jane and Alec were also present as bodyguards following behind. Entering the club they spied the young people and loud music being played.

Aro, being the most sociable of the three came to the bar table. "I'll have a vodka martini, shaken not stirred," he ordered.

The bartender gave him a strange look and started making the drink. Marcus and Caius sat down rather bored. "This plan of yours is a waste of time. We should just find him and get this over with," Caius sulked.

"Brother, let him come to us. Have a little fun," Aro smiled.

"I'll have a Giuseppe Wine," Marcus ordered.

"We have Chardonnay and Merlot," the bartender said impatiently.

"How depressing," Marcus sighed.

"Get me the most expensive drink you have," Caius said to the bartender.

"How do you want it prepared?" the bartender asked.

"I don't care. I'm not even going to drink it," Caius said dismissively.

"Can you kindly give me a glass of ice tea," Marcus asked finally.

"Sure thing man," the bartender said.

Meanwhile, Jane and Alec stared at the dancing youths while music blared around them. "This is completely pointless," Jane said.

"Everything is pointless. Want to talk about it?" a young man with a goth hairstyle asked.

Jane shrugged and followed him leaving Alec to himself.

Some of the girls immediately walked over to Alec once Jane disappeared. "You're cute," one of them said.

"I know right. I'll be this young for eternity," Alec smirked.

"What's your secret?" another girl asked flirtatiously.

"Well, ladies it involves several moisturizers, creams, and shampoos. Want to talk about it at my table?" Alec smiled.

"Do we?" the girls said following him.

"Here's your drink," the bartender said giving Aro his vodka martini. "I am going to need a straw," Aro insisted. He then turned to Marcus taking a sip of his tea. "How's your drink?"

"Delightful," he said without emotion.

Caius was already talking to the ladies. "I think I can pull some strings and get you all internships in Italy. How does that sound?" he said to three of them.

"That sounds fabulous," they said.

"But first we will have to sign a few forms first. They're in my hotel room," Caius smirked.

Aro then greeted a blond woman who had taken an interest in him. "May I buy you a drink?" Aro asked seductively.

"No you cannot," she smiled flirtatiously.

"Did you just use a double negative?" Aro asked suspiciously.

"So what? Me and her have a table over there. Want to join we?" she asked.

Aro stared at the woman like he wanted to kill her immediately. "I would love to," he smiled. Aro made his way over to the table where the girls were.

"So, where are you like from?" Crystal asked.

"I am from a small town in Italy," Aro said.

"Where's Italy at?" Sabrina asked as she finished her drink.

"Did you...just end a sentence with a preposition?" Aro asked.

"It's in Europe. Gosh, you're making us look dumb in front of that hot Italian man," Crystal lectured.

"Actually, you mean 'this' Italian man," Aro said helpfully.

"I am so sorry. I want to go to Europe so bad. I want to go shopping and then go clubbing and then visit some cafe's and go sunbathing on the beach," Sabrina said.

"I believe that was a run on sentence," Aro corrected.

Meanwhile, Marcus was sitting down at a table with two women actively caressing his pimp suit. He was wearing sunglasses hiding the fact that he was asleep. Caius was now gaining more female attention. "And it's this long," he said demonstrating with his hands, which were a foot apart.

Aro abruptly got up and turned to Jane and Alec. "I think it is time we ended this charade," he said seriously.

Alec immediately started sending smoke into the club. "Cool smoke machine dude," one drunk youth commented.

"I am not causing the desirable effect master," Alec said.

"Let me do it," Jane said sending waves of pain through the club. Screaming and pandemonium broke out as people fell to the floor in agony. The bouncers immediately came into the club to see what was going on. Caius and Aro attacked them defeating them easily. The bartender called police as smoke continued to pour out of Alec's sleeves.

Finally a lone police car came to the scene. Charlie Swan, the police chief and apparently the only cop in Forks, entered the bar with his gun ready. Alec immediately dissipated the smoke clearing the room. "You're under arrest for disturbing the peace," Charlie said.

"We surrender," Aro smiled.

Aro, Caius, and a sleeping Marcus were put in the back of the police car. Alec and Jane were given stern warnings because they were minors. Charlie brought them to the local jail and booked the three. "Alright, you freaks why are you in Forks?" Charlie asked.

"We had something important to tell you. We needed a way to get your attention," Aro said.

"You could have just called. Our number is on the web," Charlie said annoyed.

"What is this web? I hate spiders," Caius said darkly.

Aro ignored him. "We thought it best to communicate with you in person."

"Alright, talk," Charlie allowed.

"How do I put this? Your daughter is a vampire," Aro said bluntly.

"A what?" Charlie questioned.

"We are vampires. The Cullens are vampires and your daughter is a vampire," Aro explained.

"If you're a vampire try getting out of that cell," Charlie challenged.

"Very well," Aro smiled and immediately pulled the bars apart.

"Wow, you weren't kidding," Charlie said taking up a shotgun.

"That won't work on us," Caius said arrogantly.

"Wait, being punched in the face can knock our heads off. Why wouldn't it work?" Aro asked.

Caius gave him a dirty look. "You better start making sense real quick," Charlie demanded.

"Alright, the short version is that Bella wanted immorality from Edward, but he wouldn't agree unless they were married. So, that's why they were married so quickly," Aro said delicately.

"We also threatened them with death," Caius added.

"Brother, let me take care of this," Aro said silencing him. "So, she was going to be turned after their honeymoon, but apparently they didn't use protection. So, Bella became pregnant with a half human half vampire baby," Aro said.

"You mean Renesmee?" Charlie asked.

"Yes, she is a half human half vampire hybrid. That is why she ages so quickly," Aro said.

"Come to think of it, she does look very grown up for a five year old," Charlie scratched his chin in contemplation.

"Right, so we thought you should know," Aro said.

"Why do you care?" Charlie asked.

"We could work together. It was Edward Cullen that seduced your daughter, impregnated her, and turned her into a vampire. Join me and together we can bring an end to the Cullens and bring law and order back to Forks," Aro offered.

"Here's the thing. The Cullens have been 'generous' since the wedding," Charlie sighed.

"We will double it," Aro pressed.

"I'll do it on one condition," Charlie said.

"And what would that be?" Caius asked suspiciously.

"You take out my ex-wife first," Charlie smirked.

"With pleasure," Aro grinned. "Now, let me hold your hand."

"No, I don't swing that way," Charlie protested.

"It's not what you think," Aro said coming closer.

"I said no. I have boundaries you do not cross," Charlie argued.

Jane and Alec entered the local jail and looked around. "Jane, Alec, we're going to Florida," Caius told them.

Author's Note: Any suggestions on what our Volturi Trio should do next would be really cool.